The WORST Toddler & Parent Tantrums Ever! | Toddlers And Tiaras

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2017
Watch some of the worst tantrums from the show, and we don't just mean the children!
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  • I blam all these moms because they are bad moms

  • You asked if I’m beautiful but I’m always beautiful More like You asked if I’m ugly But I’m always ugly That’s for sure about her

  • revolting. the kids as well as the "adults".

  • This man is armed with a goat haha, they got me.

  • that ladys husband is hiding something from her y'all know who I'm talking about🤣

  • Why are toddlers wearing make - up 😠 !!!

  • Brenna: a blonde Veruca Salt but more annoying, rude and spoiled who treated her parents like slaves. Sesyle: a 3 year old wanting to be a normal kid but is forced to do a pageant she doesn't want to do. The dad with the goat and his wife: A bunch of douchebags who treats their child like an employee and insults other MacKenzie: A brown haired version of Brenna mixed with AnnaKIDStv a girl who is exploited and spoiled by her mom

  • The first girl was FULLY filled with a tun of makeup and her dress was over the top

  • Give me some time 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • At the same time the mom was rlly rude to trap her but I get it

  • 4:09 the parents are tryna spoiled their child

  • Ron and Kelly are so rude! What the hell is Ron and Kelly doing being a flipping goat in!

  • 😧+😤=😲

  • She's so stupid and she's not beautiful girl

  • I hate that bad worse mother that put het kid into a dark room shes a fuking bitch i hate her she needs to get arrested you cant handel with a kid like that kids have no choice that bitch

  • I'll be honest, I don't think children should have lipstick, it does look normal in adult women, but it is a bit gross when people put it on children...

  • This is probably the most spolied kid ever!!!!!

  • The ultimate Karen 0:50

  • Man seems like all the little pageant girls are all bratty

  • Teenoddler: bad mood and idiot af at the same time

  • Brenna is so rude

  • 2:22 holly pasta thats child abuse

  • they should have give her some time to calm down

  • Little child: "get away from me!!!" Also little child: *bEcaMe Le sOniC-*

  • Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahaahhahahaha

  • Are you beautiful? Yes i am always beauti fool!

  • There so precious 😂😭

  • The beginning always cracks me up

  • "Give me some ti-... becau-"

  • This will make a good condom commercial.

  • Why is she cussing in front of an 8 year old? That’s not classy. Pick up the poop and deal with it.

  • That mum at the end was not fucking around 😂😂 I believe she would’ve done that to the woman if she was in her home state lmao

  • She looks like the next lil tay but she dose beauty

  • Who tf does this to their kid 🤦🏻‍♀️ parents be complaining but it's legit there fault

  • the camera man is invading their privacy.

  • Poor girls!

  • Thw first girl you are ugly you dont need to look butiful😐

  • Toddlers are so stressed nowadays.

  • This girl is not and will never be beautiful

  • if i was that six year olds mom i would NOT tolerate her wearing makeup. And since she is so rude to her parents like when said "DADDY GET ME A SNACK! PRONTO!!" like oh my GOD FRICK NO!!

  • She has a cracked voice bruh 😂

  • That girl is stupid

  • U raised your children as spoiled brats CONGRATULATIONS

  • OMG

  • What the bleep I would not allow my kid to boss me around cause guess what the parents are the boss not the child

  • Why is there a *GOAT*

  • Who do ya blame A. The Parents B. THE SPOILED LITTLE BRAT

  • This what I called diva parents.. Bunch of nobody's trying act like a damn celebrity.. My burit.

  • Memes entered

  • Omg

  • She has stimulation....! The symptoms are Spoiled

  • Nah ur ugly

  • 2:25, that must of been painful

  • Everyone is Talking about the Kids, but did. Nobody noticed the goat? (btw. On 2:45)

  • Let the kids be kids!

  • Tim the camera man is a good guy at recording things

  • Oh god. The worst is that the parents are like: sHe nEeDs A bWeAk! Your the one who need the break.

  • Those toddlers: Wearing makeup and dresses being followed by cameras. Me: Slobbers over cuddly toy

  • The first child I think you should have said yes to the question cuz when the cameraman said are you beautiful and then the spoiled brat just said yes I am beautiful I mean you could have just ran away to be screaming Daddy Daddy but you could have just said a simple answer be like yes I am beautiful but going up to your parents and we like there's there's a God got Beauty

  • I mean kids get spoiled from parents they not like that natural parents want to they won so they always thinking the queen/king