The Untold Truth Of The Late Beth Chapman

Pubblicato il 28 giu 2019
Beth Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, was one of reality TV's most memorable faces, charming millions with her bleach blonde hair and no-nonsense attitude. But interest in the bondswoman spiked following a cancer diagnosis in September 2017. Her spirit and story proved to be an inspiration.
It might sound like a made up story, but Beth Chapman met her future husband all thanks to a lemon.
Here's what happened: In 1988, a 19-year-old Beth accidentally shoplifted the fruit while grocery shopping.
As Duane Chapman shared in his 2007 autobiography,
"She was standing on line at the grocery store waiting to pay for the lemon when she received a page on her beeper from her boss...This was before cell phones, so she got out of line to use the pay phone, still holding the lemon. Store security nabbed her on the spot for shoplifting."
The incident wouldn't have been a big deal, but Beth was also caught with her boyfriend's unregistered, unlicensed gun, which Duane claimed she'd taken for safety reasons. Making things even worse, Beth was found to have a warrant out for her arrest due to unpaid parking tickets. So she went to jail, where she met Duane, her bail bondsman, and future husband.
Though the bounty hunter was married at the time, Beth later said she felt they'd be together one day. Duane joked in his memoir,
"Beth loves to tell people that the minute she laid eyes on me in the office that day, she knew I would be her man."
Despite their chemistry, the couple's romance didn't blossom immediately. Both Beth and Duane spent time married to other people, occasionally stepping out with each other over the years in an off-and-on relationship. They finally ended up making things official with a televised wedding ceremony in 2006.
Watch the video for more about the untold truth of the late Beth Chapman!
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Starting with a lemon | 0:22
It's a small world after all | 1:42
Dangerous liaisons? | 2:49
The perks of fame, fortune, & fandom | 4:04
Batter up | 4:56
Facing cancer | 5:57
Standing up for herself | 7:17
A family feud? | 8:19
Experimental treatments | 9:41
Final days | 10:11


  • Our hearts go out to the Chapman family. Rest in peace, Beth.

    • Well they claim to be Christians but their actions tell the opposite of what they say. Hold hands and pray that’s a good thing but in just a few minutes they would be cursing using Gods name in vain and Jesus name in vain. I do know that there are a lot of fake Christians these days like Creflo Dollar Joel Osteen many others. People have a bad habit of making a Jesus up in their heads of what they want Jesus to be and without realizing it they are worshipping a made up version of the true Jesus of the Bible. I’m not saying that’s what the Chapman’s are doing but I do see a lot of contradiction in what they say from what they do. I hope she did make it into the Kingdom of God. Let me say this going to a church does not save you, doing good things does not save you, religion does not save you. The only way to be saved is confessing you are a sinner to Jesus Christ believing in your heart that he came died on the Cross and God raised him from the dead 3 days later, placing your Faith in Christ and Him Crucified and keeping it there. Romans ch 10 vs 9-10 after a person gives their heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ there is a change that happens from who they was cursing, sex, drinking, all these sins they was committing stops now they are living a Godly life lead by the Holy Spirit and if the new Christian sins the Holy Spirit brings convection in their hearts and he/she will repent of that sin. They have a new relationship with the Lord praying singing studying the Bible to grow in the Faith. What I seen from the Chapmans was people attempting to mix Christianity with the worldly system which can’t be done. We are in the world but not of the world. So are they true Christians from what I have seen on TV I would have to say no because going to a church to give a speech and not anything in that speech lifted up the Lord Jesus Christ nor did it teach the people anything about the Lord Jesus Christ and the church itself was a church that mix worldly system with Christianity, it was like a nightclub the pastor of that church wasn’t saved. That’s my view.

    • @Fürst von M. and for your information if you had a fucking brain in your head you would know beth was cremated not buried

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  • To hear Dogs daughter get upset because Dog is alley dating another woman 😔 Apparently it’s a woman that was around the Dog family for years. That hard to hear. Beth RIP

  • You dont rest in peace silly..... you cease to exist..

  • She didn't smoke but she was around everyone else's smoke. Second hand smoke is worse than you being the initial smoker.

  • She was what every woman should be a fighter that takes no S#!T from nobody! RIP Beth 🌬💚🍀🇮🇪

  • I guess "Prayers didn't save her. Proof prayers don't do shit.

  • These two thuggish ego-maniacs chased very small time criminals, usually drug addled people that are of no real danger generally to the public. It is tragic she was blighted be a terrible disease, no one should have to endure. Regardless of this tragedy, their misdeeds shouldn't be lauded as good acts. "Bounty Hunters" for the most part are true low lifes, earning their living from the miseries of people suffering various difficulties and problems adding further complications to already troubled lives. Very sorry she suffered from this disease but that does not excuse her bullying tactics.

  • She was a very beautiful and strong woman. She loved her faith and her family very much. I will miss beth very much.

  • OMG so sorry for your loss 💔😢

  • This was really sad she was wonderful she was young may she rip we love and miss you both

  • boo hoo, that's life. We all have the same problem, it's called death people. GET USE TO IT!!!

