The Vamps & Maggie Lindemann - Personal (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2017
Check out the official music video for "Personal" by The Vamps & Maggie Lindemann
‘Personal’ is the brand new single from The Vamps!!! Hear their latest album here:
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Music video by The Vamps performing Personal. (C) 2017 Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited
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  • Man! his handsome

  • This is good but has memes like FU&?$/ THIS SH):&) IM OUT 1:39

  • Bro Maggie rather be with the other dude lol 😂

  • This is literally my favortie song by the vamps and maggie, sorry to all those other songs called 'Personal' but this one is far ahead in the race

  • *yes i found it again! This must be a hit!*

  • Worst part of watching this is the end , seeing how much of that pint the guy left.

  • 2 years today... ❤

  • oct 20 2019 !! this song is two years old now. How does time fly! Happy birthday "personal" song ..

  • The fact that maggie turned 20 and she was already doing shots 😂

    • They may be doing shots In the uk cause the drinking age is 18 over here x

    • @youssef639992 she turned 22 this past july

    • Juana Flores she looks so much older

  • they r cute


  • *brandon has left the chat* lol


  • Alguien habla español? No? yo sola? Okey!

  • 2019 anyone?

  • hahaha :)

  • vamps are the best . ik i m very late in the comment part love this band

  • I love you Bradley! ❣

  • did mmmaggie have blonde hair?!

  • Help Both dudes are attractive to me

  • Who likes cnco just like Who like Vamps please comment

  • even I think so♡♡

  • I'm going to handicap you so bad that you'd wish you were dead

  • Sounds like a charlie puth song bet he wrote it

    • DJ AJ no the vamps did they write all of their own songs

  • This movie, this song deservers at least 3billion views

  • 2:05 peak of emotion :( my fav

  • I died at 2:37

  • love the vanps d;

  • One Direction ❤ The vamps 🔥😍

  • yo better

  • Brad is a very cute guy 😍😍😍 One like for brad... Vamps.. wow

  • I libe you😊😊

  • Anyone in 2020!!

  • I have listened to this song for ages and i love it!!!💖💕😂leave a like if you are listening to this in 2019 september!!!!🤣😂😄💕🤣

  • she didn't even blow out all the candles at the end 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • They are pretty fucking underrated

  • Wtf i never knew lots of my childhood favorite songs are from vamps wtf

  • Hadnt seen this collab and OMFG I NEEDED IT IN MY LIFE

  • 누가 번역좀.......영알못이요. 한국사람 찾아요..

  • This song is super underrated😍😍😍

  • Whatever the story both they didnot shared their feeling.thats why its #personal

  • so jealous of her

  • i miss my 6th grade dayss☹ with this song💓💔

  • I want someone to look at me the same way brad looks at that girl with that dude man

  • MAJOR la la land vibes

  • HRVY left the chat!

  • I know how it feels!!

  • That dance tho😩❤️

  • The dancing part got me... It set me off... whoever hurt brad is gonna get it.

  • i know you know story of us but don t need intesting

  • Dang she got Brandon AND brad... 🤤

  • Miss the vamps

  • I hate this song, they play it at work so many times. it's the "woe is me" type of songs, and the worst part is obnoxious attitude. Anyone who likes these type of songs, obviously thinks in a similar way, which is disgusting.

  • 0:13 what the heck

  • other girls: bleaches hair Maggie: Dyes it into straight black

  • Why is Brad’s hair the only one that changes every video???

  • This the best song🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 the vamps:thanks 😍😍 😗😗😇 me:I'm mad.. Welcome

  • this is the story of my life

  • Is it just me or does he look like Tom Holland at 1:40 Just me? Uh ok

    • i cackled

    • Noor Saeed yeah I think they looking a little bit similar

  • Brad reminds me of Tom Holland