TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl

Pubblicato il 11 set 2019
Are you a #VSCOGirl, #SoftGirl, or #eGirl?? 😂 Today, we’re showing you a little parody on each of these #TikTok personalities, playing off of things we think they’d do in real life! Which one of these girls do you relate to the most??
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We were obviously just having TOO MUCH fun by creating this sketch for you! No offense to any of these character types, as we sometimes fall into these categories ourselves! I think most girls have a little #VSCO, Soft, or E-Girl in them! Even if you’re not one of these stereotypes entirely, you’ll probably find that you at least take on a few of these quirks, or even fashion statements, and hardly knew it!
We played up the “VSCO Girl” who is always wearing an oversized t-shirt, birkenstock sandals, and always has a scrunchie (or 7) on hand! She’s the biggest “savetheturtles” activist, and will not tolerate anyone who uses plastic straws! How many of YOU are VSCO girls??
We also focused on the “Soft Girl” personality from TikTok, and this girl is ALL THINGS GIRLY! You’ll catch them wearing lots of pink blush, and hair clips! They love anything and everything that is pastel pink, and they never leave the house without their lip gloss! 💗
Lastly, you’ll see the well known “E-Girl” who is the more ~moody~ personality. You’ll generally see them in darker clothing, rocking winged eyeliner, and 9 times out of 10 their tongue will be out of their mouth and use lots of hand signs! 😛
Which of these TikTok personalities do you relate to the most?? Comment below!
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  • E-girl was so off

  • My fav part is when the “flirt”

  • # save the turtle ks ks and a oop and a oop and a oop

  • Egirls wear hearts under their eyes not plusses

  • The meme died on the third day

  • Oh man...have I finally reached that age? I have no idea what is happening in this video..

  • YEP i am a Soft Girl

  • And I opp sksksksksksksk

  • 8:57 *why u so obsessed with me*

  • I'm a vsco girl.sksksksksk and I oop

  • And oppppppppp skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk haven't I told you to wear a thousand scrunched and save the turtles Olso buy a hydro flask

  • Vsco girl: You get a scrunchie, your get a scrunchie, and my boyfriend gets a scrunchie! Ssk ssk Me: BOYS DONT WEAR SCRUNCHIES

  • I also have an identical twin too! We both have very different styles. I'm more of the girly twin though. :> Also you know that dance you were doing Brooklyn, my friend did that infront of the highschoolers, and they we so confused! Lol. Also who's younger twin, because I'm the younger twin as well! :3

  • -drops plastic bottle- oopsie doopsies! oh! hi. are you new? yeah? ok nice to meet you! wait.. is that.. a hydro flask?! darlin'.. use plastic! no one cares about those stupid turtles anyway.. whats that? you have scrunchies all over your wrist AND a large T-shirt as well as a metal straw?! i'm sorry but.. no! heres a pack of plastic straws and a crop top! oh! almost forgot! heres some hair ties! ksksks oopsie doopsies ksksks! oh wait! i didn't tell you what i am? oh.. well i'm just a anti visco ksksks oopsie doopsies!

    • That's so FuNny! "Oh, well I'm just an anti vsco," Great job! :3

  • I am the E-girl

  • Who all said e girl by seeing in the video picture

  • More videos like this please!!!!!!

  • Anyone notice that the e-girl didn't go to school SARA is da e-girl. Hahaha I'm so smart y'know.

  • I'm probably a soft girl

  • Plz do more

  • I have an idea you could do a vsco girl vs an e-girl vs a soft girl *im mind blown*

  • Oop*

  • Sksksk and I oop and I opp

  • I'm sorry but is that a real hydro flask?

  • This literally killed my brain cells... i cant believe there are 6million hooked on this. mind blowing crap people watch. why was this every recommended to me.. get it together youtube... i can just drink beers if i want to get brain damage dont need to do it for me.

  • This was so flipping funny I flipped off🆒😂😂

  • 1970: in 2019 we will have flying cars 2019: sksksksksksksks save the turtles

  • Every like gets a turtle . . . . . 🐢

  • Uhhh did she find a random guy.....?


  • its nine eleven, why arent you not honoring the people who served, or mention them. you are so disgraceful

  • As a 30 year old, I am fascinated by how 90s/early 00s fashion is coming back in the weirdest ways ...

  • where is aesthetic girlssss comeee onn

  • Im a soft girl. Buuuut i like Blue 🦊🐵🐶🐕🦄🐎🦌🐷🐯🐩🐺🐅🐯🦁🐱🐈

  • I’m a vsco girl Sk sk sk and I oop and I oop Save the turtles 🐢

  • Vsco girl record a tik tok with a song Obssesed with me

  • Who is e girl ~ me

  • 11:16 TOTALLY ME THO


  • Why you so obsessed with me dance

  • This is kinda offensive to e girls

  • soft girl team!!

  • Brooklyn is so cute!!!

  • I rlly dont know wht vsco girls are so yeh XD but this is funny KSKSKSSKSKSKSK I only got this ksksksks from my friend

  • Oh my god. Bailey

  • Glad to see this is how our generation will be represented worldwide. Could not imagine a more fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th.

  • A girl and vsco

  • SkSkSkSk=Senior kindergarten Senior kindergarten Senior kindergarten

  • neither cause im meam.

  • Tbh I’d say I’m a healthy mixture of all of them

  • am a vsco girl and a E~girl

  • Why you so absessed with .me


  • y u so obsessed w/ me boi i wanna no!

  • That dance goes to the song Obsessed I know that dance

  • E girl, soft girl or vsco girl? Which r u??

  • I’m VSCO

  • I’m prob the soft girl