There is no real chance that Anthony Davis leaves the Lakers - Jalen Rose | Get Up

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg react to Anthony Davis’ 1-year commitment to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • if the lakers make it to the semi finals or loose to the clippers in 7 I think ad gonna comeback

  • I don't junk he will leave

  • If AD wins a ring this season, I think he will leave Lakers and go home to chicago

  • Watch AD sign with the Pelicans next year, and NBA has a new rule that no team can trade away first round picks OR first round swaps in consecutive years.

  • leave if want mf, not the only player in the league

  • Couldn't gets the pels to the 8th seed, but youre gonna get us a ship? Hah.._. You'll be lequits scapegoat after our 4-5 start and 1st rd exit

  • When LeBron falls apart Midway through the season and he looks around and sees trash he's gone

  • As a Laker fan this is tough hearing it from “99% chance Kawhi stays in Toronto”

  • Why they saying he won't leave? sure he's a great Baller now..but eventually competition will come

  • If fans cheer more for players than teams then why do they get so mad if a player leaves. I never meet a Laker fan that likes a player in another team more than the Laker team. Even if they been doing horrible.

  • Considering you can make tens of millions more a yr in marketing being a Laker vs being on any other team, why would anyone ever want to leave the Lakers?

  • I bet they won't win a chip and, Davis will go to the Nets or Knicks next year.

  • he's not leaving. he is just making sure the lakers keep in check. fix the front office and dont get lazy when trying to improve the team. i'm sure LeBron and Rich Paul both have his ear. you commit then you are stuck either way. if you are worried then you likely to try and make moves to make sure to keep him. I don't blame him because the lakers has had so much BS in the front office.

  • He said "we have a standard" Mafuka, u haven't played on e game for the Lakers. Last year he said he wasn't the Pels without a ring. 🤣

  • How many olives though

  • Jalen rose- no chance AD leaves 2020-2021 free agency starts Ad- im leaving the lakers Espn new vid- jalens predicted wrong

  • If this people they called "analyst" and being paid with large amount of money and being wrong all the time, Wow! Very nice job, I hope i can be one of them and be wrong all the time...

  • Jalen is absolutely right 🤷

  • yeah right! same guy predicted 99.9% kawhi going to the raptors! LOL

  • Jalen Rose looks like a snitch

  • Oh no if jalen rose says he stays, Anthony Davis is leaving 🤦‍♂️ SMH now I’m worried

  • Ol brow talking shit wen we at the parade after June bih

  • Not for him to say!!! If nothing happen in that 2yrs. Then no offer will be coming!!! If lakers will not be champion in that 2yrs.retirement Is coming!!!!

  • DAMN!!!.....DAMN!!!!.....DAMN!!!! Didn't Jalen also say Kawhi was signing a 2 year deal in Toronto!!! He gone!!

  • Here we go again Jalen

  • Expect at least 2chips out of this duo.with Kuzma continued development this team is very competitive .

  • The Lakers stupid for signing this dude after trading all those young guys Lavar was right

  • I'm sorry Anthony Davis, but this season is going to be a failure for you. The LA Lakers aren't winning the NBA Championship in 2020. Don't get me wrong. I think AD is great and I LOVE LeBron James, but I just don't think the rest of the team is up for it. However, the NBA is wide open now, so who knows...

  • He said "uhmm"... whilst wearing a blood diamond earing... Davis was a woman in the beginning... wait, what! Ok soo... wait, what?

  • LOL an Entrepreneur as a player, you are still an Employee... Jalen tries to sound intelligent... tries to make a relevant with inside information... Kawhi signs a two year deal with Toronto.... Entrepreneur as an employee....

  • I'll answer the question for you dumb fks: Jalen didn't lose his credibility because NOBODY KNEW PG13 was coming ...NOBODY... who trades a superstar so under the radar and fast like that? No one could've predicted that. He was 99%... That's his 1% fall through.

  • 99% right?

  • You also said there was a 99% chance Kawhi went to Raptors 😂

  • Youre kinda 5 years late brow lol... The years of lebum going to the finals is OVAH. 🤣 Poor AD, as long as lebum is with a laker jersey he will surely be a sidekick. 🤭

  • AD is going to a parade in June? Wow, that's nice of him to be willing to travel to the East to attend.

  • Why is ESPN so behind in news? The real stories are will Zion team up with Bronnie James and Shareef O’Neal? Is Jaxson Williams worth 20 million for 2 years? Is Ja Morant a lock for HOF?

  • Haaaaaaa hes gonna dip lol

  • The respect, Davis took 3 instead

  • A lot of things happened this offseason. One thing that stands out is if Davis leaves, Marcus Morris will be a free agent. He opted for a 1 year on a bad team in the knicks, instead of going to the spurs. Basketball is like chess. Players are good at it. Lakers have a chance to replace Davis with a lesser player, but one that completes the puzzle . LA is now a sought after destination again. They’ll have plenty of players to choose from. I will say this, cousins is the X factor. If he averages 25 and 15, they wouldn’t need a Davis caliber player. Enter Marcus Morris.

  • Its going to be the Clippers and Lakers in the end. Lakers in 7 and then they'll run through the Finals.

  • Jalen is the same guy that said theres a 99% chance the Raptors resign Kawhi

  • Ya’ll the ones talking about front office overtly, agents and agencies.. these news outlets are just as much to blame as anyone for the lack of loyalty in sports these days. These shows are nothing more than bitchy tea pouring sessions..

  • "99% chance" - Jalen Rose

  • Davis almost giggeled at the question. He ain't leaving the Lakers. Only Chance that he would leave would be if Lebron has a drop off and Jerry West starts whispering sweet things in his ear.

  • I've just come here to say I 99.9% don't believe anything jalen says

  • He’s already done New Orleans dirty, why wouldn’t he do that to LA

  • 99%?

  • "...theres a 99% chance that Kawai is gonna sign a 2 year deal with the Raptors" - Jalen Rose

  • I'm gonna die if he goes to the warriors 😂

  • Jalen Querim has no credibility these days after sayin Kawhi was staying in Toronto

  • Jalen "99 percent sure" Rose

  • He should of wore 33 it could of been Jordan n pippen all over again

  • of course he wont leave...his agent rich paul will do whats best for lebron not AD lol...Why would any of these guys have rich paul as an agent...he will always do whats best for lebron at there expense..what a conflict of interest.

  • Lakers need to pick up Jimmer Fredette

  • He just got there smh

  • Jalen "mr.99.9"rose

  • This about this were would he go? Knicks?

  • AD such a bitch

  • That means he's gonna leave

  • Good for him