Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder - Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs Breakdown

Pubblicato il 31 lug 2019
Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder, Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs Explained. Avengers Endgame Ending Thor Scene, Mighty Thor Plot and Marvel Phase 5 ►
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Covering new Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder. Marvel Phase 4 Plot Synopsis. Might Thor Comics Easter Eggs Explained. Jane Foster Natalie Portman Thor, Avengers Endgame Loki Crossover, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness and Avengers Endgame Ending Scene. Lots more Marvel Phase 4 videos coming, Fantastic Four, Eternals and D23 Marvel Panel!
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  • Here's my *Thor 4 Love and Thunder* Marvel Phase 4 video. We already know what most of the plot is, so post all your theories in the comments! This will also spill into Marvel Phase 5 too! More Marvel videos coming soon!

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    • Hi. In avengers endgame thanos traveled in future and died dont you think it could chage whole timeline i mean how does it work out how loki still remains ded if thanos died before infinity war

    • Emergency Awesome they should just have Jane rebuild the hammer

    • Why are they adding another Thor? You’re trying to find a logical reason, and here it is: the year is 2019. Twitter rules the world. The MCU runners need Thor to not be a white male.

    • I predict Spiderman will be futured in the Blade Movie.

  • Killmonger Was Right.

  • The MCU ended with Endgame. It’s just liberal propaganda now.

  • May be we can see Rune King Thor in Future like in Phase 6-7😆

  • Yea quill is definitely not in charge

  • thor 4 may include a story about breast cancer? mon . lets make a chick flic that has prostate cancer story . stay off guys flics with your social justice crap

  • Damnit I can't wait to 2021 shiet.....

  • The Norse made up Thor knowing that Chris Hemsworth will be born one day.

  • The AntiChrist, Saint BiFrost, Frosty The Snowman, The Thaw of Balder, David Joseph Brideau, Chieftain David Blacksmith, The Producer of The Spy Satellite Show "C-4!"

  • Thor 4 must be really fun

  • Thor 4 is gonna introduce galactus

  • THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tessa Thompson Dave Bautista Pom Klementieff Karen Gillan featuring Vin Diesel as Groot Bradley Cooper as Rocket with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Chris Pratt

  • This is bullshit! Hemsworth is the freaking best!!!

  • my head hurts.

  • Thor becomes silver surfer

  • I need old thor with old Powers

  • Of course of course😏

  • This was really good information. I am like many others that feel after Thor Ragnarok Thor really does not need a hammer. Only in the case of Thanos for me did he feel he needed this weapon to kill him. With it he almost did, but then he almost got killed with it by Thanos. I would to see him explore more of where he left off after Ragnarok when Odin says the hammer was to only help him control his powers. Going forward in Thor 4 I would like to see him expand on this, give Stormbreaker to Beta Ray and he rise to the level of Odin or stronger(Odin actually said he was so although he may have meant totally something else). I have no issue with Asgard needing another Thor and excited to see Jane become the Mighty Thor. With that said, is it safe to assume that Jane/Mighty Thor would become Valkyrie's Queen? It just seems it would make sense given what we know so far.

  • I cant agree with the Thor theory. And what if he becomes unworthy ? What of it ? He still has strombreaker , ad his power of thunder do not come from the HAMMER... Odin said that his hammer is only assisting in utilizing his power of thunder... SO IT DOESNT MEAN THAT IF HE BECOME UNWORTHY HE WILL LOSE THE POWEER OF THOR , CAUSE OBVIOSLY HE HIMSELF IS THOR ! .___. IT IS THE SAME THING IF A DONKEY BECAME UNWORTHY OF BEING DONKEY AND THAT DONKEY BECAME A DUCK !! xDD It is like that. -__________-

  • Is it 4 4 or is it Thor Thor or is it 4 Thor or Thor 4

  • THOR Forever 😍😍

  • At the Thor Love and Thunder post-credit scene, we see Jane Foster and T'challa laughing and walking down a hall, telling jokes. "And so he says," the Wakandan tells through a laugh, 'Is it hard living down in Africa?' Jane Foster laughs and asks, "So what did you say?" "So I say 'I could buy your whole family!'" They both laugh at the joke, but not for long. They reach the end and they both stop talking. Jane knocks on the door and we hear a man say "Come in,". They open the doors and Jane and T'challa walk in and take their seats, a young blonde woman and a similar looking man being ushered to leave by the man. They both walk out the door, a mysterious man dressed in 1950s era clothes covering his entire body closing the door behind them. "So nice to finally meet you," we hear the man say, "Dr. Foster and King T'Challa. I've heard so much about you two!" He puts a newspaper down on his desk with the two on the cover along with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, the headline reading: NEW AVENGERS? "You two are sure causing a stir in the public audience with all your theatrics over the years," The camera pans out to the back of Jane and T'challa's heads. "Nice to meet you to," Jane replies, ignoring his previous comment. The camera zooms in on the man's face, "Mr. Reed Richards."

