The Young Thug Interview

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
I have always dreamed of interviewing Young Thug. I finally got my chance last week at Wireless fest in London. I just asked and he shrugged and said okay. We discussed some new artists he's excited about including Juice Wrld, Lil Keed and Lil Nas X, if Thug would really make a good president, what it's like having succeeded on such a level, thoughts on his early record deals and much more. Enjoy!
Recorded at Wireless Festival in London, UK.

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  • subscribe we getting close to 3 million!!! SHOUT OUT TO THUG THE GOAT

    • @STP 09 Thug the real Goat tho

    • Lots of G.O.A.T.S. these days...

  • Love thugger, but yeah he seems hella tweaking rn

  • Brother Higher than a Spaceship..Thats Coke or Crack for sure..or he coming down off something bloody hell man.

  • Dat boy geekn.

  • nigga said simplarize, i love my president

  • That coke gooooooooodd

  • Thug is a closet homo lmfao

  • Lol you got damn RIGHT thats something a bitch a DO "fuck ME Daddy"... so leave it to the Bitches

  • The way thug was uncomfortable in this interview reminds me on how fidgety I was always moving around when I used to get really high on weed😂

    • Ezabian I knew I wasn’t the only one lmaooo.

    • choasspear101 bruh same😂

  • Every like is how many mg’s of Molly Thuggery was on

  • Love when Adam feels that he needs to make it clear he doesn't like Trump... Scared he would lose his fan base if he dared to not bow down to nutjob democrats. Something in that California water/air that makes yall idiots.

  • This is y thug is my favorite artist

  • Best interview by far..

  • Had to wear the dress cuz I had a stick


  • Do you feel for taylor swift? Nigga you gave the worst interview Ive ever seen 😂😂😂

  • It's funny the way he keeps fidgeting and moving anyone who didn't know him would think he's coked out but that's just who he is, high energy poring out of him.

    • Listen to Nothing Cheap by Strick & Young Thug

  • Even adam was confused the whole time

    • Listen to All The Time by Young Thug

  • 13:05 imagine having so much knowledge and information that could elevate millions of souls, but not being able to speak on it. Because when you do actually try to speak on it, sheep like Adam are so asleep that a wooden fork is more interesting. And y’all wonder why thug is fidgeting so much? He’s fidgeting because he knows he got tricked into sacrificing so much of himself, to live a lifestyle that isn’t even even fulfill him. His soul is literally burning within him to the point where even drugs cant take his mind off of his circumstance. Just like he said throughout this interview, he’s a “superstar” now, so there’s certain shit that he cant say. I kinda feel bad for him but I can’t fully sympathize because he did it to himself. And he’s still doing it as I type this comment, and as you read this comment he’s still self destructing, and there are many many more celebrities in his predicament right now

    • Scorpsun Cancmoon underrated comment

  • The comments section of this video 😂😂 I love thugga tho

  • this nigga coked up smh

  • cocaine is one helluva drug

  • Young thug “I can’t say whatever I wanna say because I’m a super star” Also young thug “If cops come I put that crack in my crack”

    • Listen to Your Generosity by Young Thug & Gunna

    • Daniel דניאל ....or... I put dat brack in my brack

  • hes braindead

  • What language is this

  • "Had to wear the dress, cuz I had the stick."

    • Listen to Ha Ha by Young Thug when u wearing a dress

  • 16:40 why thug wore a dress

  • Thugger - “what year lollipop drop Random - “2008” Thugger - “he gonna be like the 2009 wayne” Told him the year and still said the wrong date 😂

    • He said the right year, he was using lollipop as a reference...

    • @Percs frfr

    • Wop Wop it go hard

    • Listen to Perc by Young Thug

  • He thought future was gonna dap him up 😂

  • Wauww he is so cute and pure like a baby!!^^^^😇🤗

  • Yo what's the song at the end

  • the interview was sponsored by cocaine

  • No judgment💯

  • Im getting coked up just looking at him

  • i like this dude

  • Adam when you going to grow up? It's so cringe watching a grown man faun over other grown men.

    • Young thug and these other people aren’t just “grown men”. they’re huge stars in human form. Just a “grown man” can’t walk out in public and have dozens and dozens of people gravitate to him. A “grown man” can’t bring out 100,000 people to a show. Takes a special kinda being. I’d love to see you come across a star, Like say Tupac, or Michael Jackson, or Eminem etc and not get star struck or even a little nervous.

  • People standards for wordplay low as hell this man really said Juice WRLD rap with punchlines and metaphors lmfao people will call anything wordplay nowadays or my standards for wordplay must be too high from listening to Eminem and Wayne so much

  • I bet a bag thug can sit still for longer then 1min..

  • Adam was waiting on thug to introduce him to future

  • How we not gonna talk about how BILLIE EILISH isn’t on No Jumper

  • this type of interview at this time is the same as getting a jay z interview. adam22 goated at this interview shit

  • Eyes red

  • i can't believe young thug just made us realize he puts more thought into his decisions than our president. LMAO

  • ...This nigga got me with headache, why you don’t talk chill Ma man , da boy moving at 90 bpm

  • So He Names the Album “So Much Fun” lmaoo

  • Adam is a Genius with how he handles everything🙏🏽

  • Most uncomfortable interview yet Flipping his locks like becky flips her hair Just rap don't do interviews

  • I get anxiety from the all the moving thug is doin

  • Intriguing

  • Legend has it thug still can’t sit still

  • Young Thug for prez !

  • He ain’t have this energy when Cuban doll was in the room. He was letting his nuts hang in that interview. He kissing ass in this one . I hate when dudes walk over women and then bitch up when niggas walk in the room. And his interviews aren’t that good .

  • Molly, Coke, or Adderall ? Which one he on?

  • This made me understand and respect Thug more!

  • Inspirational clip ‼️

  • Nobody: Young thug arms: ⇨⇧⇩⇦⏩⏪⏬⏫🔼🔽⏺➿♏♍♐🙌👈👇👆👉✋

  • Pretty sure hes on meth the way hes flexin around in that chair

  • Imma stick to Thugger songs only, interviews is confusing me. Just like the 1st one he ever did

  • Nigga said keed my son😭😭😭

  • geeked above capacity