This is the Sion made by Sono Motors and produced by NEVS - A first look! (Prototype)

Pubblicato il 5 mag 2019
Hey Guys. Join me together with the Team at Sono Motors at a first look at the Sion (Prototype). An electric car that can be charged by the sun. Awesome, don't you think? Big thanks to the Sono Motors team for showing this to me. The great news is that it's going to be produced by NEVS in Trollhättan at the old SAAB factory in 2020!

More information on the Sion here:
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  • Nice Video! Thank you! It's important to note that this was the prototype. When you go to the sonomotors web page you will see what the final product will look like. The quality of materials and manufacturing will hopefully be much, much better than that of the prototype. The prototype seems to have deteriorated quite much over a relatively short period of time.

    • @SaabCars I have to say that I really like the idea that the Sion will be produced at NEVS in Sveden. I have high hopes that the Sion will benefit a lot from the expertise of the people at NEVS. I really like Sveden and its people.

    • Thanks. That is true. This is not the final production car. I will put that in the description. 👍👍

  • I hope we can drive solar car in Asia.

  • Jag skäms över att vara Trollhättebo när jag ser att en fulare variant av en smart car ska byggas i vår fabrik ist för en Nevs 9-3 EV.

    • Det är inte samma målgrupp som SAAB bilarna nä.. Helt rätt ;-) Vi får försöka se det positiva om arbetstillfällen i fabriken.

  • I’m sure Sono Motors has put a lot of R&D into high end materials and top quality sustainable production methods. Everything will be improved even further by a well-balanced mix of various random part manufacturers and state of the art chinese resources. (lol)

    • Is there any good reason why you try to spread mistrust and false information about Sono Motors and the Sion in so many forums and threads? Does somebody pay you for that or are you so much in love with cars that are part of the destructive forces that harm our environment? Do you love the smell of gasoline and the sound of combustion engines? Do you also love the effects of the oil industry on our planet with oil spills, fracking and gas flaring to name just a few? Maybe you think that climate change was invented by some people who wanted to earn money with electric cars. Or maybe your application to work for Sono Motors was rejected and you bear an eternal grudge. Whatever the case, you are wrong and you are strange. I know the founders of Sono Motors and I know that their intentions are true and honest. They love this planet and put a vast amount of work and efforts into bringing an affordable EV to the market that makes it possible for a majority of people to switch to clean (at least a much, much cleaner) mobility. Even if every single day of a year was cloudy it would generate an average of 7 kilometers worth of energy every day! Just with its integrated solar panels. For free! The average daily energy income in Munich throughout a year would more likely be 15 Kilometers based based on real weather data.15 kilometers every day, for free! No oil has to be pumped, burned or paid for these 15 kilometers. That's about half of the daily distance travelled on the average per car. And then, you imply that Elring Klinger, Continental, Bosch or NEVS are a random bunch of low quality manufacturers? What is wrong with you?

  • I am very excited about drive train, battery pack and the software runs all of these components of Sion...beside all good features that will change the way that get by the time...

    • Adorable.

  • Det här är så coolt.

    • väldigt coolt, även kallt. :-)

  • En och annan B235R har plågats längs med dessa hamngator. Läckert i övrigt att visa upp en conceptbil med ytrost på gångjärn och armaturer. NEVS/Sono med omnejd liknar mer och mer ett skämt.

    • Ja jag hade också hellre sett den nya nevs 9-3 produceras även här hemma. Hade känts som pånyttfödelse liksom. 😉😁

    • @SaabCars Absolut, det tror jag vi alla önskar Trollhättan. Medans många av oss Saab-fanatiker förstås velat se en annan lösning får man glädjas åt att någonting händer i alla fall. Tyvärr kanske några år för sent och en aning dunkelt. Tack för att du delar med dig av ditt material! Ses i Höör!

    • Sant! Det var detta som erbjöds.. Men håller med! Det blir väl bättre sen hoppas vi. Att det blir arbetstillfällen av detta..

  • I hope they start making Saabs soon

    • x- o If you are talking about the old 9-3 or the Sion, then yes, those might end up being cheap/low-value cars because: - The Sion looks like it’s made from the finest North Korean plastic - The 9-3 is literally a car from 2003 However, if they are going to make new “Saabs” of their design, that may not be the case, since Saab was supposed to be a somewhat high-end brand, and I think NEVS might start following that logic.

    • Doubtful they’ll make anything of value.