The ZOMBIE LOOT *ONLY* Challenge In Fortnite!

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
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  • So yeah I was a few days late getting this video out LOL!

    • Lol

    • you should start using different building strategies because you only use two. or some improvising might help. if you want help, hit me up, my name is wolfcraft6609

    • Lol

    • Lol

  • zombie loot only: Muselk: *kills someone* gimmie that loot!

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  • Basic zombies only challenge

  • Myself inbtycthrvjhgg

  • 10:25 - 10:26 who else saw this?

  • who thinks the legendary sniper is a guerilla rifle

  • have a glace at the old team rumble and Pls subscribe

  • Boat only challenge

  • Try doing a vid playing on mobile P.S. there is a bot lobby glitch so I only get real players in the endgame by the time you have stacked loot.

  • 7 KILLS

  • I'd really love it if you would try my deathrun bro

  • my guys tongue tho flopping every up down left right CHILL OUT

  • That game you won it doesn’t count cause you killed someone with the boat at the start and did damage throughout the game

  • Muselk: okay it was all in the wood yeah! Me: remembering he was very protective when it came to wood in his tree saving vid

  • I don't think killing people with the boats counts as zo.bie loot

  • Yooo lit Sub me

  • "Everyone in my game is a gamer" -muselk 2019

  • Muselk: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a confirmed sweat on are hands

  • Where are the horror maps/ death run videos

  • What happened to Minecraft

  • 4:24 did any one see the llama on the hill

  • 9:34 “ It was all in the wood” - muselk (that’s what she said)

  • Soooo muselk... fortnite is kinda dying.... so how about you pull a muselk?

  • 3:17 look at his face 😂

  • Muselk “ why am I getting ganged up on “ streamer “why am I getting third partied”

  • Fortnite is still alive?

  • Nick Pedro6622 plataforma Xbox

  • Is it just me or is zombie loot better then loot you find in chests


  • Musulk I’m a better sniper

  • Does anyone notice that when muselk build battles someone , his head moves😄😄

  • Is it just me or dose muselk licks his lips a lot

  • watch mussel's face at 4:36

  • Daaaaaamn that tongue action was HOT

  • Same

  • 8:32 Muselk: I got a lot of health and a lot of shields but no mats Me looking at his health at 52 hp

  • that was a preety good video

  • Muselk tougue action white fighting someone dang bruh

  • I have an idea: The one inventory slot challenge. You only get one inventory slot. You have a shotgun and you find some minis that you would like to hold. Too bad, you can only hold one item in your inventory.Traps count as an item.