The Warriors are neck-and-neck with the Lakers if Klay comes back healthy - Mike Greenberg | Get Up

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg weigh in on Ramona Shelburne’s suggestion that the Golden State Warriors are being overlooked as title contenders next season.
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  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the warriors basically steamrolled the league without KD? This team literally only loses because of health. That’s literally it.

  • On November 21 curry injured dlo injured worst record in the league people now think they are a g league team

  • Steph curry they gone kill every time let's go

  • Bang let's get this ship bang

  • They will not flip D-Lo they will have the best shooting/passing team in the league they will move the ball like crazy. And they have front court depth now all the need is for Looney to turn that corner and solidify himself as a force down low and be a soldier double double guy same with WC Stein. They need to stop playing and release Glenn Robinson Jr and pick up Melo.

  • hhahahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaah

  • Trust me as long as Steph klay dramond stay, Lakers have no chance. Mark my word

  • Kevon looney and Willie Cauley stein for upfront shotblocking

  • The warriors are gonna be soo smooth this year. Just watch!!!

  • How do ppl forget that like a month ago they swept that blazers and everyone was saying they’re better WO KD. All they’ve done since that is add another all star and Willie Cauley Stein. Keep sleeping, I’ll bet on the proven champs

  • Sure in the West the Lakers, Clippers and Rockets all improved but they only improved on paper. Will the changes transit onto the court? Only time will tell. Warriors new additions- D Russ and WCS can play and you can bet the farm Lacob, Myers and Kerr will be looking for ways to further improve them. Don't count them out.

  • No they are not

  • DLo can low key be the 6th man of the year.

  • If the Warriors wanted KD to stay, they would've handled the KD/DG dust up much better. They would've come down harder on DG. Not doing that, and the owner saying he want DG to be a Warrior for life, pretty much showed KD the door. They didn't really want KD to stay. He took up too much spotlight for the rest of the team to handle.

  • DLo for Andrew Wiggins or Otto porter Jr.

  • Nope!

  • Never a fan of the warriors but now that everyone is overlooking them i hope they spoil the party for teams in the playoffs next season. Man if they can keep lebron away from a finals appearance that would bring a smile to my face

  • I think defensively with klay they aren’t as good anymore. Offensively they will always be good, but who knows maybe a young gun steps up

  • Trade Dlo for Westbrook?!?! Just imagine Westbrook on KD be like “Now I’m on your former team bitch”

  • WCS!!!

  • Please stop smoking crack acl ain’t going to be the same player at least for a whole season

  • Right the warriors gonna kick the Lakers ass once klay Thompson gets back...they just reloaded with younger and better players...

  • Warriors also lost Iguodala. The rosters across the nba will be different from previous seasons. I think they may struggle to make the playoffs without Klay

  • stfu.... you gave up 81 points to Kobe.... warriors are trash....

  • Jalen rose always fckng wrong whats the matter with this dude think he knows everything!

  • What? Warriors won't even see the Lakers from their rear view mirrors.

  • warriros please bring back ia clark, and vince carter for bench

  • Jalen, good take brother but we did not know who was going to play quality minutes for them years ago until, boom! Dray showed up after Lee's injury. We did not know who to trade, Steph or the other young man years ago. Steph stayed and boom! it happened for five years in a row. Andre bounced around the league as a star I must admit, joined the Warriors and really became a bigger star with the warriors. Javel Maggee was a sideshow for Shaq until he joined the Warriors. Now there is a plan to start with Javel alongside greats like LBJ and AD. Of all the analysis, we don't know if the Warriors helped KD win or if KD helped the Warriors win. You know, for years, KD, and I love KD, has had several opportunities to hit game-winning threes on LBJ, somehow it ended up happening when he joined the Warriors. Ramona is got to be the most talented analysist on ESPN. There is a scientific angle to what she says on ESPN. I see what she sees, and anyone underestimating an organization like the Warriors that know how to win may be proven wrong. Looking for defenders for the Warriors, wait for Burks, Willie, and Spellman in that system. I am telling you, anyone who makes the NBA is a star player and can do it all if only the system will bring their talent out. Wait for Steve Kerr's magic.

  • Trade dlo to Minnesota for Covington and okogie

  • All of this Warriors hate, is really Steph Curry hate. He doesn't look and play like the superstars that we are used to. There are so many trolls that are tired of seeing the Warriors winning and want to take them down a peg. Let's be clear, Steph Curry makes every team a playoff team.

  • Livingston wasn’t even good anymore

  • Ad and Lebron or Kawhi and playoff P?

