This UNO video is CURSED! (UNO Funny Moments)

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
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  • The way the game is throwing down the cards is giving me anxiety... They are not straight... UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  • I'm eating a waffle playing Minecraft and watching IT-tvs

  • The all mighty demonitize card

  • 3 million subs gg smitty

  • If spongegar and homer had a baby is BYZE’s image in Uno

  • Smitty you've been demobyzed

  • 2:03

  • 11:58 dnd reference


  • Why do you guys keeping moaning “Oh yes”??? XD just every time someone has one card and had to grab a few more just.. EVERY GOD DAMN TIME 😂

  • Il

  • 999 view

  • 8:11 ah you stupid fuck...

  • Why is it even an issue saying nigga out of all words you are not even insulting anyone and you have said far worse things. Taboo for the sake of taboo, specifically an american driven one applied world wide. I liked the video of course, but come on, if at least their motivation was demonitazation but its not even less with all the other things they say. I really feel bad when they try to avoid the anger of a specifc group of racists/pc over reactors

  • Who tf doesn’t want to poop I’ve never met a human being that doesn’t enjoy a nice long shit

  • So I chose smi77y but I get an ad with miniladd lmao

  • Hahaha. I'm black

  • love these 😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • NigerIAN

  • byze is homerbob

  • 9:04 bear fists ignored

  • Watching this video drunk out of my mind I flipped off byze as he got +4 by John and smi7y

  • Bro I just got two unskippable 1-minute ads and it kept on replaying the last ad over and over again, this video is cursed

  • al dusty vs al luna wonder who can win?

  • The game shouldn't have ended, they all had plus 2 to bring it back to him

  • Hey Smii7y, I just would like to know what sound you made at 14:20. Now, if it's a condition or a habit, I completely understand. I'm not clowning you or anything, I'd just like to know.

  • 7:16 What was that???😂😂

  • What version of uno is this

  • Byze controller vibrates *FBI OPEN UP!*

  • Hahaha you have been cursed 0:01

  • John is such a pussy. Dont even play uno

  • 1

  • Uno reverse card on your bitch ass

  • Y O U H A V E B E E N C U R S E D 😈

  • Kryoz Trying his best but he fail

  • Homebob is the most frightening figure to ever play uno.

  • No one gonna talk about how SMii7Y said “wow that’s gotta be a world record *for john*” I mean yea John is everything to SMii7Y cause they gay but cmon bro could’ve at least said his world not our world

  • Somer Bimpson

  • is his profile actually the demonitized symbol or is it a picture he had to bleep out? excuse me i cant tell a difference :P

  • 3:37 it's okay. One time when my friend and I were playing, the little witch got me to draw 16 cards. At that point, I gave up on everything. Edit: draw 30. Payback.

  • "you have bear fists?" iconic moment, love that they remember that

  • Hi

  • Watching uno and playing at the same time

  • 12:39 almost, if he hadn't said anything, he would've

  • 1:25 almost said vanilla wow the good old days

  • uno but all the green or blue cards are replaced with Danny Devito or something

  • Aww fuck you got me I'm cursed


  • My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody 0:01

  • You've been homer'd

  • Smii7y: This video is demonetized. IT-tvs ads: Hold my beer...

  • i like how Kryoz uploaded the 3 minutes of him playing Uno before his internet died anyway and in his video it sounds like he just destroys his computer lmfao

  • Byze is a spongebob fsjal

  • I’m really sad that kryoz did not put that in the video. 😞 but his rage was so funny. 😝

  • When Byze went out on a +2 smii7y John and Anthony all had +2’s so they could have gone all the way around again to Byze but the game wouldn’t let them

  • 3:34 he did that sound the guy made in that “look at this dude” roast😂

  • 12:16 smii7y has a minor malfunction!🤣

  • Demonetized! *15 second unskippable ad shows up*

  • Funny thing is, at the end of the video, John isn't joking 😂

  • this video is cursed cause it has over 666,000 views