  • My god Chris Hemsworth just plays brilliantly. This clip that shows he can really do understated but yet highly hilarious comedy scenes, but also he can play the tragic side of things which he really shows when Hulk comes to get him back to the team in Endgame. Look at his eyes in that scene. They are so sad and lifeless. Actors that can do both so well are rare. Im so happy he is still a part of the MCU. Would be horrible loosing both RDJ and him.

  • Why is everything going to Series ? I want big budget film .. not small budget crap ..JMO peeps

  • Pls don't and add more thors and spoil Thor movies

  • We want one and only Thor

  • Pls tell this to Marvel studious

  • We want Thor to wield mjohnr and storm breaker. Not some Thor into thorverse it will be a idiotic movie .

  • Main villain be..... Noobmaster69

  • Please let there be Loki

  • Jane's hammer doesn't have to be from any alternate universe. They could just have Mjolnir's fragments recovered and reforged, the same as the King's Sword was in Lord Of The Rings, and several other similar weapons have been throughout legends and mythology.

  • I have a possible theory. What if Doctor Strange has Mjolnir and will put the enchantment on Mjolnir. Doctor Strange has shown that he has some sort of 6th sense when it comes to magic beings coming to Earth. He knew Loki, Thor, and Odin were in Earth. It would make sense that he would know Hela came to Earth too. But Hela came and left quickly so they probably arrived after she was gone. All that was left was a broken Mjolnir. Mjolnir being a very dangerous mystical weapon, it would make sense Doctor Strange would take it and put it safely in his Sanctum. Thor eventually would come to Earth looking for his broken Mjolnir and Doctor Strange will fix it and put an enchantment on it like Odin. There is only 1 being we know that's alive of who has knowledge of Asgardian magic; Doctor Strange. He puts the enchantment and maybe bound it to Thor's life force just like Doctor Strange did in the comics.

  • Title sounds like it's a romance novel with Fabio on the cover....

  • i think it's possible that Thor, Jane or someone else will find the broken pieces of Mjolnir somewhere in Norway from when Hela destroyed it in Thor ragnarok and somehow reforge it, this might possible happen instead of the multiverse theory.

  • I am sure its Scotland, not Norway

  • She has the lips, eyes, and "look" of Angelina Jolie.

  • Any dude out there that says they havent wanted to see Hulk beat Gomorrahs pussy up is full of shit. Having a kid together would be awesome

  • my theory is a store leaves with the guardians of the Galaxy he gets word about Jane being sick so he leaves from there adventure to go find Jane and help her or heal her and Loki has something to do with it

  • Jane could become thor and give up the power in the same movie, saying some BS like 'im a scientist not a superhero' at the end. Maybe Beta Ray Bill will be in the movie but mainly for character development through out so we can accept him accepting mjolnir in the end.

  • Yeaaaahhhh buddy

  • they were trying to get starlord killed lol, fight to the death.

  • Can’t wait

  • Can the we have Beta Ray Bill instead of a new love interest for love and thunder?

  • I really hope Lady Sif will returns in Thor love and thunder as it didn’t show her fate in Thor ragnarok.

  • They should keep original Thor around and let him travel the galaxy and just keep up minors scenes

  • Asgardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 V.S. Thor: Love and Thunder

  • Baddest scene in all the Marvel movies is when Thor called both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir at same to fight Thanos. Ultimately badass. Especially in 4K.

  • I'm confused.

  • I`m curious to find of Scarlet Witch might play as like a love interest to Doc Strange in Dr. Strange ll.

  • 1:44 Callback to the first GOTG: That`s a fake laugh.

  • 0:06 And I expected THESE two together since Thor had split from Jane in a long while.

  • Thor the strongest avenger...

  • A women king...will probably select a queen? Stop forcing your lifestyle on the reat of us. A king means A Male a Queen equals a women, 2 women on the throne = 2 queens or a queen/leader)

  • Thor will sit there and watch Quill squirm as Gamora rubs his muscles of steel and Drax tells Quill he is still a dude and Thor is again a handsome muscular man, then rocket will tell Quill that he had better get on the exercise routine that Thor has and that he Quill, is still one sandwich short of being fat! lol

  • Don't replace THOR with the female version Just don't 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

    • @Sup-Er-Man I mean can't they come up with maybe a NEW character instead of ruining a awesome character( Infinity war version at least 😅😅

    • Ikr

  • imagine hela is still alive and she will be the villain in thor 4

  • Not REAL

  • My theory is that Thor ask Eitri to remake Mjolnir for Jane & in doing so will get Jane to fall back in love with him because that’s basically Thor saying that he sees her as worthy. They’ll seal their union with an epic kiss that shakes the heavens as Korg & Miek cheer in the background (because they want to see their best friend happy). Also, Valkyrie gets to show how bad-ass she can be & has a fight scene where she fights a large space demon that tries to come & attack New Asgard, looking for some powerful weapon they have “hidden”. On a side note, I hope they keep Thicc Thor. He’s hot & awesome & looked amazing fighting Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame”. I would love that as long as they get rid of all the cringe-worthy fat jokes. Even with some weight on him, he looked better than all the other guys who were talking trash (except Rocket).

  • Thor = Chris Hemsworth. Nothing more, nothing less.