Therapy with Art | Sunset Acrylic Painting Tutorial [REAL TIME]

Pubblicato il 23 nov 2018
I made this painting tutorial so you can take some time out for yourself to heal. Thank you all for your amazing support and I hope you enjoy it! 😁💗
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  • I tried this, failed, and cried so I guess I’ll try it again next month

  • First of fucking all...that shit looks a mess.

    • At first sort of but it isn’t like an actual place it’s more on imagination and letting your worries fly away more that. Not bragging on how good it looks. Also side note it looks amazing you have no artistic sense at all

  • That is so cool, I love your voice, how care-free you you sound teaching art. New subscriber here, I'm trying to learn how to teach painting, I love your style. 💕

  • Thank you so much for your videos! I have really enjoyed painting along. It has been very therapeutic for me and helped me fall in love with painting again 😊

  • Hi Katie I've suffered with depression and took up art 12 months ago after not painting since school it gives me so much pleasure you videos are brilliant and informative keep up the good work

  • When she was blending it diagonally, I was like "NOOOO" but then she was like "now we're going straight to create a smooth blend" and wow. It looked gooood.

  • Looks great

  • You soothe my PTSD. Bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. You have changed my life.

  • Me: soo.. White, yellow, orange, PURPLELY REd?? And blackkkk bcuz idk what the other words meant but I can see color!!! Lmao

  • I tried doing this and my paint doesn’t blend as well as yours so I’m going to try again using oil paint

  • See I thought this was going to be easy but it wasn’t 😂mines didn’t come out the best Iol I’m trying again tomorrow

  • How do you keep you paint from drying out when you’re blending? Am I a slow painter?

  • Do you prime your canvas? I’m using mine and the paint doesn’t spread as smooth as yours. :(

    • Blurred Films can’t hurt to try!! Or even a light sanding before painting.

  • How do you get the colors to spread so far and blend so smoothly? Mine kinda go for three inches and then stop. Should I be wetting the canvas before or something?

  • Hers: Beautiful vibrant painting using reds and oranges :) Mine: *PORTAL TO THE GATES OF HELL*

  • This makes me very calm

  • Your videos are so step by step. I cant wait to try and create paintings you have created.

  • Wow, keep doing this type of full video s,it really helps us(mainly beginners)..plzz ...keep doing...many many love for u

  • Wow i can feel the heat of the sun. Perfect reflection of the light on the skies

  • Hi Katie! Can I buy this painting somewhere?

  • thanks so much for this tutorial.. it was very helpful.

  • Is that cad red or orange? It looks orange and when I’ve tried it with cad red it didn’t come out well 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have the same brand of acrylics so I’m not sure what’s going on 😰

  • You and I have such different paiting styles...I like to watch your videos because I'm always amazed at the many different ways to make beautiful things

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  • 22:37 your voice saying "lovely" with that accent reminded me of Cassie, from Skins uwu

  • Lovely painting. Thank you Katie

  • How do you keep your palette so clean

  • your voice is so soothing

  • Me putting minimal paint onto the canvas because of budget: Her: And now we’re going to just blend that- Me: ._. and I oop-

  • me: feels like im almost done mom: wonders what im doing for soo long me: realizes it has been 3 hours and the videos 10 minutes in

  • Thank you for this video and your efforts to help people who are struggling

  • Love this and watching you work, I'm a beginner and notice your paint always seems to go on so fluid and buttery? Do you use a flow medium? X

    • Maybe it could be water? She did say at the beginning that you could add a bit of water to make the paint go on the canvas more smoothly or something like that.

  • Am 100% disabled for PTSD. BLESS YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Will dive in straightaway.

  • I just keep getting frustrated when my painting doesn’t turn out right. I’ll try and try again and it never turns out right. I’m waiting for the part where it’ll be stress relieving...

    • art is art. there is no "right" if you look close at any painting ever painted it is never perfect. what makes it "perfect" or "right" is that it was created. similar to us humans. just by being here is right. we don't have to be this or that, look like this or that because we just are beings. and that's right enough. so just create. let it flow. practice until you learn new techniques. art can be really stress relieving if you don't hold yourself to a standard or compare yourself to others. i wish you the best in your creativity. have fun.

  • I can’t believe I sat through all of your video and LOVED every second of it! Usually when I watch other tutorials I fast fwd them, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching your vid and I’ve learnt so much. Many thanks for creating it. New Subscriber!

  • Just painted this on a pair of my shorts, first time watching and will be back

  • What was the colors you use?

  • how does the paint not dry as you go? I tried doing this painting and it worked out alright but when it came to blending colours together, the colours would dry and then I couldn’t really blend them that well? Are you using any base on your canvas?

  • Great painting, mine turned out really awful. Oh well.

  • Your tutorials are the only ones I get! Youve inspired me so much, you were actually my first painting- I recreated your aqua blue piece!