The WORST Toddler & Parent Tantrums Ever! | Toddlers And Tiaras

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2017
Watch some of the worst tantrums from the show, and we don't just mean the children!
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  • umm is anyone gonna point out the dad in the pink shirt is CLEARLY gay?

  • What i see is Spoiled brats. I feel sorry for the children with parents like this clearly they do not know the difference between a todler and a teenager

  • 0:27 Me when my responsibilities are catching up on me.

  • Dude Erica’s eyebrows

  • The Dad with the goat is 100% a closet case!!!

  • The cameras need to leave the kids. I get the kids are so annoying and spoiled, but give them some space.

  • 2:23-2:26 *girl falls* Music: *puts disco music* Bruh! That's Savage

  • That second girl was literally SHOVED by her mother into the "timeout room" like WHO SHOVES THEIR CRYING 3 YEAR OLD INTO A ROOM WHERE THEY LOCK HER IN? *If she cries, she cries!" Well you're gonna give your child trust issues and that's Your fault so don't blame anyone else when she grows up to hate you.

  • oh my god

  • Child abuse

  • First 3 scenes. 1. Mother tells daughter she’s not beautiful. 2. Mother locks daughter in room. 3. Mothers fight over goat sh*t.

  • This is child abuse

  • is it wrong to call the 1st brat ugly af?

  • *why does he have a g o a t ?*

  • Wtf is this theyre all just abusing their child

  • Bruh I kept clearing my throat

  • She talks like she’s tipsy

  • Wow that second lady must watch super nanny because she knows the 1 minute per age trick... but it’s still not ok to push your kids down like that

  • Y’all should have told the first brat that she wasn’t going to be on the show lmao. The way her family was treating the camera crew when they signed up for a this show like calm down

  • Melissa looks like the "sHe'S nOt A cHrIsTiAn!!!" Woman lmao

  • Entitled parent taste like a mossy cheese

  • Spoiled kid taste like spoiled milk

  • It not funny joke 4:14

  • These parents always look like crack heads

  • Moms like that are stupid

  • the woman should have said you are beautiful not are you beautiful also i was so anoyed when the camra man was chasing her around like that he needs to chill and give her some space i would be scard to if a random man was chacing me around with a camra

  • I would love to fly kick the first girl and her parents Sorry but it’s true 😐

  • Ok let’s get something straight, this girl throws her kid onto a matt,covers her nose and mouth,pushes her down?? The problem is the perants I don’t think all the kids but the first girl wants to dance and there moms are making them and btw ALERT mean camera man chasing a little girl screaming pls get away from me >:/



  • The hairstylist at the end was super rude to the mother. Much respect to the mother for not losing her temper because I would have knocked the bitch out.

  • White kids are spoiled it’s disgusting they need they ass beat they don’t respect their parents and think everything is entitled to them .they leave their parents in the nursing home when their old and only call them on holidays and sometimes they feel like it how pathetic they don’t raise kids good

  • 2:43 why the Kentucky fried fuck did the mom bring a goat to a pageant thingy

  • Gotta be the most spoiled kids I’ve ever seen

  • If I ever talked to my mom or any adult person like that I wouldn’t be alive to write this comment 😂😂💀

  • What’s wrong with this people????

  • 0:28 now there’s a toddler running through a lobby screaming being chased by a camera crew I wonder what that must’ve looked like

  • How to talc Ik named this video: the worst toddler and parent tantrums ever How I name this video: how not to raise your kids

  • Omg these moms they are loosing it the second one poor girl she is sooooooo young why do that to a child she is crying and that mom leaves and locks her in a room at least give the kids support please at least the kids are turning into brats

  • She looks like she has down syndrome

  • What the Hell

  • I will like to acttack them all

  • Haha Queen

  • Wait until she becomes teen n the parents will regret their action

  • "OH she needs time to breath that's all" WHAT DO U MEAN?!?!? THAT GIRL IS what 5 YEARS OLD? And the mom is treating her like she is fricken 15. I'm cunfuzzled

  • She looks like Kim Kardashian no wonder the turtles don’t like her

  • «The Learning Channel»

  • What did i just watched?!!

  • Seriously what makes these kids think they can act like that you know a old fashion spanking would fix this

  • this is not kids vs kids it parents vs parents

  • screw that first girl or do i dare say bitch LOL

  • This is America at its worst.

  • the perfect way of how not to raise a child

  • Baby pageants must be illegal. Period. Fuck you parents ! Fuck you all

  • What the fuck is wrong with you parents your baby daughters look like a prostitutes , disgusting

  • She a freaking brat

  • Who's here because of messyourself

  • Worst. Moms. EVER!

  • mackenzie is sort of like idk.. drunk or high, in not very sure. honestly can't differentiate

  • These mothers are a bunch of disgraceful cunts. An embarrassment to all parents