This is Why Barcelona Wants Lautaro Martinez 2020 🔵🔴

Pubblicato il 12 gen 2020
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  • Is it possible to get Martinez and Neymar in Barcelona in 2020?

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤

  • seems like he is good at counter attacks in barcelona u will rarely get counter attacks so i dont think he is the right player for going against 8 people in the box



  • 😯😮😯😮😯😮😯😮

  • No mai bastardi Lautaro e nostro

  • Barcelona is know for wasting people's career,,, Song, Varmaleen, Ndebele, Coutinho, Fabrigaz and the list is long

  • Chupa barca il toro non si muove!

  • Inter is not a place to leave easily

  • Ho una paura fottuta perché se non rinnova e non tolgono la clausola penso che non verrà solo il barcellona a bussare dato che il real ha benzema il barca suarez il city aguero e ci metto anche il bayern con lewandoski con attaccanti 32 enni e lui ha solo 22 anni con 10 anni di carriera davanti ad altissimi livelli...fossi l’Inter rinnoverei subito a 7/8 milioni o alla stessa cifra di erikson...perché dopo quando si presentano queste squadre offrono ingaggi superiori ai 10 e il giocatore non lo tieni più...

  • Maxi Gomez + Jovic = Lautaro

  • Barca will buy when his Release Clause will be 110 Million Euro's

  • Welcome to chelsea

  • 🖤💙🖤💙

  • This is why Barcelona can’t get lautaro martinez🖤💙

    • @Akash Basu yes. Lautaro wants to win trophies and UCL and he can't stay at Inter that can't win anything

    • 111 mil and he's ours.

    • He will go for sure

  • Excelent video!

  • Se mi succhiate il cazzo e mi leccate le palle tutti insieme ve lo diamo

  • move mountains to bring this guy to Barca. Next Suarez

  • Welcome to f.c BARCELONA in january hahaha yesssss

    • are you dumb .?


  • Alguien sabe la canción del príncipio

  • 6:01 Amazing Speed Of Lautaro Martinez

    • That not that fast

  • Sucaaa 🖤💙

  • Overrated. Only medium striker. Not top quality like suarez or lewandowski. Timo verner is better than him, bacra should get him instead of lautaro.

  • Barcelona should do their best to get him

  • Fuck barca ! Fuck catalogna !

  • Goalnya semua cantik2 .harey sungguh.. memang kalau die pilih barca dia bole pegang takhta balon d or in future

  • Barcelona merda

  • Fuck Barcelona

  • Martinez is too good

  • Griezman trade

  • Lastima que el inter subio su clausura

    • Candida Lamas LAUTI VINO PA’ quedarse, so... te quedarás con las ganas maestro

  • Fenomemo ragazzi, spero rimanga all’inter per molto tempo. ⚫️🔵

  • Sogna sogna Catalano

  • Barca can take vecino trust me just as much talent and potential as Lautaro

    • He's older than Lautaro. Looking for long Suarez replacement not temporary.

    • Ahhahaha

    • Vecino is the new iniesta Barca should take him

  • Barcellona ascolta : aspetta e spera almeno per i prossimi 4 anni rimarrà a Milano

    • Per quello che stanno facendo a noi mai Vidal ci hanno chiuso la trattativa 2 anni di seguito questi bastard*

  • Ma sto caaa... zzzoooo che vi diamo lautaro

  • Hahahahahaha barca

  • Everyone who watches serie a, is he actually as strong as he is in fifa because he is really short and agile you would think he isnt exactly strongest

  • Lautaro non si muove!!!

  • Masina

  • Have some respect for a huge club like Inter and change the title, kid!!! Such kids are ruining football, no respect at all and they do anything for views!! You deserved an unsubscription, well done.

    • Akrem Amara exactly he is so stupid thinking that barca is a bigger team than inter lolol Kids nowadays they don’t know about the beast inter was and will be soon

  • Say the name of the song you played at the beginning thank you

  • Futuro suarez de el barca

  • Im a big fan 😆. Barcelona should never let him end up at any other club if Inter decide on selling him.

  • Lautaro will play in Barça soon

  • Lautaro does not come to Barcelona. he is an inter player and will remain an inter player

  • Solo in vacanza lautaro va a barcellona. Il toro resta all'inter

  • 🤣😂🤣😂 Lauty è nostro. Non si tocca 😉😉😁😁. Fatevene una ragione. Forza Inter 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙

  • ...and Chelsea and Man. City...


  • New AGUERO!!!!!

  • Future the best CA

  • It be great but I really doubt Barcelona would buy him...because lately Barcelona buys all these nobodies and they do notthing for the club..worst is they dont even sell those players, they loan them. In other words Barcelona is bad at buying and selling players

  • Video with very bad quality😕

  • Luis Díaz o porto

  • He is so good

  • Yo prefiero que se quede en el Inter, donde puede explotar mucho más, en el Barcelona se va terminar quemando como otros crack... y va a comer banco a lo loco.

    • Mateo Luengas es el jugador mas importante par nosotros en inter

    • @Mateo Luengas no lo pusieron para darle descanso

    • @S̷o̷t̷e̷l̷o̷_̷T̷S̷소텔로 En El Inter Son Todos Pechos Fríos Además Que Si Lo Tienen De Suplente SOLO FIJATE LOS ULTIMOS 3 PARTIDOS NO LO PUSIERON

    • @Mateo Luengas no tendría sentido que se vaya ahí por que Sería suplente, es mejor que se quede en el inter ya que es titular indiscutible

    • Yo Prefiero A que Vaya Al Borrusia dortmund Con Haland

  • Because of the same reasons Barça can wait a lot! 😎😎😎