  • As long as teams are allowed to foul steph and klay, but Steph and klay can’t be as physical back, they will never win. The league spoke, it wants lebron to win, it blames the warriors for his losses. I expect a big market team in LA or New York to win. Oh an no one wants to watch harden flop and shoot freethrows.

  • considering a healthy klay... this team is basically the same team that beat houston in game 6 on the road, swept portland, and made it to the finals.. the main swap is iguodala for dlo.. a drop in defense but a gain in offense...

  • He didnt even mention Willie??? Lol the 24 year old 7 footer that averaged 12 points 8 boards 4 assists......... him and russell were huge aquisitions

  • Warriors were 1 shot away from taking the series to 7 games, against a healthy and skilled Raptors team. Without KD, Klay and an injured Looney. If that doesn't say enough, that you don't understand basketball.

    • @srikanth Bollaboina lol ok bro😂😂

    • @Slim Thug same applies to GS when they win their first championship against injured cavs

    • Oblivious 404 these warrior fans/ Giannas fans don’t watch basketball that’s all it is.

    • People overlook this fact when discussing the possibilities for the upcoming season. They swept the conference finals with less depth than they have now (When Klay is healthy) .. They might not win it all probably but to completely count them out is kinda disrespectful.

  • Wait if Klay comes back healthy theyre BETTER than the Lakers!

    • Klay will come back healthy. He is a splash bro let's go Warriors. 😋🏀🐹👣

  • They are sleeping with dlo alec burke glen robinson willey cauley stein jordan poole paschall smalmagic mckiney

  • Uh losing Iggy and Shaun at this stage in their career is addition by subtraction...Draymond will have the rest of these new young guys playing defense before you know it, I wouldn't worry about that...and people are talking about Steph like he's Trae Young defensively...he's not the greatest defender but he's not a matador, he's led the league in steals before and is pretty much always up there...Russell will be better defensively this year playing alongside Draymond...again not worrying too much about that either.

  • When he came back!!! He's a great player , offensively going to be better !!!

  • Do they not realize we swept the trailblazers without KD....

  • Im gonna be afraid if dlo starts doing steph curry shit exactly the way how steph do his shit

  • People sleeping on them boys. With Kawhi most likely sitting out a chunk of the games in the regular season, and Lebron possibly aswell with load management, there could be a scenario where a team like the Nuggets get the 1 seed and the two LA teams are 2 and 3 with the warriors either being a 5 or even 4 seed facing a blazers or rockets team. If that scenario comes true they could make it to the conference finals and you never know....

  • Please you act like we don't have stein as well. It is amazing a couple trades in the west and men talking shit

  • Warriors ain't shit without kd so Lakers are on top

  • Then I guess the 🚀 are winning the west.

  • I thought the hate on gsw will go away after kd left, but no they're not. They just want gsw out

  • Most sport analysts are assessing the GSW on what they are now instead of assessing them on what they can become. DLo and Cauley-Stein have a great potential and also their bench players. I won't be surprised if they can make it on the finals.

  • Man Rose is saying some real shit tho dey lost alot there not da same 72 winning team anymore and dey lost da championship its going to be a little different dis year fa dem warriors

  • HELL THE FUCK NO 😂 They loss Iggy, Livingston, Bell, KD, etc... They loss mad depth. They are done

  • GSW will be better than before 👍👍

  • Steph should work to la lakers

  • D'Angelo Russell and Stephen Curry will be a better version of Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller, then they will add another better version of Reggie when Klay comes back.

  • Gtfoh

  • The Bulls dynasty paused for 2 years when Jordan retired. GSW will reload and run the league again in a few season you heard it here 1st!!!!!

  • That core win 73 games.

  • BULLSH!T. If Klay comes back healthy the Warriors will be back Champs 🗣️(STAY TUNED)

  • Golden State NBA champions, DLo wil seize the opportunity to play with on of the best teams in history with a great environment packed with unselfish players, I believe he will go with the grain and because they will accommodate him, he will definitely use this chance to grow. DLo defense will get better because of the style of the GS team work system, his offense is going to open the team back to their game before Durant. GS wil be as good or maybe better, that's my take. So all who thinks that hating on them has beaten GS at anytime go back and look at the facts, they have only been defeated by themselves and injury. GS gonna straight demolish the league. I got a hundred dollars to bet with anyone who thinks different. Cee ree us, serious.

  • Warriors will be far better than the Lakers before Klay returns, the Lakers are trash. Clippers and Rockets will dominate the west.

  • Why do people keep acting like Warriors had a good bench last year ? Warriors finished in the top 5 worst bench pts in the last 25 years lol. They're sleeping on Cauley-Stein , just like everyone did to McGee when the Warriors signed him .