THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013): A Satirical Masterpiece - A Video Essay

Pubblicato il 5 set 2017
In this week's video, we delve into Martin Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and how it perfects satire.
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  • Gosh I was one of the guys loving Margot Robbie and loving Jordan Belfort one thing I've appreciated about Margot in this movie though is how her character is the stereotypical trophy wife to Belfort but as the film progresses she develops and fuck when Belfort hits her it gets me everytime

  • only low iq idiots didnt realise trump will become the president.

  • 2:42

  • @5:35... No,U Fucking Idiot.. The Flick Was Based On Thee Portrail Of The Times, 1978~1988..etc. ....There Were'nt Many African~American Kats, On The Front~Lines, Of Thee Greed In America... aka "Wall Street Brokers." .... CEO's Corporate Executives. Etc. Keep In Your Mind, From 1900~1920''z 2 NOW... Billionaires... & Trillionairs, Went From 4.... Ta Almost 1,000... About 864.... I Can Guarantee You, They're White... One Of Them, & Their Families Baught & Own 4,Out Of 6 Major Media Corporations. ABC ... NBC .... CBS .... Etc. Railroad Owners, Union Pacific Railroad, Etc. , Adesta Communications, Qwest Communucations, AT&T.. CoxCommunications, Duke Power.... They're All White Owned, U Name~It,They Own~It.... Still Prevalent 2Day.... It's Only OBVIOUS. IN OTHER WORDS... IT WAS AN ABSOLTE ACCURATE DEPICTION... NOT PREDICTION... OF WHAT SWIMMING IN AN ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE, WOULD LOOK~LIKE, FROM AN "OUT~OF~THE~ HOT~BOX,PERSPECTIVE..

  • You're such a dipshit.

  • You seem to have forgotten that this movie has nothing to do with trump at all

  • This is the ideal movie for discussion. Everyone will have different opinions on the morals presented, the characters and the time.

  • The trump comparisons are totally on point. Anyone who thinks that movies analysis should be devoid of politics or that movies exist in a vacuum is honestly deluded. Nothing is apolitical. If the subtextual comparisons weren’t enough, having them fight in front of Trump Tower spells it out.

  • terrible

  • You know you are born in the wrong time when people like Jordan gets glorified

  • I don’t think it is a so much an indictment of capitalism. More a warning about equating everything to if and how profitable something is. Implying every problem is solved with money. I also think it champions the checks and balances which keep greed in check. It tries, successfully I believe, to show the officials who do this vital job as doing an often thankless and unglamorous job. Notice two of the most popular scenes are the FBI agent scoffing at Jordan’s bribe and when the FBI finally charge in and manhandle the brokers same as they would any common criminal. To the audiences credit, I believe that the majority goes away from the movie amused and a bit envious of Jordan’s lifestyle but still admiring and appreciating the guys like Agent Denham. Even as he rides the subway with his ‘sweaty balls’. I may get an involuntary smile watching the brokers hijinks no matter how amoral but I also get chills when Agent Denham finally gets his man and brings the house of cards down. It’s not wanton capitalism that makes America work. It’s capitalism regulated by the unimpeachable.

  • This essay sucked so much ass

  • I don’t even like trump and I’m rolling my eyes at the “trump foreshadowing” you think this movie is

  • The folks who claim to be fans of the movie and also identify as Trump supporters really are missing a big piece of the movie's social commentary

    • I've been reading the comments and it's like the moment he said Trump they're we're all like OH WELP FUCK YOU BRAD THIS 'VIDEO ESSAY' AS U DARED TO CALL IT SUCH IS BULLSHIT like ????? It's not even THIS WOULDVE BEEN A GOOD COMMENTARY IF IT WERENT SO POLITICAL Trump's name was mentioned like less than 10 times how did they reach that conclusion the whole video is now apparently tarnished bc he said Trump like wtf

  • Orange man bad!

  • General audiences aren’t understanding the message of the film however When reviewers say it’s glorifying the lifestyle more than its critiquing it, whether or not that’s actually true of the filmmakers intentions, it still rings true for most average citizens. I love movies and I love finding out what a film is trying to tell me, but that isn’t the case with the average moviegoer, especially when the phrase “turn your brain off” has become rampant with other blockbusters, making the perception of these films entirely come from the surface level Films influence people, and it’s the filmmakers job to make sure they’re getting the right message across, I don’t think The Wolf Of Wall Street did this

  • runs out of things to say insert weak Trump reference, because as we all know Trump is the evilest man in history go back to the drawing board, please makes me cringe quite a lot how so many channels and comedians do this like its a massive 1-0 over everyone and news flash this is a film based on an autobiography so if anything wouldn't it, jeez idk be better to compare it to Jordan and all that he did instead of picking on Trump coz you're a pussy and have nothing useful to say.

