Toby & Pam's Forbidden Love - The Office US

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
"I'm gonna miss Toby. He had a nice calming presence in the office. Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kind of cute."
Not even Costa Rica could keep this love apart
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  • I feel bad for Toby but when he asked for a picture of just the two then touched her knee even after she started dating Jim I kinda hated him

  • When Micheal gave Toby the rock, Toby should’ve explained about Micheal Bullying him

  • Toby giving cute stuffed toy to pam Pam: "hey, don't u have a daughter?" 😆

  • The way Phyllis shook her head when pam said "oooh Toby" 🤪😆😆😆

  • Ew. Forbidden means there was reciprocation. Fuck Toby

  • Imma be honest I shipped Pam and Toby.

  • 8:52

  • Toby is actually a pretty nice guy.. I feel kinda bad for him with the constant bullying he gets

  • Oh god soul has left my body while watching this video. I just wanna hug him.

  • 5:37

  • Is it just me or these characters feel like they're becoming more real; the more I watch the office

  • I always thought Toby was adorable

  • I hate Toby he's trying to take Pam from Jim

  • Roy is so shitty, i can't imagine how Pam could've possibly became attracted to him

  • Honestly Pam deserved Toby and vice versa. She didn’t deserve Jim. Jim should have stayed with Karen.

  • (Toby to god) "Why you gotta be so mean to me?" 😕😕

  • I miss 19 minutes ago when I didn’t know this existed

  • Here comes the Scranton scangler

  • I just realized I'm Toby irl.

  • The couple that should have been

  • Girls always wants an asshole guy to screw them . They don't want the honest person to be their better half

  • Toby is definitely me, Pam is the girl I've ever loved since I was a child and Jim is a random friend of mine

  • I've never watched this series but I kinda' ship Pam and Toby more than Pam and Jim.

  • Toby is uncannily fit he jumped that fence in seconds maybe from getting away after strangling his victims

  • Fuck you toby no one likes you

  • Imagine toby watching that scene where pam says he was cute lol

  • Toby should of ended up with meredith.

  • Michael getting extra emotional at Pam and Jim is me when my OTPs get together 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • If Oscar and Toby are cute to a girl like Pam then someone please explain to me WHY I DONT HAVE A GF YET 😭

  • The way toby talks and looks makes him look like hes about to cry

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  • I legit just watched this episode

  • 5:43 what the heck is wrong with Meredith’s face?!

  • The title of this video is forbidden

  • You should do Roy and Angela's forbidden love

  • 2:34 Toby cums a little :)

  • Did you guys realize Toby and the Scranton strangler have the same car ?

  • Goodbye Toby is my ringtone

  • Toby really got a shitty ending at the end of the show..... sure it was nice he was invited to the office after party and this showed his old coworkers missed him but it just wasn’t enough after 9 seasons of torture from everyone..... Near the finishing episodes he should have started to stand up for himself such as to that bitch Nellie and Andy when he was a jerk or Pam when she blinded him..... then after he got fired threatened to sue Dwight for this wrongful termination but eventually get over it and take on a new HR position at a company that respects him....... then the crown jewel would have been him being an asshole to Nellie at the airport and show off his new job and girlfriend.... that would’ve shown her..... Then at Dwight and Angela’s wedding the best would have been to see micheal be happy to see him and shake his hand and have a drink with him..... That’s how Tobys story should have ended.....

  • Too bad for Pam they didn't get together, she could've been choked daily by the Scranton strangler

  • Angela was married to Toby's brother in real life.

  • 5:50 Jim's face

  • Dwight was actually upset that Michael chose Ryan over him.

  • Scranton Strangler and The Office Mattress


  • Fuck Jim

  • Michael: I'd do Ryan Dwight: 0:53

  • TUNA?! 😍

  • this made me uncomfortable ngl 😹

  • I always thought toby was cute too

  • “DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAMERA HERE” 🗣😂😂 Toby is the most awkward & weird mf ever lol

  • 🤮

  • It's funny because they were hinting that he was the scranton strangler throughout the series

  • Roy and Angela 👀 another video also supports their secret relationship behind Pam

  • Toby gunning it for the fence to get the hecc out of the mess he created is the bEsT representation of me running for my life away from my parents when I'm forced to tell them that I got a C on a test

  • Waaaaah I can not watch the leg touching scene its just too much cringe! 😂😂

  • “It’s everything” shattered my heart

  • I’ve watched this show over fifty times and I still can’t get through that scene without covering my face. Worse than scots totts

  • Toby: I’d love to be there but my daughters play is tonight...damn it! You know one of the other parents will probably videotape it. Pam: Oh no. You should go. Toby: You know it’s important to support local art. And what they do there-it’s not art.

  • I didnt realize until the last scene, that pam and nelly have similar features