There's real tension between Kevin Durant and the Warriors - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to Stephen Curry's comments in an exclusive interview with The Jump's Rachel Nichols, in which Steph reacted to Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant’s remarks about the Golden State Warriors in the Wall Street Journal.
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  • Kd the truth he helped the warriors they frontin

  • I'm wondering if kd even actually got injured at all!!!

  • kd just being the usual snake he is

  • Jalen is getting as annoying as his wife. Pathetic media need to move on. Who cares.

  • KD has some deep psych issues which I pray he gets help with...sometimes our past growing up doesn’t provide us with the coping life skills when you become rich and famous quickly...unlike Steph who had a supportive environment growing up, not a lot of the NBA players had the same opportunities..the WSJ report is very revealing. Steph is a leader. KD is a mama s boy.

  • But also they recruited him tho

  • There really isn't tension he left to prove him getting a ring wasn't bc of the warriors their system or players bc it's really about him trying to get rid of the doubts people have about him winning a ring not being on an already stacked champion team the warriors are but hurt it wasn't about sacrifice for Steph or is and Steph still plays a lot of is ball in the first place like really hearing sacrifice out of his mouth was appalling he hasn't sacrificed anything of was the one sacrificing a lot of his style of play whike steph played the sane as always and it's more about their style of play being weak honestly they are a shoot first team their scoring in the paint has always been weak that's why every time LeBron went against the warriors they got exposed in the paint the warriors are collectively good but lack individuality in a lot of ways motion is a very simple offense that can be beat it Saw this he doesn't need them even a little he is better than any player on that team the closest to him from that squad is clay who is a lights out shooter and an elite defender

  • KD doesn't care about the team he is in, he cares about his legacy, thats why he joined the warriors and it's the same reason he left.

  • I don't know what offense that is perfect; that is why you get great players to mask the weakness in the system. The triangle offense does not work without Jordan or Pippen or without Kobe and Shaq.

  • Man GS's offense was perfect, they forgot how they took down the most stacked team in NBA history in Cleveland in 2017...KD is so dramatic, he just should get over it

  • Kd is mad annoying he never happy U know how many ppl are poor but happier than this man smh...he really pisses me off😤

  • Woulda been a perpetual choke artist had he not joined the warriors... show some fckin gratitude... nothin will make this man happy..

  • Why he left? Because once a 🐍 always a🐍..

  • Since he no longer plays for the Warriors who cares?

  • Mostly,.it's just you !!!

  • Stop jawzin! Talkin bout tension smh

  • ? J got earz

  • This story is's a disagreement over style of play, and that's all. KD could've thrown the Dubs and their medical staff under the bus and didn't, so y'all need to quit reaching for what ain't there. That said, the last two finals the Dubs played in without KD, they're 0-2. So all you jokers acting like the Dubs gave him rings when it's quite obviously the other way round (you didn't see him lose one of his two finals MVP's to a sixth man) need to put down the pipe.

  • klay already said the warriors dynasty not over and if yk klay then yk he dont just talk to just talk😂he planning some already once they meet on the court

  • The constant need to drive these stories is pathetic. Durant chose to join Warriors and he chose to leave. In between he was well paid and he won 2 Final MVP and was a 2x Champ. Outside of Jacoby's professed love for the petty, if they actually had a discussion of team chemistry, we might learn some things. I listened to Curry's response and he gave nothing to those wishing to keep up a controversy. Just like like political news, these are cheap easy stories that lend little to our NBA knowledge.

  • No KD no more championships for Warriors.....believe that! All Jalen needs Is a Kango hat

  • No KD no more championships for Warriors.....believe that!

    • Ask me if I unhappy. They never appreciated KD. In fact they were sorry he came but needed a Lebron equalizer.

  • It simply shows that happiness is not about fame, money or success, it’s about contentment and acceptance, it’s the feeling of belongingness

  • That's the problem of kd..everytime he leaves on a team.he says something bad..

  • What if KD actually thought for himself? Then he’d be 9% of the pop.

  • I hope KD comes back strong and rocks again. I would however be careful with his strong comments because there is a very strong possibility that he comes back like Kobe, meaning he was a shell of himself. No explosiveness!

  • I hope the Warriors let someone wear 35 just to destroy cupcake's psyche.

  • Kd is right you guys have to realize kd was the best player on the team. But steph was labeled the most "important"??? How does that make sense kd was playing 45 minutes a night while steph was playing only 35. Keep in mind everybody knows this trsm Is going to the finals. Steve Kerr wasn't 100 on kd staying so he uses and abused him. Simple let's be oh so real kd vs mJ first to 5 who is gonna win. Don't play yourself

  • kd= the nba antonio brown

  • Kevin doesn't know how to leave a team, he such a child 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Dear jalen rose please go and look for the interview in 2016 on why kd left OKC and went to golden state HE LOVED THEIR STYLE OF PLAY HE LOVED THEIR CULTURE HE LOVED THEIR BROTHERHOOD ALSO.

  • He wants what Lebron has. The movies, the business endeavors, the wife, the kids, overall the power in the league and him being recognized all through his career that he is number one and that Kd has always been second to him while his prime is coming to an end

  • Fucking snake can't leave a team on good terms.

  • And y’all call Lebron a drama queen

  • He didn’t leave because he likes iso or because he didn’t fit in. He left because he was jealous and wanted his teammates and fans to like him more than Steph. But he had that in okc, and ditched them to win championships with Steph. Why would he then complain he wasn’t loved enough and keep signing one year deals?

