Pubblicato il 17 nov 2019
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Draft to Glory Episode 25

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  • 4:13 Eriksen with a strong link and 3 soft links😭

  • I got gold 3 in Squad battles on FIFA 19 and packed zaha andbaught Luka Modric for 8k in a bid and now I have got Toni Kroos and Kante TOTY can't afford Messi or Ronny but completed totw sbc and pack 85 Firpo and completed all of the flashback sbs's except Alexandre Pato any only know how to make money really need some only on 20k

  • You could of played Manolas at cdm and koulibaily at cb

  • My man can’t breath

  • 15:28 isnt that a bit over kill?😂

  • how do you send your account to Nep so he can open your packs?

  • Croatian youtuber has got 100k pack and mega pack in the draft his name is Malajski Tapir

  • Kdb is quality for me in cam loads of goals and assists

  • Seriously why did you take manolas? 0 links? Seriously frustrating! Tit.

  • Semedoo

  • I appreciate the under-appreciated father ted joke, Nep

  • nepp: * gets an icon* also nepp: hey, this could be my most incon in a draft.

  • Clickbait title as always ✅

  • A little challenge: Do a draft against your odds! For example: you should've take the Ibra card in the beginning and Neuer etc. Everyone can make a good draft, but lately all Drafts look the same which is boring.. Just an idea for a fresh Draft :)

  • I spend 200£ And only got good player called partey waste of money I'm not going to buy other fifas cuz I spend so much money on 1 game and got nothin

  • Won the draft got 100k and 35k packs and packed RTTF martial

  • I used socrates and he was insane for me

  • You dumb ash, weak foot does matter in this game

  • *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  • Sokratis instead of koulibaly would hv been perfect!

  • Why did he NOT TAKE LAPORTE

  • Is it just me or does it sound like Nepenthez says the name of Digne weard and funny. Everytime he comes up its just sounds off

  • Hahahah! Always laughing, when you say Digne :D

  • im a gold 2 player in champs but have won 3 matches from 5 drafts

  • Just admit you want pace at every position. It's the same every year

  • I like it how he uses other players than laliga/prem but trigers me he does it from choosin bad picks

  • camera angle?

  • This guy makes so many stupid mistakes

  • The way he said digne lol

  • Not considering Laporte, what is this? Pretty much the same😴😪

  • What's the point in watching this video you tell us what happens. Maybe you should play squad battles on the hardest settings? (show us your skill or lack of) play division rivals show us all the great gameplay this game offers (ROFL).

  • I dont play fifa anymore , I stopped playing since 2018 but man I still love watching your videos especially your draft to glory . it became like a break from a stressful day .

  • Hi nep. Been a viewer for many years and was just wondering if you had any idea when the BPL Sbc will be out? Really think the lack on good content is killing game

  • The title says #24 but this is episode 25 I think?

  • Socrates is good at cdm

  • What's so bad about eriksen other than his pace

  • You can't get 5 icons

  • You missed out on LAPORTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So much icons!!!

  • I think five star weak foot is not useless

  • NO, I don't, play FUT/division rivals or even squad battles using the highest difficulty to show how great the gameplay is in FIFA 20.

  • Watch videos to the full because I know hoe it works. Wish I could win some points as a new dad to play someone dropback and even toxic goals in friendlies

  • How do you join the discord Anyone have a link at all ?

  • If only torrerias height got upgraded also he would be usable

  • Fell a sleep with this video woke up an watched it further because i like your videos Neppo keep up the good work with DIGNNEEEEE and what a draft!!🔥🔥🥶 Love and respect from The Netherlands

  • De bruyne is good on the game if you play passing football then players with high passing are good

  • Dhinyeah

  • De bruyne is brilliant for me, maybe its just me

  • Is there a difference between online draft rewards and single player draft reward ? Because i dont have online and only play single player and dont ever get good packs when i win the draft

  • Rewards in the draft depends on how u did during the 4 games. if u get a clean sheet and score atleast 3 goals in the final u will get good packs. The more clean sheets the better the packs

    • you sure ab that? I got 0 clean sheets and won most games by a 1 or 2 goal difference and got the 100k pack and the 15k pack

  • When I watched this build he could of started Rui Manolas koulibaly and florenzi would of got 100 chem

  • Why bring KdB off when he’s the best player on your team. Clueless, use him well and he’ll play well.

    • Xander Potts what a brew

    • U have a point also craking plur

    • Xander Potts i’m sure you can afford to have 1 player with under 80 agility, play him centrally with Mané and Messi on wings. What a surprise he keeps on Son even tho he’s not agile, all he does is listen to pros and thinks he can become one

    • KDB isn’t meta, Messi and mane much better on fifa this year as big players low agility just don’t work anymore

  • That black ball is hideous.

  • 3:45 why do you do this? Just take Laporte, stop fucking sheeping the meta constantly and take what’s better for the team, use new players and stop abusing pace every draft it’s boring man

  • would prefer Napoli trio in LB, LCB & LCDM

  • Time management, more like time wasting😂😂

  • No one: Nep: SeMeDu

  • If you took laporte instead of manolas you would have had hernandez on full chem

  • Man had the chance to take Laporte and fluffs it...

  • Not even considering laporte triggered me a bit lol