The Ultimate Taco Bell Variety Pack Challenge (15,000 Calories) | BeardMeatsFood

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2017
I might be a little late uploading, but last week October 4th was World Taco Day! So I decided to pay a not so little visit to Taco Bell!
Originally, I wanted to take on The 50 Taco Challenge, which is around 10lb, £50 and 11,000 calories...Instead, I wound up buying 9 variety six-packs...Which comes in at a gigantic 16lb, £85 and over 15,000 calories! Well it's about time I got back in the swing of things!
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  • What does ur toilet look like now?

  • Seriously tho. How large are are your shits. In the name of science!!

  • That's an odd number of tacos. Here you get 12 per pack. Also, those have way more sour cream, than here.

  • I can’t watch you stuff your face anymore. You got shit all over your face and you eat like a pig. We’ll see how anybody could enjoy watching your videos

  • I'd like to know... What's the craziest thing you ever found in that beard and how many days was it there till you found it. 😂

  • Try this again I bet you’d destroy it now

  • You one of mine favorite youtuber! Keep on going eventhough this 2 years old video 😑 #TheGlovesMade

  • Never do that accent again, lol Real Mexicans make their own tacos.

  • I remember when being glutinous was considered a sin. Now we have this... smh

  • What’s the point? People are starving on earth, disgraceful. Find a job like everyone mate. The twats are the ones voting for this crap not you

  • Why didn't you just peel the soft taco off ya mad beirdo

  • U need a paper towel sponsor

  • I loved the intro!!! Funny as heck man!!!

  • So you didnt hit 50 is my general understanding lol. You placed the order, so you can't blame the bell on this one.

  • Accent was spot on

  • American jazz is better

  • Matt stonie eats 103 taco in 8 min.

  • If you wanted a cheesy taco you should have gone to Mrs Beard. 😝

  • No real tacos over on that side of the world? Lol Provecho

  • I take that back after watching the whole video my god that a lot of food lad

  • The biggest but the easiest lad

  • Next time you come to California let me know so we can see how many real tacos you can eat

  • I'm surprised you didn't eat these already sitting on the shitter. Taco Bell shoots right through a person.

  • This is not meant as a demeaning remark towards the host (the competitive eater), as his videos are entertaining....but no matter how much one exercises, eventually this overeating, especially the sodium, cholesterol, and fat will take it's bad toll on the body.

  • I seem to always watch these during my 20 hour daily fast, it's quite therapeutic

  • Beard, Are you recycling the waste from your challenges? I enjoy your videos of gluttony but think you alone might be contributing to global warming comparable to a small nation. I’m American and see the irony. I’m at odds you see? Anyway, hope you’re recycling what you can. Eesh, or whatever you say. 👍

  • Liked and commented for the cause!

  • I love your videos... I am always. Full when you get done. I wondered... do you have a trash can just off camera to put your wrappers in? I bet mrs beard would appreciate it.

  • Eat on toilet. Just shit it out as you take it in. At least that was what Del Taco had on their wrappers.

  • Taco bell opening near me soon never had it ... Any good ?

  • Finally someone else who drinks out of the giant nutribullet cup

  • I am sure you could demolish 100 of American tacos from taco bell. They are super small.

  • Looser 😂😂😂😂

  • Damn looks like someone really wanted some tacos

  • You must be a small dude wth small hands or those tacos are bigger there 😝

  • This is a no joke challenge compared to basic tacos, intentional or not, you have big balls(proper beardly hairy as well).👍

  • Those are at least double the size that we get in Canada

  • wow! you are eating a lot of "taco bravos" (what you call double). so really, you are eating more than 54 tacos - much more! keep going mate!

  • 0:05 No mames güey...

  • The crap the day after must have been epic.

  • Those tacos look unreal , I got the munchies so bad !,

  • Eeeewwww hard shell is auctally soft...they have gone soft!!

  • as someone who works at taco bell. If it says supreme on it. It just has tomato and sour cream added to it. No extra meat or anything. Just tomato and sour cream.

  • In the States we have twelve pack taco boxes just regular tacos

  • Best part about whatchu this is using the video run time as a timer when cooking dinner 👍

  • Should have taken that outer layer off

  • His insides must be completely fucked 🤣 entertaining though.

  • Its wierd how "National Taco Day" also falls on the same day as "National Toilet Day." 🤔

    • @Avory Ford Then I really feel bad for you if you're under the impression that I can't afford a taco. This speaks volumes about your personality.

    • @Lou Sensei sadly it was not a joke

    • @Avory Ford Poor attempt at humor.

    • @Lou Sensei if u could afford taco's u would know 😂😂

    • Why?

  • After eating that much Taco Bell he should have put one of those fumigation tarps over his house to protect his neighbors from Hazardous Toxic Waste. 😂😂😂 P.S.: And get new pipes.

  • Wow. I wanna send this to: Brandon Da Garbage Disposal.. Wow..

  • Those tacos are huge!! That challenge was way too much

  • So how did your tummy survive this? Just one would mess me up!

  • Good effort! Maybe try again w just the regular tacos! Bet you could do it. Mix of chicken beef and steak hard and soft tacos!

  • Theres taco bell in the UK? WTF why didn't i know about this. one of my regrets when going to america was never trying a taco bell. I have never seen a store here...

  • Did you ever check the weight differences?! Still... Hell of a job Beard!

  • Lol. The Mexican accent.

  • I don't know how he poofs all this stuff. That has to be like passing tack,'o concrete.

  • I haven't eaten Taco Bell in years lol. Here it's all Qdoba or Chipotle

  • You are Amazing! I thought eating a 6 pack was good! You are Incredible! Where can I learn more about you?

  • I will be watching! I Love Ms. Molly!🐺