Time (Edit)

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
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Time (Edit) · NF
℗ 2019 NF Real Music, LLC
Released on: 2019-07-12
Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Mastering Engineer: Tommee Profitt
Producer: NF
Composer Lyricist: Nate Feuerstein
Composer Lyricist: Tommee Profitt
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  • Man, this song is: 1. Let you down with a beat drop and better lyrics 2. NF So when you think something is really good, just call it NF. It's easier to type and more acurate

  • love ya ashcash775

  • Amazon Alexa sent me

  • It says edit but it is the same with the original Help me

  • was working out of town doing community service, lost contact with the love of my life, we've been going through changes and there has been distance for 7 months got to hear all this beauty while i was gone just wanted to say THANK YOU

  • What does edit mean?

  • 👍👏

  • Hey NF man i understand the draw backs associated with a powerful mind, when i listen to you or MGK i feel like i know you both because we all started life in similar ways but i didnt take charge like you 2 did and whoever says you doing wrong fuck em you dont need anything from em, keep ya head up and blow em away with the truth. Knock it out hemisphere . Always remember the shit you are feeling is intuition like something big is coming down the pike. The insanity of our minds could be to do exactly what it does makes us lose trust in ourselves, we know whats right. But still our mind delivers doubt , any way man love your songs you ve inspired me to pick up the pen again you, blackbear ,MGK, peep ,post, etc.you all have not failed you will and most likely saved lives through your times of doubt. Peace and love from DP Tennessee.

  • I listened to this with my daughter, I broke down and cried thinking of this life I'm trying to build. Time that 4 letter word that should be cut from us.....

  • So what’s the difference between this one (the edit), and the original?

  • I love you christopher

  • Been around since Mansion (85K Subs)! You've come a long way, Nate! Keep it up. Congrats of 4 Million!

  • Wife and I listened to this while driving and we both started crying because it's spot on. Love you Nate, thank for the encouragement. God bless brother.

  • Fresh out of a relationship, this shit fucking kills my heart T_T

  • Very noice

  • can I you show love if YOU LOVE NF real music

  • I knew just by the title that this was gonna be a sad one

  • so much energy flowing out from this song right now. we all need to take a step back sometimes and reflect, just a little more time

  • #realmusic

  • NF legitimately never disappoints! 🙌

  • NF changed the game forever 💥🔥

  • Goooood music!!!!! Waiting clip)😍

  • Go Nate go!!!! Love your change of style in this industry!! Stay real ♥️🙏🏻 God bless!!!

  • bridget is gonna destroy you facts 😓

    • sylibus_ introvertion soidk

    • sylibus_ introvertion narhhhh I think Bridget is tight I checked out her ig nust lmao stalked a lil but she look hella ride or die !!

    • insearchofsatori true but its clear to me that bridget was a bad decicison on his part and they will eventually crash she isnt like us yoo ... i seen it from day one

    • Can’t really judge just off what he says in the song. Considering his childhood and all that kinda trauma u wouldn’t be surprised for him to write something like this about his relationship with his wife

    • sylibus_ introvertion well tbf idk maybe

  • u leaving music or gonna keep faking 🤣 song says it all bro

  • "Actin like I'm gone, but we both in the same room." I can relate to this song.. 😭

    • Catherine B. Same 🔥😭❤️

  • #keepGodfirstineverything we love you Nate

  • Premiere club where you at

  • Idc, NF is the goat of rap. 💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  • This is on repeat, NF keep it up man , ur music is why im here still.

  • His next album comes out the day before my birthday, thanks so much NF

  • so beautiful makes me tear up

  • No pongas no me gusta si no te gusta no pongas nada

  • I love you nf you do you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise I love all your songs this one especially

  • I'm so proud of you NF!!!!

  • There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than truth. Even better when a person that can tell your story without ever knowing you or your story. What a legend in this time.

  • It's about Time.

  • Off The Charts---

  • got this on repeat. NF IS TOO GOOD

  • NF You're The Best! 🔥😍❤️

  • 💙💙💙

  • Beautiful ♥️

  • NOT the official NF video.

  • I can’t believe the album comes out three days before my bday!

  • There needs to be a 1 or 10 hour version of this song

  • "I just need more time.. to listen to this song.." love it NF! 🔥✌️

  • I didn't need much time to love this song 🔍🖤

  • I need time to be a difficult person.. cuz i’m now not good enough, and i’ll never be

  • nf the real goat

  • 6 dislikes? HOW DARE THEY? These people are those who just have no ear for real music. 50 dollars says they Cardi B. or Lil' Pump fans...

  • This is the best song I have ever heard

  • Thanks to the hint on @ on his video "When I grow up" I'm one of the first who is watching this :) [V3.842] [L986|D3]


  • I know this is gonna sound corny AF but nf and x saved my life. I attempted twice and I'm only 14. Music is like my drug and it makes me feel normal. When I feel anxious- listen to music

  • Who disliked this? I think this song was great, I don’t understand how they wouldn’t like this

  • Phenomenal

  • Nate, would you be able to make an acoustic version of this as well? The message is so powerful and beautiful that the pop aspect distracts from that wonderful message. If the melody would be more of your orchestra like Paralyzed or Goodbye, this song would be my all time favorite.

  • This song, out of all his songs is the one thats gonna be the biggest hit

  • Amazing seriously I can’t stop listening to it since it came out

  • This hits me so hard because my parents are fight a lot right now. 😭😭

    • Brie Hutchins I’ll keep you in my prayers

  • That one dislike though

  • Ayeee everyone is focused on the music video so I’m actually one of the first people to like and comment for once lol

  • Absolute banger

  • 😍🇧🇷

  • Truly awesome! 👏

  • #fuckingrelatable

  • Love this can relate to this in this exact situation ;-; love NF

  • Even though I may do stupid stuff on YT and in my life...getting reminded about what’s important about LIFE truly makes me reflect on how not to misuse it. Thank you NF 🙏 ♥️

  • I love the genuineness in his music.

  • So this is where the Time stone got sent back to

  • Here before 3k

  • Beautiful song!!!!

  • This is definitely in my favorites now 😪🤞🏼 I want to go to a concert so badly but yk poor people issues😭



    • I love you maddie! 😒

    • I thank you for bringing him to my attention. Really love the outro's. As well as his new stuff and I adore therapy. The real emotion he shows in a song is insane

  • Fire🔥

  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • If you think this song aint good you just dumb or cant relate

  • I love u man been with I since therapy session

    • And already ordered ur shirt cause that’s all I can afford but I’ll cherish it with everything as soon as I get it

  • Good job and nice song 👍