This UNO video is CURSED! (UNO Funny Moments)

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
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  • love these 😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • NigerIAN

  • byze is homerbob

  • 9:04 bear fists ignored

  • Watching this video drunk out of my mind I flipped off byze as he got +4 by John and smi7y

  • Bro I just got two unskippable 1-minute ads and it kept on replaying the last ad over and over again, this video is cursed

  • al dusty vs al luna wonder who can win?

  • The game shouldn't have ended, they all had plus 2 to bring it back to him

  • Hey Smii7y, I just would like to know what sound you made at 14:20. Now, if it's a condition or a habit, I completely understand. I'm not clowning you or anything, I'd just like to know.

  • 7:16 What was that???😂😂

  • What version of uno is this

  • Byze controller vibrates *FBI OPEN UP!*

  • Hahaha you have been cursed 0:01

  • John is such a pussy. Dont even play uno

  • 1

  • Uno reverse card on your bitch ass

  • Y O U H A V E B E E N C U R S E D 😈

  • Kryoz Trying his best but he fail

  • Homebob is the most frightening figure to ever play uno.

  • No one gonna talk about how SMii7Y said “wow that’s gotta be a world record *for john*” I mean yea John is everything to SMii7Y cause they gay but cmon bro could’ve at least said his world not our world

  • Somer Bimpson

  • is his profile actually the demonitized symbol or is it a picture he had to bleep out? excuse me i cant tell a difference :P

  • 3:37 it's okay. One time when my friend and I were playing, the little witch got me to draw 16 cards. At that point, I gave up on everything.

  • "you have bear fists?" iconic moment, love that they remember that

  • Hi

  • Watching uno and playing at the same time

  • 12:39 almost, if he hadn't said anything, he would've

  • 1:25 almost said vanilla wow the good old days

  • uno but all the green or blue cards are replaced with Danny Devito or something

  • Aww fuck you got me I'm cursed


  • My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody 0:01

  • You've been homer'd

  • Smii7y: This video is demonetized. IT-tvs ads: Hold my beer...

  • i like how Kryoz uploaded the 3 minutes of him playing Uno before his internet died anyway and in his video it sounds like he just destroys his computer lmfao

  • Byze is a spongebob fsjal

  • I’m really sad that kryoz did not put that in the video. 😞 but his rage was so funny. 😝

  • When Byze went out on a +2 smii7y John and Anthony all had +2’s so they could have gone all the way around again to Byze but the game wouldn’t let them

  • 3:34 he did that sound the guy made in that “look at this dude” roast😂

  • 12:16 smii7y has a minor malfunction!🤣

  • Demonetized! *15 second unskippable ad shows up*

  • Funny thing is, at the end of the video, John isn't joking 😂

  • this video is cursed cause it has over 666,000 views

  • Why am I seeing this cursed video with 666K views

  • I dont think its the video, I think its you smii7y

  • Hey the Picture of GibJiggly looks like a guys from Germany on the Channel DoktorFroid and his name is Olli

  • Bruh this looks old

  • Everyone who watched got Demonetised.

  • John leaves *My internet died* Save 100

  • You all should make Rust funtages