The youngest to 1,000: How LeBron and Kobe reached a scoring milestone in their teens

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
How do you score 1,000 NBA points before your 20th birthday? Well, it helps to come into the league really young, which hasn't been possible since 2006. And it also helps to be on a very bad team that *needs* you to score tons of points. These are the stories of the players who checked one of those two boxes, and of course the story of the one player who most emphatically checked both: LeBron James.
LeBron's got basically every record for youngest player to score X number of points, but the exact circumstances of his 1,000-point achievement are worth a deeper dive. That story involves Ricky Davis.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley and Jiazhen Zhang
Motion graphics by Michael Das and Phil Pasternak
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  • Sbnation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a video (preferably Rewind) of the epic comeback for Cavs vs warriors 2016!!! Please!!!! Down 1-3 in the series to beat the best record of all time team!!! I mean the swap (LeBron going home) The comeback ( cavs coming back) the block!, the shot!, and the stop!!! I love this channel

  • I mean, it's impressive, but it'd be more impressive if he didn't have the advantage of coming straight to the NBA.

  • Bottom line...Lebron was the youngest to have the green light since day one AND keep it up without any major injuries or anything to keep him missing a significant amount of games. Kobe was straight from high school BUT he was on training wheels his rookie year & Lakers had Shaq. To this day the consensus is it wasn't Kobe's team til Shaq left. MJ went to UNC AND had foot injury in his 2nd season that sidelined him for most of season. He came back later that season to drop that 63 in Boston during playoffs.

  • congratulations to lebron for reaching 33000pts today

  • kentucky fan here, my ears perked up as someone who doesnt follow NBA at all @ 2:43 i know those names!

  • 0:08 is that Griffin McElroy?

  • how do you generate these cool graphics? old sk00ler who wants to know

  • RJs on Pace to score 1000 by Game 49.

  • If Wilt, Kareem or Jordan entered the NBA after high school... this would be over

  • Where did dude get that "dinosaur" (old ass PC), from? 😂😂

  • Final fantasy 7 music in the background during Durant's part! Awesome!

  • It would be simpler to do Most PTS in least games

  • My MyCareer after 15-20 games

  • I can’t see the league without LeBron :(

  • Just imagine if lebron dont make assist to his team mates he maybe the youngest to ever score 45,000 career points in NBA history., "Yeah it was just a dream.,

  • Great achievement. But many legends played college. And some played 3-4 years. Jordan played 3 years in college. If he had started NBA as a teen. He would be part of this group.

    • @C H A T S P A M K A P P A 1 2 3 Him being very coachable definitely came from college also embracing his role, as he was like the 3rd best player during his 1st yr season as Worthy was his teammate. He would still do well as a one and done but he sure did benifit for going 3 yrs in college. Bird, Magic also made immediate impact coming into the league also shaq they were matured and had developed their games already compared to the one and dones who usually make their impact 2 or 3 yrs later.

    • We wouldnt really know. If mj went early in the nba, he mightve turned into a bust. Maybe some of his college experiences really made whobhe was in the nba.

    • True, thats why this doesnt matter that much. They should count by season in the nba and not by age, not to mention that they have rules which prevents high school players to join the nba for example

  • Bring back melo

  • This dude tripping thinking I smelled bad as a teen.

  • How Lebron and Kobe reached a scoring milestone in their teens? Simple answer: skip college to go straight to the NBA. DUH. Is this really supposed to be interesting? Who cares about this. Rule changes have skewed this "game" badly. Sorry but this video is moronic.

  • No Donovan Mitchell?


  • Explain 6:28 - 6:31

  • Hahahaha Lebron gonna hop on your bandwagon your 17-65 bandwagon ok

  • Kobe should’ve gotten more minutes.

  • Kobe would top the list but his coach was old school and benched him the first two years. I Hate that couch to this day

  • Seth, you the man! 👍🏻

  • Whose ass did you kiss?,😄

  • It also helps to have a super late birthday

  • the young nugget, carmelo anthony

  • Poor Ricky Davis !! Clown

  • even though Lebron entered the league at 18 he was close to 300 days into his 18th year. a majority of the season he was a 19 year old rookie, imagine if Lebron was close to 18 than 19 when he started the league his youngest records would look insane. As it is he is consistently breaking the records a year out.