  • Why does he keep talking about trump?

  • yeah you're an idiot if you think trump hates minorities considering he's won awards for helping us and has created more jobs and lowered unemployment rates, especially among black americans.

  • Do you, and I know I'm reaching here, but do you by chance not like Donald Trump?

  • Trump's rise to power and how he views minorities 🤣 can you stop there please.

  • I'd give this essay a D 😳

  • I really disagreed with this analysis. I don't think Scorsese wanted you to like the main character or to forget about the bad things he had done. Any scene where someone praised Belfort was done in such a ridiculous way so as to point out how ridiculous the thought that Belfort was in the right was. Scenes taking place outside of trump tower literally just seems like a setting that is known to the audience for it's extravagance not because people thought badly of trump. No one really thought badly of trump until he ran for office. Interesting video but I think you're talking your personal belief that Americans aspire to be rich jerks and stretching it to fit a complete satire.

  • Bad.

  • Mmmm better be careful with the politics but good video #MAGA

  • This video would be good if it wasn’t so political for no reason...

  • GREAT video essays

  • Take your fucking biased politics out of my video essay. This had nothing to do with trump, they were outside of trump tower because having an apartment there was a huge symbol of status and power. I'm not even a trump fan, but you fucking disgust me

  • A lot of people don’t get GTA is satire either. I think that a lot of times satire just goes over people’s’ heads

  • Really doesn’t have many similarities to trump seeing as he’s never drank alcohol or done drugs and has always said that. He’s lived a rich life but isn’t really anywhere near DiCaprios character in this movie even as a parody

  • you talked so much about how we understand belforts character yet for a video with an agenda against trump, you still talk of trump in a two dimensional way

    • because he has an agenda and can only parrot what he's seen on cnn

  • These trump comparisons are so unnecessary.

    • @Gibbypastrami fair point but personally I think that an analysis of a film shouldn't be a place to further a political opinion. My comment wasnt meant as an attack on him or a criticism and I don't have much of an opinion on trump it was simply meant as a personal observation.

    • @tm fam probably because this guy doesnt like Trump, the video is pretty much saying that Jordan is an asshole, narrator also thinks Trump is an asshole, both are business men who embody the American Dream: comparison

    • @Gibbypastrami I understand that they are both successful people who embody the American dream. But if that's your justification for comparing the two then why not Bill Gates or Steve jobs or any major American business man . There personalities are not similar. So if success is the only legitimate comparison why single out Trump.

    • @kelly r yes legitimate. What else would you call it?

    • @Hi How Are You? "Legitimate businessman"

  • you really think there were a lot of blacks on wallstreet don’t you? very smart guy

  • US Capitalism and the violence it produces has been a problem long before trump. There’s more of an historical thru line to the housing bubble, which I’d have to guess Scorsese was considering when he made the movie. I’d also pose the question, is satire effective if a large portion of its audience can’t recognize it as satire? I don’t have a particularly good answer to that question, and maybe it very much depends on the medium and the audience

  • I like the video good job. Keep it up

  • Bro do you even know about politics and trump Because everything you say is opinion

  • What song is at like 4:50?

  • orange man bad

  • I’m so sick of hearing trump please just shut the fuck up about that and make your point on the movie

  • First off the black shit wasn’t bad if you actually read the book you’d know why certain people are black and white the politics in this video makes it bad as it’s not about politics and he fucking lived in trump tower you idiot

  • you do realise when you call people who voted for trump "degenerates" that's calling almost half the population of USA degenerates, most of which are business owners and the primary sector producers of products like food which are necessities.

  • This analysis is incredible - but I must say that in the actual book of WOWS (written by Belfort) he really did have a black chauffeur (called George) and a black maid (can't remember her name). He was also charismatic in the absolute extreme in real life. Interesting.

  • Started really good the turned into a political rant

  • Why did you call trumps family degenerates?

  • Another reason the critics who bashed this as glorification are retarded. Its Martin fucking Scorsese, one of the greatest directors ever. If he's making a film about money, it's not just to glorify money.

  • Quit with the political shit, I just want a film analysis, not your opinions on politics

  • There are so many people in the comments who sound like they didn't actually pay attention to the video and the points made. One mention of something political and their brains shut off, they accuse you of intentional bias and stretching certain things while completely ignoring anything stated in the essay. "Great video until it got *political*" "Everything you said was right except the stuff about *Trump*" came up so often without any reason. Every point in the video, while admittedly not without debate, made sense. People will sit and whine about everything being so political, but it's in everything, and reviews like this shouldn't be penalized for acknowledging that

  • This movie isn't satirical. My dad worked on wall street when this was happening. Most of this stuff actually happened. Of the stuff that happened in the office, little person throwing was the only thing that my dad said didn't happen in his firm. The most unbelievable parts of this movie actually happened. That's what makes it so crazy.