  • I always thought she was so pretty! And really? Shoplifting a lemon??? 🙄


  • You are a good woman Beth Chapman. Raised a good family

  • I miss her so much 😭😭😭😭

  • Ughhh this is just to heartbreaking to watch. RIP BETH you were loved by many. You will be missed terribly. 💔❤️🦋

  • Poor Beth R.I.P cancer sucks who agrees

  • R.I.P. Beth. You'll be missed. Love you from Alabama

  • Rest in paradise Beth.

  • Rest In Peace Beth

  • Lisa is not the sharpest tool in the shed!

  • My prayers will definitely keep going for Dog and his family! I miss Beth, I have drawn strength from this woman many times! We love you Dog and family! ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • My heart truly hurts for y’ husband/BFF/sole mate/hero was taken from me on November 27, 1999 😥 you never get over it & time only makes you miss them more. So sad, but Miss Beth is in Heaven hanging with Hank, her dad & an outstanding ‘rock n roll band’

  • I miss you so much Beth chapmen and we all you see you again God bless you miss Beth we all love you 😭😭😭😇😇😇😇😇

  • Was never a fan but this is a sad story I wouldn't wish for anyone to go through.

  • 💖

  • So sad..Rest in eternal peace, we love you,,Beth.. you were one tough ass chick!

  • No the old saying goes, God works in mysterious ways. RIP Beth.

  • ,

  • Beth went out fighting, I hope her family continues with her legacy! It will be hard not seeing her anymore on TV she definately made it more interesting! Thought & prayers for the Chapmen family!

  • Sad but she was Punk.Always waiting for women to be cuffed before getting in the face of women.She wont brave enough while them cuffs won't on.And Dog 1980's called and want thier mullet back there Joe Derk

  • I cannot imagine how awful this family must be feeling. Beth seems to have been one of the nicest people, and I believe she definitely was the MATRIARCH of thid family! She was a fighter and she went out the way she wanted to. Not laying in a hospital bed waiting for death to knock on the door. So although Im not a big social media person I wanted to make this comment. And I am so happy that she and her family, I know will see one another on the other side. My prayers are still going out for all of you that are Beths family. And I am praying for healing Dogs shattered heart. I am so happy he is a real man and is not ashamed to cry and it also lets him process his pain. But I know first hand and have also had or have a shattered heart. I believe that it is a real symptom of feeling so much pain that it actually makes you have a heart attack of some form..

    • And I do not want to say this but its the truth death of a loves one auch as your wife can do very wierd things to my heart so I know first hand. Dog hang in there I was told by a dr that it is okay if you talk to someone who is close that passes away.

  • When he said around this time she would hike the koko head mountains but this time she hiked the stair way of heaven. I bursted our crying.

  • 🇬🇧💜 another Angel 💜🇬🇧

  • Ich weiss nicht was das ganze soll seine Frau ist tot und er hängt nur noch im Internet Rum und jammert Man sollte doch wenigstens die ersten Wochen in aller Stille trauern Das ist nur noch unfassbar was der Typ macht

  • I pray Lisa and Beth were able to make peace. I can't imagine the guilt to carry for you lisa. No matter what you were loved unconditionally from your family. Many don't get that luxury. So sorry for your loss and many prayers from this Colorado girl to you all


  • And yall put ads on this? U aren't even human

  • Rip beth SMith

  • I can't imagine how badly Dogs heart hurts having lost his soul mate, same goes with Beth's family.

  • She loved him so much. It was so clear and hard. Everyone should hope someone loved them that much. It's so sad.

  • Great I only get to discover her after her death Bullshit

  • Well for one I don't trust y'all fake f****** news media to know if any of this that you're putting out is true

  • Damn rite. We do what we gotta do to get out man baby

  • Man crazy love affairs though. Both married yet cheating with one another. Still sad

  • Dog I have always been a huge fan of you and your family. My heart breaks for you. I will keep you in my heart and prayers forever. Much love from me and mine in Knoxville TN.

  • Gone too soon. Just like my mom. Sometimes we don't know why things happen, but trust in our Father to restore all the wrongs we face in life♥️♥️♥️

  • RIP Beth u are a beautiful lady Dog it is hard i know i lost my husband 3 years ago and i still cant bring myself to do anything with his asshes they are always with me God bless u


  • But I still want youuuuu , huuu huuu huu huu

  • I believe that with the recent passing of Beth, what is in this video was better left unsaid. I don't think it is anyone's business that she was abused by her husband or that she subsequently cheated on him. That is really, really personal stuff. Just my opinion.

  • A couple of cheaters.... Karma bites you in the ass.

  • He didn't mention a gun or jail during her memorial.

  • O my!! I miss Beth!!!

  • When I heard the news about Beth Chapman I was just shocked had no idea that she was that sick, I know her family will miss her she seemed like a great woman who held the family together . in peace BEATH! 💛👍🐈🐕

  • loved beth,, sorry i haven't been following the dog bounty hunter. i just found out she has passed. loved that woman, strong, beautiful and didn't take no shit from anybody. bless Beth RIP ..

  • "Ice head, ice head, lolly lolly, ice head!" As she flicks her long nails 😂😂 my favorite moment of hers! Rest easy, Momma Dog, you are missed ❤

  • I hope that people use your life as a legacy and God bless you Duane "Dogg" Champman for your grief.

  • R.I.P Beth . My thoughts go out to your family and friends, and to all your fans who loved watching you and Dog kicking ass.

  • Hang in there sir GOD IS WITH YOU