  • LeBron cameout of high school and only brought ceveland one championship all of those years and one ring. That smdose nit make him the goat he went to Miami and made a superteam and they lost to Dallas and the spurs honestly 2 rings in Miami is a. Dissapitoment. They had a stacked team and barley hot it done if it was not for ray Allen they would of just won one ring so 3 and 6 and if it was not for kyrie coming up big thats another lose and a controversial suspension to green and that could have been another loss but it was not. So still 3 & 6 dose not equal the goat. You can have a the stays to want but he has played longer then Jordan has and Jordan is still the greatest to ever do it and I don't care what anybody says 6&0 is phenomenal. Jordan never choked on the finals and never went to a game 7. 5 games against the Lakers and 6 games to Portland. Phoenix Seattle Utah back to back season and everteam that the bulls beat had HOF players on there teams. LeBron could only win when he has HOF on his team and Jordan had Pippen on his team and rodman. Who is a beast was at the time 35 when he joined the bulls so he was not the same rodman of the. Bad boys. And Pippen was hurt the. The 98 season. And rodman was at the end of his legendary career and Jordan willed that team to victory. And you know that is the truth I witnseed the greatness of Michael Jordan. And then you have LeBron with that stacked Miami team lose to dirk and the role players he had. Around him I know he. Had Jason kid was in his 18 year and they had Jason Terry and Jo Barrera who were role players. And those role players took it to LeBron and he had one of the biggest finals meltdowns if not the biggest meltdown in finals history. Jordan never did that. And that is why Jordan will always be the best he never broke down and showed weakness in the finals he domainted and showed up big in the biggest situations I have nothing against LeBron.he's a great basketball player Just don't compare him to the greatest Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

  • 4.58 is that x files

  • Yes wé mzke it !!!!!!!!!

  • For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time. @t

  • 9:10 weird flex but ok.

  • Could you stop explaining with a game its so annoying

  • LeBron is the most overrated trash player ever.

  • Yea ik a kid the hit his 1000th point in his 7th grade season😤😂

  • I just watched this at 1.25 speed unknowingly and it sounded normal lmao.

  • “Like... a little bit of kissing” 💀💀💀

  • Oh just the GOAT breaking other records

  • Lebron>Jordan

  • Jordan dont have that he going to pass jordan on scoring list

  • 0:18 is everybody just gonna ignore the backcourt violation he committed here?

  • The Cavs had two all stars I'm Zeke and boozer. do better

  • Fun fact: Carlos boozer, darius miles, and Ricky Davis have scored a combined 28,395 in career points. LeBron has 32,543 by himself............ So yeah they didn't need that kid 🤣

  • You should people who won the finals mvp without winning

  • Carmelo Anthony was younger than me and had scored 1000 points. Meanwhile I call number 1 draft picks weeaboos from the pep band, who then destroyed my team's 23 point lead.

  • Downvoted. Simply b/c ya put "youngest to 1,000" in the title when both lebron and kobe went to the NBA straight from high school. Only idiots praise these 2 guys for "youngest ever to reach blah blah blah." The way these players should be measured or compared to other players is by # of games played. Duh. Retards praised kobe for passing jordan on the all time scoring list even tho it took kobe 300+ more games to pass MJ"s point career point total.

  • Early jersey chew by the Mamba @3:40 😳

  • Lebron scored a thousand points in my exact birthday

  • Idea: High score for blown saves in a season for a relief pitcher. You need to be good enough or useful enough to keep being put in pressure situations just to keep blowing them. And for some reason they just keep trotting you out there.

    • All_That_Chaz that's a really good one. You might like foolish baseball's strikeout video if you haven't seen it before. He's no Jon Bois, but he's the closest thing I can think of. Nice suggestion.

  • Episode idea-pitchers who rake. See who has the best batting average minus opponents' batting average against him

  • 9:11 you don't gotta lie

  • Can you do rewind of Deandre Jordan's dunk on Brandon Knight

  • Good thing they’re about to lower the age limit to 18 soon

  • Sweet cheek? Pause


  • Do messi and ronaldo rivalry