This Game Looks UNREAL (World Exclusive) Man of Medan Part 1

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2019
Man of Medan:
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  • Man, I missed this so much... Pewds playing games is awesome. Shame he stopped the run after T-series really went ahead...

  • riches will always be dragon

  • PewDiePie can't go to china now...😭 But instead,you can come to THE REAL CHINA(culturally),aka,Taiwan.😀 You will always be welcome XD

  • thi is not a game, this is movie:///

  • Where is the rest of the game?

  • I played this games and ignore all the clues and went straight to it because I was scared , I admire now he is determined to explore everything and show us the whole story ! Wow 👏👏👏

  • Just making Felix knows he had an add on here advertising another contest creator ...

  • Watching this, after Pewdie's ban in China... "It's the Chinese" :)). Great gameplay, Pewds!

  • 5:55 is this a motherfucking jojo reference

  • Who’s watching this without socks! SUB ME I SUB U BACK SMALL IT-tvsR HERE❤️

  • Is this the story of Ourang Medan?

  • FALLOUT music! And the knife is for sharks.

  • It is like a movie

  • anyone notice he’s cussing less than usual?

  • I really wish he’d play this with like Cry or something xD

  • They should call these prologues “The Illusion of Choice.” The Butterfly Effect, Ripple Effect, or Moral Compass has no real power in the tutorials. No matter what you do, somebody is going to die here.

  • Unsung from pottypie

  • Should I really be watching this at 3 AM? ...fuck it

  • t series for life dislike

  • Türk olan varmı

  • 12:14 Give a like if you checked.

  • Why does he have so many subs😂 it's ridiculous

  • you should play minercraft horror game.

  • Did anyone else find this game a bit Meh? Until Dawn was great, but this felt lacklustre in many ways to me.

  • What idiot hoe goes diving in the skimpiest shorts in the world knowing that they'll be exploring some rusty ass tetanus ridden metal wreckage? I hope they all die of transmitted diseases.

  • Hilarious that in the beginning of the game Felix said that he would try to keep everyone alive.. then he said this little gem @28:27. LMAO

  • That’s the story of Medan right?

  • Do you watched gp4f2008

  • Do you love markers? Show your love by donating on Venmo to @Jailed Marker warriors unite!

  • This reminds me of bird box

  • *laughs in Jacksepticeye* ;)

  • Super Massive Games > Quantic Dream

  • Warning to new viewers! He doesn't finish this playthrough, so don't get emotionally invested like i did :(

  • I legit DREAMT about 7:01 last night and today here i am watching this

  • What game has better graffics?

  • skuy living


  • 35:07 I felt that

  • Game is a couple of hours like 4 to 5 hours.

  • Unit 931, anyone? Manchuria + WW2 + Japan=Biochemical war crime against humanity.

  • 35:49 they spelt “height” wrongly on her license looooool

    • That’s the point, it’s a fake license...

  • This can't be the finished game, the cutting between scenes is retarded.

  • The big hint: Manchuria. Post WW2. Obviously, Man of Medan is hinting at Unit 931, the biochemical testing by the Japanese on prisoners of war and Chinese civilians. I hope I guessed right.


  • 54:54 My nibba.

  • Who EIse is a true fan of PewDiePie? 😍If you are watching this… Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!🌹

  • every youtuber theorise about the locked door with the sedated soldier and dead doctor. But pewd naturally dont even mind

  • Conrad is the same dude that played iceman in x men 😂😂

  • it's a lot more interested when played in a co-op

  • Ourang Medan is a real ship

  • He's from X-Men and Animorph.

  • Oorang medan?

  • my pe teacher: run faster! me: 15:50

  • Me and my friends took turns to finish until dawn until dawn,it was so scary,and I was the most scared shit out of all of us 4

  • The fact that i had to stop everytime pewdiepie said it was the chinese still proves that im a racist and immature bastard 😂😂😂😂💯

  • MEDAN is city from INDONESIA

  • The repeating of the score after 22:00 is really obnoxious lol I'm assuming it's a bug

  • I fcking hate pewdipie he's annoying

  • I love how he sounds like that guy with cat friends advertising League Of Legends:))

  • the amount of times the background music reset the same section was infuriating