Toby & Pam's Forbidden Love - The Office US

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
"I'm gonna miss Toby. He had a nice calming presence in the office. Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kind of cute."
Not even Costa Rica could keep this love apart
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  • 3:03 lmao Toby's noise when Michael calls on him

  • Pam could've prevented the Scranton strangler

  • I think he's sweet. For a Scranton strangler.

    • Like I get that sometimes it's not premeditated and he's just being awkward, but there's some stuff that is premeditated and he's aware enough to know better.

    • No, I take it back, he's being dickish.

  • Hey at least the got to dance with each other!.....on the last episode....*sigh*

  • 9:23 why was Pam crying?

  • everyone is thirsty for Pam

  • Michael always ruins the jokes lmao

  • 5:43 Love how everything went quite💀

  • Toby decided to move to Costa Rica just to take away from the awkwardness 😂😩

  • Why did Stanley go from somewhat thin to thicc?

  • The ending made me so fucking sad. Poor Toby. Seriously

  • The office: Toby and Pam’s forbidden love ❤️ Me: ew

  • 3:10 Hey toby, what's this? Toby: *minecraft villager noise*

  • This was... so uncomfortable... just viewing it all at once instead of in small, manageable pieces like usual, hurt. This show is the best.

  • 5:48 cURSED!!!

  • That closeup of Jim's face at 5:51 gets me every time 😂😂😂

  • God I LOVEEEEE Toby... ❤️

  • i always felt bad for toby :^(

  • The part that bothers me the most is the fact that if Toby would’ve just showed even a tiny amount of affection to Pam at the right time and told her how he felt I think they might’ve worked out.

  • This whole video is just intense pain.

  • Just look at Jim’s face when Toby touches pams knee god this scene is so cringey

  • Jim's face when Toby touches Pam's leg needs to be a meme😂

  • even andrew bernard the most perverted guy in the office (besides creed) was like “bro wtf” 5:54

  • Toby: does anyone have a camera here? Cameraman: *hides in the closet*

  • paul lieberstein was just doing his best to write in a scene where he can kiss jenna fischer and he failed.

  • 5:51 everybody looks like they want to laser off toby's hand like michael

  • Toby's and Pam's love is not forbidden it's just frowned upon. Lol

  • Fun fact: the actor for Toby is one of the directors and also didn’t want to play the character toby but they had no actors to play him so he was forced into the role. The only way Toby can be played is if you don’t want to play him cause the character is just that miserable and sad.

  • If this relationship happened I would’ve hunted down the directors

  • HR sucks.

  • Aww this is so sad

  • i literally love toby sooooo much so this makes me so sad😭😭

  • Toby: hey want my sunscreen? Pam: oh! I forgot mine and I’m wearing a 2 piece Toby: o r g a s m s Pam: thanks Toby!

  • It's sad to see women not value themselves. I've seen a lot of Pams in my day, settling for goof-offs and Narcissists; Peter Pan boys.

  • Toby is the Scranton Strangler.

  • If they dated I would have stopped watching 😂

  • Imagine toby watching the documentary when it finally aired and seeing Pam say "Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kinda cute"

  • michaels song for toby has me in tears😂😭FEEL NO PAIN!!!!

  • I love how the loudest we ever hear Toby talk is when he is asking in desperation for a camera

  • Cringiest moments ranked. 4. EAT IT STANLEY! 3. Jan and Michael saying babe. 2. Scott’s tots 1. Toby’s knee touch

  • what is the episode where toby announces pam and jim’s relationship

  • 1:28-1:32 look at toby 😭

  • I actually screamed when Toby touched Pam’s thighs...

  • Lmao at Dwight’s face when Michael says he’d have sex with Ryan and not him. This show was perfect

  • i hate hate hate hate toby only cuz he likes pam and she not single 😂

  • When Toby touched Pam's knee I almost did of cringe

  • I always hated how everybody shitted on Toby. I always felt bad because he never deserved it especially from Michael lol

  • i hate toby but that one scene where he’s talking to his daughter makes me cry

  • *When Toby touches Pam’s thigh* *nobody liked that*

  • Pam knows Toby loves her. Sad

  • 4:24 THE. SHADE. OF. IT. ALL!

  • Where in the world would you find a work place where you can find co workers that would play who would you do?? Ahahahaha

  • Yeah right. Toby would never stand a chance with Pam in real life. Especially in 2019 where girls only want a good looking guy instead of their looksmatch. Plus make up totally inflates girls ego's to the point they actually believe It's their real faces. The average guy doesn't stand a chance in the 2019 dating scene, only good looking chads.

  • i love how roys bro got ptsd from having to think about the jet skis

  • Nobody: Meredith 1:06🤣

  • Does anyone have a camera here!?

  • To be honest. Toby is kinda creepy in a way, because pam is like his ... oh hell no... Second daughter... AAAHH THINK ABOUT IT

  • Stop no

  • People like Toby should date outside of their race even thou they’re cringey people like stable minded people in other races.

  • Oh no Toby

  • Toby would yeet if he saw this title


  • 6:16 Not enough people are talking about this

  • Only villians like this

  • 7:09 Toby: Suck on this Ad: And there is your depression

  • The whole Toby rubbing Pam knee is so awkward

  • No offense but damm u can easy tell Pam wasn't into him one bit

  • Musical moments compilation please!!! There are so many: goodbye stranger, closing time, sons and daughters (at aunt shirleys farm), 9 986 000 minutes...

  • I want Toby to be happy, he is innocent and a good man.

  • "Don't you have a daughter?"


  • 5:24 Angela had a crush on Roy who was engaged to Pam. And Pam's the office mattress? Really Bitch? Also, if the future could've been seen, then Angela would've seen that she slept with Dwight while engaged to Andy. She then cheated on both of them by telling Dwight that although she's sleeping with him she's never slept with Andy. Then she again sleeps with Dwight and but gets married to a senator, coz he's a senator and then she sleeps with him to fool him into thinking that the baby she'll have is his baby while the reality is that Dwight's the father of that baby. Angela is the office mattress.

  • Toby: this quiet dude that is too shy to tell Pam his feelings for her Also Toby: dOeS aNyOnE hAvE a CaMeRa HeRe!!!!!!?

  • 6:53

  • Toby went to Costa Rica to escape being caught as the Scranton strangler

  • Toby hopping the fence. 😂😂

  • I’m wondering a lot of people came here for 5:44

  • toby and pam better then jim and pam


  • If y'all heard a loud crack, that was my heart💔