The Weeknd: "Blinding Lights"

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
You won't believe your eyes as The Weeknd performs "Blinding Lights" for the first time on night two of his Late Show takeover. #Colbert #BlindingLights #TheWeeknd
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  • 1:20 me when I see a dead cockroach

  • He is so flawless ✨

  • I’m telling my kids that he sang in the 80’s 🤣

  • A-ha is here😂very good song, voice wow

  • Michael Jackson‘s lost son?


  • The longer it goes the more he is out of key. Superstar?

  • Anyone who grew up in the 80s can appreciate that 80s keyboard vibe in this song . That said I fucking love the weekend . He’s a bad motherfucker!!!

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Wow!! Love it!!

  • Even better then the studio

  • Best song of 2020!

  • this felt 3D! wow

  • 80's vibe 😎

  • Крутяк!

  • Been there, I want to go back every time i listen

  • This boy can sing.

  • he got confused in the minute 2:41, he was going to say "I'm drowning in the night" instead of "I'm blinded by the lights. So he sang both lines at the same time.

  • There is weeknd Then there is lil pump

  • Wow he's amazing 80s is back here 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • This is my favorite!

  • Memories of a acid trip with this song

  • Now here we have a talented artist. Not some post malone shit

  • Actually think this maybe one of my favourite song of all time. It is instantly addictive

  • This guy is sooo talented ❤️🔥

  • Damn he has so much ease on those high notes

  • he eat the CD

  • Sound like the 80s.

  • 1:20 do you hear that note he hit? Name another artist right now who can do that besides the weeknd. This man is one of a kind and will go down as a legend✨🙌🏾

    • Alves Gomes the only One is mika but i prefer wknd

  • If they make the new GTA in vice city again they better use this song in their trailer reveal.

  • Let me set the scene with this song: You're on a mission. You don't like what you're about to do... But goddamn it, you're the best there is to do it.

  • make some snoinvmentz? 2:48

  • Intro GTA VI Vice City 😎

  • When is the video for this gonna drop?

  • catchy tune

  • A glad it's number 1

  • The BEST 🦋🥀💖

  • One of worlds best live performers

  • you can feel it's hard for him not to mimic MJ 0:25

  • what an amazing song. thank you very much for this song.

  • Jackson 5 era MJ meets A-Ha. The perfect 80s hit :D

  • "Jump" oops the audience are sitting Lol. Good song though

  • Awesome

  • 80's pop like Michael Jackson vs. AHA ...

  • Is I am colour blind??

  • Que chingona canción 😉👍🏼🍻, hermanos desde México bien ochentera.

  • OMG. It's fantastic performance. Live but even better than single.

  • That moment 1:41 ❤️

  • 3:14 somehow emotional

  • damn, he is so good live!! Rare to find nowadays...

  • Il a vraiment une trop belle voix ❌💯♥️

  • Love this. 80's vibe. Rod Stewart "young turks."

  • everyone is like omg heartless is so good but actually this song is so much better am i right?

  • I’m crying oh my god😭😍

  • Alphaville "Sounds like a melody". Great Weeknd!!

  • 2:55 omg my weave can rip now.


  • Just brilliant !

  • why is the audience just sitting there??? :( :(

  • This could easily be the official music video❤️