  • Did Jacoby get his crooked nose fixed. ... I mean slanted nose

  • Curry is an overpaid bomb jumper Jackerzzzz no defense and this year everybody knows his game so with no Thompson or Durant I don't see that team even in the playoffs.... time will tell.. write it down 🤔🤔 🤔

    • Speaking of Curry dont forget overrated.The Warriors fans are gearing up for their own doom if t h ey believe Steph is going to lead them anywhere.They dont have no offense. He has to make up his mind toscore or defer.He doesnt defer all that well and will be asked to score a lot until Thompson gets back. Draymond cant hit the side of a barn. Deangello will be asked to score points after them who do they have.KDis not walking through that door and a lot of humgry teams out West. Havent forgoyten how they rubbed it in their faces.

  • I guess the media has found there "story." they're gonna milk this like crazy. Remember Jalen "99% Toronto Raptors" Rose?

  • KD just threw this out there after seeing people were starting to hate AB more

  • I TOTALLY took KD’s side in that beef with Oklahoma City. However, EVERYTHING he’s done has made their hatred of him seem more and more understandable!

  • Durant is quickly becoming Kyrie Irving. Winning isnt most important to him. Now the narrative will be if he never hooked up with the Warriors he would have never won a title. Him leaving actually diminishes the titles for him. Not for the other warriors...just him.

    • @Golden Screen Warriors only time will tell. Let me answer your question with a question. Do you think Kyrie had a problem with Lebron being the best player on the Cavs? I live in NEO and that's all we heard. If not how did he end up in Boston? Same goes for KD. Westbrook was a hard baller who had the ball in his hands too much for KD. First of all they both realize you cant win without having at least another great player. KD could have won Another 2 or 3 titles with the Warriors but here he is on a different team. He didnt want to share the glory with Steph, Clay and Dramont...he wanted to be the center of attention while h is why he left.

    • @Maximos Tiberius if they don't want to share the love then why are they teaming up with another? you think irving cares about KD being the best player on the nets o

    • @Golden Screen Warriors no because its evident they want to be the man and not share the love. Kyrie was happy as a lark in Cleveland until lebron came back. With lebron they were awesome. Kyrie didnt like that...he wanted to be top dog so he left and he flamed out in Boston. KD left OKC to either win titles or get away from Westbrook. He get to Golden State and doesnt feel "appreciated" so he leaves. Is this not evident?? Its all over the news...get with the program dude.

    • because you met kyrie and Kevin Durant personally and you know them besides watching them play ball on a tv screen? crying

  • KD left because he tired of EVERYBODY bitching about him joining the warriors including the warriors!!!! KD: ever since I got here it’s been KD and the warriors....

  • The warriors never appreciated him. From Draymond Green telling him that dont need him, to Steve Kerr forcing him to play hurt in the finals, they used and abused KD and now paid the price.

  • Man you guys can't see the forest through the trees, KD left because he realized no mater how great he played, this was never going to be HIS team. This is the cooks team

  • All the kD haters are coming out! Y'all mad kd is the best in the world..better recognize

    • redklyn2rd I think the superstar in LA who plays for the Lakers and wears #23 is the best in the world

  • KD is a Chump! We didn't need him in the first place!🙊

  • What did he think was going happen? Even Lebron knew Miami wouldn’t love him like they do Wade

  • It is true that the Warriors are good at their collective offence but when they hit a wall, they relied on KD iso to relieve the pressure and win games.

  • It’s simple. KD wants to lead a team to a title, not just help a team win another one. Being that GS was the defending champions when he got there, he would always be thought of as a “side dish” instead of the “main entree” in GS. That’s Steph and Clay’s team

  • STOP CODDLING KD, JALEN!!! KD whines, whines. He needs therapy. What major corporation environment, making that kind of $$$ is going to worry about your " feelings"; "fitting in" and your buddy-hood with your co/workers??? Geezus KD needs BUDDHA...LOL. " That what you are seeking is inside of you." KD keeps looking for love in all the wrong places...instead of going inside himself and addressing his own self loathing and pain.

  • KD is on an eternal search for the greenest grass. I got nothing but respect for him so I wish him luck on his search.

  • Ofc there won't be tension,he will be going to SF not Oakland,the fans are not the same xD And the players don't care about him,it would seem.

  • Kd said it was put by the media him and the warriors he never felt accepted he didn't feel like the guys that was drafted thats one reason he left now media is making something out of nowhere

  • J and J show🕤🍺🍾

  • Yall do anything for attention

  • That bc KD is as soft as Princess Leah’s dress 👗 and Curry is one of the luckiest and biggest pricks to ever play basketball so there’s that.

  • KD should be glad GSW gave him a chance to make a difference. If , not for the opportunity to join a championship organization He'd be in the same position as his partners from that OKC finals losers .

  • Lies... these guys are business partners and friends. Let's have a fuel and make more money.

  • KD one of my favorite players but you doing too much bro

  • I'm sorry to say but if it wasn't for kd they wasn't going to win that 2 championship. because every time they was struggling they just give him the boy and let him do his thing. he even try to slow down his game so Steph Curry can win the MVP in the final and still didn't happen.

    • Steph has no one to blame but himself. His crappy game 3 performance ruined his chance