The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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  • 8:26 I like how the took footage from earlier and put it here. I only noticed it because Zach is in his clothes then next shot Ned has zach’s clothes

  • Ayyy 3:37 Milwaukee 💪💪

  • Keith so talented pulling that banana peel with his foot 👏🏻 IM IMPRESSED


  • I love how ready Zach was to take a bite of Keith’s foot banana

  • old pokey mckornfeld

  • Your pets would last like 15 to 20 years max. Then they'd die. You'd have no tea or coffee and no pets after twenty years. At least you choose option 2, you'd never seen your pets which would eventually leave but you'd be amply caffeinated.

  • 7:21 I couldn’t with Keith

  • That one dare said: change A clothing item with the person on your right. Not: change all clothing items

  • Okay somebody solve this for me..@8:24...does Zach have a piercing of some sort??? What is that?

  • Same girl

  • only a true legend breaks a chandelier with a chicken strip

  • Love the hoodie!!! Definitely getting one!!

  • LEGend has it Eugene is still saying banana. 🍌

  • Zach: i really like Milwaukee Me (A wisconsinite) WOOOO YEAHHHHH WISCONSIN

  • I wonder if they sell onsies? If not they should

  • i swear both times eugene said "try guys gay time"

  • Awwww I live in the UK that’s so Disappointing:( still love u guys not tryna make it sound weird hope u beat pewdipie soon! SOS 🆘

  • "oH my gAwD kEiTh Oh mY GaWd"

  • They said banana so many times I got an ad for a banana game

  • No one: Eugene: 𝘼𝙨𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝙤𝙛 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙤𝙨

  • Me: *From Wisconsin, who goes to Milwaukee often* Zach: *Mentions Milwaukee* Me: *squeals* Ahhh you must've seen the third ward of the city then...

  • Omg I just saw my mom in the pan view of the boston audience, AAAAAHHHHH!

  • Zach just forgot to do his accent for most of the video

  • i'm behind on vids but something seems off with eugene. is he okay?

  • " i would have chosen a hamburger mascot"😂😂😂

  • Whenever I hear someone appreciate Mariah Carey i instantly like the person more

  • This is it. I am finally valid for shipping Dwayne the Rock Johnson x Zack Cornfield

  • I don’t think the aim or intention of this video was to suddenly make me want to be kissed passionately by Zach, but that’s what it did... haven’t felt this way about lil Zach until now but he really seems like he’d be a fucking great kisser oml his gf is lucky 😅💕

  • WHY ARE YOU VISITING MY COUNTRY WHEN ILL BE IN *_SPAIN_* THIS IS SUCH BAD TIMING HELP also youre going nowhere near my city so i wouldnt be able to go anyway bUT STILL???

  • What was Keith on the entire video? 😂

  • I was at the Boston show! It was so amazing!!! And I nearly peed myself laughing when Keith broke the chandelier XD There was chicken eeeevvveeerrryyyywhere in the theater as we were leaving. Surprisingly (but it shouldn't have been surprising) the best show I've possibly ever seen. Definitely the funniest! And it had quiet, moving moments too where the entire theater was silent during the serious moments. The juxtaposition of the sombre, serious parts with the absolute hilarity of the funny moments was just so amazing. Hopefully you'll do another tour again sometime! (But you probably won't be allowed back in the Shubert Theater :-P) Boston FTW

  • This is the biggest f**ing jenga thing I've ever seen, WOW!

  • Eugene did jump splits with a sprained ankle impressive

  • Keith sounds like he his drunk

  • Oh come on, you expect us to believe that these were the most interesting questions/dares you got???

  • Can you guys shout out all of us down under from Australia Love ya mates

  • 16:31 who saw Keith's arm pit sweat

  • Shame! shame! shame! shame! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! *SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! S H A M E*

  • Okay, Eugene "Dedication" Lee Yang did not just say that he sprained his leg... and kept doing jump splits on it? My little perfectionist better stop trying to give me a heart attack 😭

  • I live in Milwaukee!!!!

  • oh god, the hand kis #_#

  • thank u eugene for actually saying try guys gay time

  • Why does zach accent sounds like the voice actors from metro exodus

  • ketihs toes are so nimble holy fuck

  • If Ned wasn’t a Nerd he would just be -r

  • I’ve watched you guys for like two years now

  • Se need asian of chaos -merch!

  • *aSiAn Of ChAoS*

  • Zach had a piece of gum on his underwear :)

  • Eugene barely talked until his turn came again. Banana

  • Eugene??? in a video???

  • “ Go paper, go paper, go paper, go paper!”➡️🗒!


  • Nobody: Eugene: Asian of Chaos

  • “I’m going to the moon bitch”

  • Soo adorable😁😁

  • Who thought that the name was try guys gay time

  • waiting for you in the philippines

  • I keep hearing Dear Mom instead of Dare Bomb