The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft - Part 28

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
We play with foxes, snowmen villagers in minecraft, oh and something else happens not epicly
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  • 21:30 pewdiepie: Sven... ejbdsons.... also pewdiepie: SVEN!!! I’m so sorrywindiejesosh... Sven... ejebke....

  • The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft - Part 28 0:00 - hitting fox and turtle 3:00 - backward attack 9:00 - wish trap, dinnerbone lost 11:00 - sniper tower begins, h`elp, waterfall 12:00 - the lord of trident 13:00 - big house begins 15:00 - snowman begins, killing sheep council's friend 16:00 - sheep council's kills snowman 17:00 - blue creeper 18:00 - SWEDISH ZEUS is a THOR, dumball 19:00 - sniping time 20:34 - Sven Creeper blow #14 21:00 - almost Double Sven Creeper blow # 22:00 - turtles turned dock into a freak chamber 23:00 - snowman dumball in nether 25:00 - fireworks sven flashback

  • lmao look at the captions at 19:55


  • Never been so happy to have been clickbaited

  • Is it weird that the first think that I thought when I saw the thumbnail was "Sven got fucked up by a creeper"

  • 13:11 I love watching the pigs coming into his unfinished house.

  • He had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  • “So no head?” **breaks **_skateboard_** trident**

  • Rip tree of life

  • 21:12 kuch bhi nahi hua sala bawli bana raha hai

  • Sven is still alive unbelievable!!!

  • znasz polski?

  • Me: wow! Its so funny blowing up monsters? Pewds: MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • A blue creeper is a charged creeper that makes bigger explosions

  • 12:11 my fav band

  • 20:36 nooooooooooo eat

  • Naming a mob grumm makes em upside down

  • Steve jobs:i created apple J.K rowling:I created harry potter. Mojang:Excuse me! I created Minecraft!

  • Make all your villager frick haha

  • how many fthers have you hade

  • *By the way, the birch tree, which has been in the series from the beginning, has been murdered by Felix! A new birch tree has been grown in a different spot. ;-(* *13:39*

  • When i saw a 6 years old boy playing minecraft and he build a big house and i said wow thats beautiful and he said i know how to make a real house from now

  • I love pewds vlog shots in minecraft

  • Whats the outro song???

  • Pewds: im lord of the trident Edmure: chuckles in danger

  • name a golem ricardo

  • Can you plz play marvel Spiderman

  • that "no head" reference was genius

  • I thought the part Ends here

  • The creepers so so so so fucker.

  • if you throw a lightning trident the creeper he will became charge creeper.

  • You know PewDiePie that snow golem is dying from a rain.

  • Anybody know the music when he build he's new house, it starts at 12:49?

  • Why u dont make sven a safety home

  • Who let the dinnerbones out

  • No joke, at 13:51 the tree looks like a part of the middle section is out

  • since Sven and Sven’s bf got married, shouldn’t it be Sven’s husband🗿😗😂

  • *sven almost killed by creeper Felix: EAAAATTTTTT

  • the vine reference

  • not a witch spawn, if a villager gets struck by lightning the villager becomes a witch

  • The Pepe poopoo gets me every time

  • 0:29 It would seem .. where does Ukraine?

  • I am actually watching a person turn to madness (doing human experiment) and became a God of Olympus... Totally worth all the troubles...

  • I watched pewdiepie since I was 11. Now I'm 9

  • 20:38 Sven had literally 1 hp!

  • I’m tearing when you said sorry to Sven😭😭😭


  • who needs sniper when you can use a t r i d e n t

  • He’s doing great with red stones👍🏻

  • The creepers attempted assassination... But who employed them?

  • Ur stupid sven is cute but u always hurt himm and scream thats so dumbbb and when animals died u scream

  • If Sven dies man the series is over. How many times are the creepers going to nearly kill him?

  • Why so mean one like gives Sven a new health bar and a creeper shall die

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  • Sub to vanossgaming

  • I know u will kill Sven in the future so dont

  • Every time someone dies Felix- "he was like father to me"


  • Ikea bird looks dead