The Try Guys Try to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Pubblicato il 26 ago 2019
The Try Guys visit the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make surf-and-turf Carpaccio with Carla Music. Can Keith, Zach, Eugene and Ned follow along using verbal instructions only?

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The Try Guys Try to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • first of all, Eugene, your make up is so pretty second of all, i tried wearing black nail polish once but it didn't look that well on my fingers third of all, i love you Eugene

  • Why does it sound like they're all trying to convince us that caviar is good?

  • My 2 favorite channels to watch on IT-tvs. This is awesome thank you!

  • do u rly just eat that raw

  • God I love your makeup Eugene!

  • Zach belongs nowhere near a kitchen 😂

  • I see Eugene is going for a new look in this video...

  • Eugene is so pretty his eyes and his hair and his nails. I feel like I should say Handsome but but my heart says pretty... and his so funny and nice.

  • I hate when people lick the spoon and put it back in....

  • Eugene.. ♥️🤣 still gorgeous even when technically killing a scallop

  • Am I the only person who hates raw meat? Lol

    • Clary Hustles yeah i don’t see what’s so good about raw meat

  • Zach's cooking made me cringe so hard

  • I love that when Carla tells Zzach to cut the tip off and is READY with the circumsicion joke but didn't make it.

  • Chris and Eugene would be a really cute couple... just saying XD

    • they're both happily taken, tho, plus shipping real people is gross, you know.

  • May I just say that Eugene’s makeup is on point in this video? It looks amazing!

  • I feel like Zach's "mazel tov" when the scallop got circumcised was underappreciated.

  • Eugene's little wiggle thing at "one, two, tap", life's good


  • These ingredients are so luxurious for a weekday

  • First of all this vid is is rly much fun second of all can I just say that eugene looks rly good xd :)

  • Rhett and link should be on this show

  • Gd Eugene is so hot.

  • I would love for chris to go on to the try guys try to bake series it would be so funny

  • I don’t know too much about The Try Guys But Eugene looks so hot I canttt like he looks so emo and emos kill me 🥺

  • Oh my God. Carla is so patient.

  • I’m never going to eat this let alone make it. So I have no idea why I’m watching. Oh wait....Carla and Try Guys!

  • This entire recipe is a risk

  • Preferred order: Eugene, Ned, Keith and the last nerdy one lol Eugene looks concerned the entire time and tbt Eugene has the most sense over taste and prep). He takes risks. Love the eyeshadow too.

  • hold on i love the try guys and i love BA and i didnt know this video was a thing im upset i missed it for this long

  • Ned preforming is hilarious. Neds like Kieth’s wife who doesn’t think what he’s mad about is that important but is still being supportive 😂

  • 😋 Yummy

  • That eyeshadow be popping dooood

  • I didn’t know all those things could be eaten raw 🧐

  • when they said we are flat i felt that

  • Eugene is so beautiful oml what a king!!!

  • eugene: *alright second clam!!* carla: t h e s e c o n d c l a m i s a s c a l l o p

  • 17:02 Jewish tings

  • Eugene is cultured

  • why are these girls dressed like guys

  • This was everything I never knew I always wanted lol

  • Chris didn't sniff before he took a bite!

  • Is Eugene emo now?

  • Is Keith Rachel balingers brother she has no idea about?

  • Why would they let Ned throw something contaminated with raw meat juice in a KITCHEN?

  • she needs to be on First We Feast's Hot Ones

  • They were truly obnoxious during this whole thing.

  • I’ve never watched or heard of the try guys so here are my first impressions 1. Tall 2. Ginger 3. Pretty 4. Zach

    • Fiona McKean go check out their channel. Lots of fun content!

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry Eugene just looks AMAZING!!!

  • Wait, but none of it’s cooked?!?!

  • Eugene looks FABULOUS!! I’m legit jelly.

  • No wonder this video is 22 minutes long


  • Why does Eugene look like he doesn’t belong there? 😂

  • Eugene keeps looking around like he wants to leave

  • "Both of Eugene's hands are dominant" IGFHFGGH

  • Try guys : do they write books? We do Carla: Definitely Not

  • Eugene looking mad snatched

  • Eugene is adorable

  • Am I the only one that kinda wanna see Eugene in a full rainbow eye shadow makeup?????

  • She had a hard time with those kids haahh!