This is what happens when Tfue gets MAD...

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
This is what happens when Tfue gets mad...
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This video includes:
This is what happens when Tfue gets Mad
This is what happens when Tfue Gets Angry
Don't Get Tfue Mad in Fortnite
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Why I like SypherPK SypherPK : Family friendly Why I hate Tfue Tfue: UNHOLY DEMON THAT SWEARS ALOT

  • He missed a legendary p90

  • He’s soooooo cockey

  • Tfue need to play apex

  • This dude is way too cocky with substandard skills.. bet he cries after every death

  • This guy literally think he’s the best

    • He ass 😂 think he’s the best but get pissed like a lil bitch like come on man make your money and carry on

    • Most of us think that about him too. :-/ he just does not do good when there is a ton of people in the same couple of boxes. If he practiced close quarters against teams more often or a bunch of dudes in the final storm he would probably win the worlds champ eventually.

  • Has anyone noticed that TFUE has aim bot

  • 15:34 isn't he wearing a girl skin?!??!

  • Gadi

  • Tfue I hate people who spam p90,s there such dogshit players Him also spamming with a p90, 😂😂😂😂😂👎🏽🤡

  • That was me tfue when I knocked you down to 17 HP

  • Sometimes a good defence is a good offence, come here boy. Bad bap bap all 33 damage lmfaooo

  • “Holy shit he hit me with the skill launcher” 😂

  • FF making money of others LUL

  • Tfue is a definition of a child 😂 he sucks donkey dick he complains morethan a female on her period🤷🏼‍♂️ he has no life n treats kids like shiit no wonder his ex left him😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • The first clip, he was spittin straight facts

  • Scratch that like Naruto said how can I accept this! But it's all love, coming from me

  • Tsue 4th party’s: why am I getting double teamed?

  • He gets mad for 3 party dose the same thing garbage

  • is it just me or is tfue a god with the combat SMG

  • this game shows tfue is too good for ars Lol

  • I would really enjoy watching tfue more, if he didn’t complain and whine about everything. Obviously your suppose to shoot the opponent and he complains when people come shoot him. In my opinion he’s a crybaby little biotchhhh😂

  • stop cursing turner

  • Wait so do these redemption codes work to get Vbucks

  • "That Guy Just Got Out Talented that was crazy."

  • Tfue is mad every day 😒

  • Hey why don’t you do other consoles

  • Yess we have the best ping in Virginia. 0 ping and I play on a playstation

  • Hes mad

  • Oh Yeseasononegativewasawesome

  • Oh Ye season negative was awesome

  • 4:38 that fcking truck always give u a lot of fishing rod

  • He mentioned taking a piss more times then he got kills 😂

  • 15:35 "oh shit my penis"😂😂😂😂

  • Cuz my phone runs on 1440p like wtf!!! And ik damn well dis shit aint on 1080p


  • Didn’t really see him get angry at all annoyed for sure. Not angry though.

  • The more I watch him play the worst he gets

  • Raider*builds up* Tfue “ what a fkn weirdo”

  • tfue switch back to the ducky keyboard please😥

  • Because you’re goddamn good now I don’t push it you don’t double teaming

  • Why is you Channel named fortnite focus but you only make videos of tfue

  • Season Negative😂😂

  • Nobody: Tfue: Did I Tell You Guys I Need To Take A Piss?

    • What are the odds of that i read this as he said it ive been watching all the way through the video

  • Season negative... wow

  • Tfue a bitch all he does is cry little pussy

  • Legend has it Tfue still has to take a piss

  • To get better u have to move to Virginia???!!!

  • What about switch platform?

  • Tfue when he gets mad says dogshit a lot

  • *I gotta pee bro*

  • I’ve been more happy since I haven’t played the game in a week🥳

  • More like : THIS is what happens when TFUE has to PISS

  • he reely got to use the restroom!

  • Peen ninety

  • Every one your videos about tfue wtf

  • On today's episode of Tfue complaining about.....

  • Please some one send me a skin my fortnite name is Meti On Mobile

  • how you geting someny llammas

  • guys i have to take a piss