  • Wolf of Wall Street is the goodfellas of the 10’s with different subject matter but same style

  • Oh my god, is this a movie review or a stab at Trump. Make up your mind.

  • this a great video

  • 0:37 yes American psycho.

  • I didn’t tune in to this video to check on someone’s biased political views. who gives a fuck about Donald Trump what a waste of a video. Unsubscribed and unfollowed

  • *Bandwagon Liberals:* Donald Trump is only the president to get wealthy! How could you support a billionaire in office? He's clearly just an elite oligarch. He only cares about money! *Also Bandwagon Liberals:* Hillary Clinton, a member of one of the most powerful, wealthy oligarchical dynasties in America? Hell yeah! George Soros, a man far wealthier than Donald Trump and with his fingers in the pie of almost every government on the planet? Sure! Obama, who went into office worth a few hundred thousand and left worth millions? Can't see any reason not to! The host of millionaire celebrities, news anchors, Hollywood execs, career politicians, dynastic oligarchs, corrupt spies, and extremists that openly hate Donald Trump because he's "not part of their clique,?" Fuck it, sounds great! All these people being revealed as members of sex cults like NXVIM, corrupt elitist groups like the college admissions scam lot, having close ties to members of KKK, ISIS, MS-13, the Ukrainian Government, or Haitian sex traffickers, being revealed as actual sex offenders like Anthony Wiener, or getting hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars from George Soros? Haha, must be a coincidence! Trump is still the evil elitist oligarch and we're the #resistance! You people are hilariously out of line.

  • It is not a satire. Scorsese specializes in shining a light on the dark corners of our society. This protagonist is no hero. He is a crook with an interesting story to tell. What makes Scorsese great is that he can tell the story without making the protagonist seem like the hero

  • Careful kid your bias is showing

  • Forcing a political agenda killed any chance of further viewings. The views are wrong and distasteful. Good movie...bad reviewer.

    • @Tacit Ronin good job assuming that enjoyment or engagement is lost simply because I could notice ideas and concepts more complex than "greed". If anything drawing and seeing parallels between our world and the world portrayed by the movie made it a more enjoyable experience

    • Saysthe one who goes on the attack the moment they are uncomfortable lmao. Its ok to be angry buddy. Enjoy your life and know that you have managed to miss the best parts lol good luck @Faluzure

    • @Tacit Ronin Never did I say that bringing politics into something did not indicate bias, that's something you made up, or are genuinely too clueless to understand. I said it does not automatically indicate a bias. The movie itself may not have forced a political objective but that does not mean that a political narrative was not present at all. Movies aren't always so simple just because the average viewer is. The movie is more than capable of focusing on the simple aspects you outlined while also exploring everything mentioned in this video essay. Again no one is saying Trump is the root of all evil, that's another exaggeration you've slipped in thinking people wouldn't take issue with, but there are parallels to be bridged, but that does not show a bias. If you call attention to the similarities in something evil mixed with something political that doesn't make it a bias, that just makes it a simple down the line parallel. P.S. nice usage of a buzz word to take away from any real discussion

    • So Steven Colbert and Alex Jones's shows are not politically motivated...according to your logic? The movie itself had no political objective. It's focus was to be on greed and it's pitfalls and also on how to manipulate a complex tax system. Saying the President is the cause for all evil in American and bridging a similarity is, in it's self, showing bias. @Faluzure P.S. saying the movie was "WOKE" before it was a thing, is another example of reaching

    • @Tacit Ronin Bringing politics into a review doesn't automatically indicate some sort of political agenda or bias, in a movie like WoW the underlying tones and messages are indicative of various political points. You disagreeing with objective views regarding political connections doesn't make them any less real, nor does it make them wrong. You're letting your own political bias seep into your own comment

  • Interesting how we dragged Trump into this but ok

  • Ummm ok

  • I'd just like to clarify something that none of you seem to have clocked, the issue with the trump comments isn't that it's political its that it makes no fuckin sense. Just cuz the current president of the US is a rich, racist dickwad doesn't mean he ties into the film who's cast is mostly dispicable people. It's like when people say antifa are fascist cuz they use authoritarian tactics like the brownshirts, both groups are dickwads acting in similarly dickish ways but they both exist in a different context and commentary about one doesn't nesesarily translate to the other.