Tilted Town Disappears! Insane Map Update! (Fortnite Battle Royale) FT. SypherPK

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
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  • GG

  • Play gears 5!

  • my man mercs be on it boy lol... makes my damn day !

  • I never watched you back then but I'm a gears fan and I use to watch all the mlg games and shit. You was a dawg

  • 3:23 wait shotgun came out of a chest ??!

  • Danm good fps

  • I like that ur putting ur losses in

  • I miss the non-bleeped version of your videos. You're hilarious and I'm addicted to your personality even if I hate fortnite. Just wish you were able to say what you want without bleeping.

  • Lol big blue got smashed today.

  • My man nick gotta get himself a wide angle lens why we always looking at his forehead

  • You play games for a living and ur dogging a data miner while liking the info

  • Nick come on man one of the best things that separated you from these other streamers was the fact that you actually cussed. Now you bleep our your cuss words on your IT-tvs videos... come back to your roots bro you owe it to your core fans.

  • Nick bout to get hacked by hypex for calling him a nerd lol jk

  • Batman came out today

  • Yo, when is Epic going to put an underwater area in the map? 😐

  • Fortnite poggers!

  • Gotham city

  • The new cod feels the best it’s been in years just try it out

  • Batman is the most garbage overrated "superhero" just a kid with fucktons of money and a sad backstory. Whack

  • nic you gonna do any gears vids??

  • Dont curse

  • U don't know shit about Batman. Plus calling people super nerds. U were the bully when you were in school. It shows now. McAsshole.

  • So no one gonna talk about his fps.

  • Nick bro I love your videos but I need you to stop saying sus ass stuff I can't even play your videos out loud without you saying "daddy" or " that's kinda cute bro" please just stop bro 😂

  • Nick, I love you brother but please turn down the outro music

  • 1v1 me noob £50 wager

  • That was awesome:3

  • Lol Data Mining isn’t even hard anyone can learn it in minutes just download the UE4 and get the AES Key from Gildor or from someone else or learn Code to get the Encryption Key yourself and start digging in them files for new content every update EASY Flat View is your best friend most of the time

  • Best intro yet like in my books.

  • I wouldnt say nerdy more like fucking geniuses.. If one of you are reading and appreciate the complement help me out with putting some money in my account yea??😂🤑🤐😎

  • Nick sounds like a kid trying to explaining data mining/leaking

  • yall cant lie bo2 remastered would fucking slap

    • sam evans eh I lived the game but cod is just to boring I like playing fortnite but it gets boring as well but the new update is fire and I play again

  • i swear nick says shit way to much

  • Can confirm they look like jimmy neutron

  • It's kinda cute lol

  • 15 seconds into vid I'm already freakin pumped hearing Nick talk about a whole crowd cheering him on while he destroys kids in a torny. Still have over 17 mins to go haha

  • "...that's kinda cute." LMFAO 😂💀

  • "they Hack into the servers, they mine it" 😂 this ain't bitcoin, bruh they hack into the game files.

  • I believe it's meant to be happening at 9:30 pm south Australian time or inbetween then and 7:30

  • You sack

  • Do more videos with The2time 💪💪

  • Uh oh hes Ali A now. Lmfao

  • Imagine the batmobile as a glider..that would be dope 😂

  • Will the Batman skin be free??

  • That intro is LEGENDARY

  • I Literally only watch Nick Mercs, Tfue and Los Pollos! So maybe one day they can Carry Los in some Arena trios 😂🤣

  • It would be cool if you posted some more gears 5 stuff

  • You are my favorite streamer nick keep up the good work


  • Did anyone notice he had 750 - 1000 FPS at the start?

  • Tbh idk what’s wrong with being computer smart lmao doing it just for fortnite no that’s kind of lame haha. But hey what about playing video games for a living ;) no hate I play too but think both are kind of “nerdy”. 😂💯

  • They were so happy they won... lmao

  • tf u just try and explain lmao

  • It’s in the computer

  • They supertron that ish. Lol

  • “See me there bro!” Nick’s new town... Gotham!!

  • The new COD is nice, play it and find out nick. Its not a worn out cartoon game like fortnite. Im glad something else interesting came out to play, finally.

  • I love when you get into gears rants I miss the gears gameplay :,(

  • Lmao intro 😂😂 love nick man

  • It's super simple to do man even Sheen could do it. While peeing in the shower. 😂🤣