They Added LIGHTSABERS To Fortnite! (Star Wars)

Pubblicato il 14 dic 2019
Very Epic Day of Fortnite Gaming today
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  • He didn't block with it

  • Кто русский лайк

  • I feel sorry for Lachlan he missed the unvaulting event ad the volcano event and the end event and this Star Wars event

  • When he doesn’t realize the blocking on the lightsaber is cracked

  • Me: Mom can you buy me Battlefront 2? Mom: No we have Battlefront 2 at home. *Battlefront 2 at home:*

  • The thumbnail lightsaber hilt was Luke’s but the blade was red?

  • he cheathed 7:29

  • 10:22 lol

  • I already miss the Lightsaber in Fortnite.

  • Why do you have Ali a friended

  • This is why I only play Fortnite when they add swords in the game

  • The lightsabers Get overpowered though They block bullets and take 150 To body and 200 to the head

  • You can also farm mats with the lightsaver

  • I got in the light saber battle😭

  • Op lightsaber

  • Not rill. People playing tehm

  • im disappointed in disney

  • The lightsabers was just removed

    • It's better now. Cuz bots used those star wars shit and got lucky with that. Thank god its removed

  • 🚼

  • 3:59 Lachlan clearly doesn’t know about just holding block

  • Hmm. Weak.

  • Tbh kylo ren’s lightsaber is the coolest

  • Dude same story, I was in game. Landed actually but the servers were so bad so I decided to restart my game (there was 30 mins left for event anyways so that's that) but then it signed me out and I kept trying to log back in for the 30 minutes and the last 10 delay minutes but failed to log in so I went into the other room and watched it with my brother

  • These Lightsabers has to get out of the game

  • Am I the only one who saw Harrison Ford (Han Solo)???

  • If he was a bot then why did you not kill him?

  • Can you friend dmanchy s2onnypoo

  • Who else saw alli a s gamer tag

  • He now whery litel about star wars

  • Lightsaber suck

  • 1v1

  • You are trash

  • Need to take this shit out the game

  • The event was trash

  • 2020 anyone ???

  • I saw the Star Wars event

  • Nobody: Lachlan I want the green lightsaber I wnat to be the green ELF Me: eXsCuSe mE wTf

    • @MadMagKing he is reffering to yoda as the elf


    • What is wrong with him being a green elf with a green lightsaber?

  • It sucks those Swords

  • Wet

  • I hate the lightsabers

  • Lachy: " Lightsabers Shing,Shing,Shing,Shing:/

  • i hate that he thinks everyone is a bot it’s kinda annoying

  • Eith lightsaber is so easy to kill anyone who doesbt have one

  • Wait when I play fortnite it’s snowy why isn’t it with Lachy someone please answer?????

  • i love your chanel lachlan

  • no one: lachlan: that was a bot

  • I’m am you Jedi master

  • Anybody else kinda gets when lachy doesn't block with the lightsaber and called Luke's saber "the green one"

  • I hate them

  • And I the only one who hates light savers because they do too much damage and when I try shooting and someone the bull war don’t do damage

  • HW does not know how to use a lightsaber

  • Is this a permanent add on

  • Code Jelly in the fortnite item shop. Plus code lazar, YEET!

  • You are the best can you please play with me my username is Tyrone.jr

  • THUMBNAIL PROBLEMS: Code name E.L.F is holding Luke's lightsaber but the saber color is red and if the rarity box has Rey's lightsaber hilt but a red color.

  • Pixelmon ep2 please

  • Wait where’s winter fest and the background

  • love Star Wars thanks fortnite really awesome.

  • the only sarcastic thing is that the stormtroopers basically have aimbot

  • Lachlan is a very good youtuber