The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
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    • Try Guys, please take some time to rest and everything. We can wait for ya'll. Your health comes before any of this. Don't over exhaust yourselves

    • I will try guys oh wait-


    • The Try Guys I have two things 1. Is Eugene gay? 2. I personally think bed is the funniest and cutest try guy, don’t take it the wrong way y’all are all cute but still. I’m only a 6th grader and I love your videos if you could respond or put it on your channel that would mean the world... because my family is going thorough times with money!! It would mean the world to me. I love y’all ❤️

    • Ok

  • Who’s your fav try guy like for uygeen comment for Keith dislike for Zachary and do nothing for Ned

  • Ned- "I like bread because it rhymes with Ned!"

  • Too GMM for my liking. I mean I love GMM but this is like too copycat

  • Why isn’t the merch called try-dye

  • Let Eugene Smash A Whole House.

  • We lie sometimes 😂

  • Goodness I want that corset so bad!🤩🤩🤩

  • Eugene’s corset should be a part of the merch. So freaking pretty

  • I feel like Keith had a full bag of sugar before this 😅

  • Am I the only one who thought this was a GMM video

  • Councilor Sam explaining how to tie dye with all the enthusiasm of a real camp councilor.

  • 08:00 Literally everyone: «WoOoOoOoOoOw!»

  • lets talk about that

  • How did I not see this till now??

  • try guys really be stealing good mythical morning’s brand with the will it 😂

  • This is my favorite try guys video because how absolutely federal they go they are fucking out of it and I'm living for it

  • Nobody: The Try Guys: OH OH OH oh oh...

  • This should have been part of a game so they could say "try guys tie dye!"

  • Why do people think orange spray tan looks good?

  • former camp counselor here. can confirm tie dye is more like spaghetti. thats how I always described how to do a spiral design. "Pretend you're twirling spaghetti into a pile then rubber band around to secure." approved by kids and parents of all ages

  • i love how eugene changes from “expensive jeans” to adidas pants ... which are expensive too ... LMAO

  • Eugene looks SO GOOD in that outfit

  • The corset is gorgeous

  • haha return of the jacksfilms intro

  • 3:19 I actually forced my brother to like red when my favourite colour was blue by trying to convince him he loves red and now it’s his actual favourite colour so I mean-

  • That camp counsellor was hilarious.

  • Keith actually looked ok in tie dye

  • 5:35

  • I love the corset that came out beautifully.

  • Will it Tie-dye... Let’s talk about that

  • I’m sorry but that corset is to dye for 😍

  • Kinda LOVING that corset....

  • It's time to DIE

  • Eugene is a queen

  • Eugene: “what I did was...” Me: “GENIUS!!” Honestly the tie dye corset is super cool.

  • Why is Ned’s English accent surprisingly decent? Not too posh, which is appreciated as most Americans do a posh English accent! (I’m allowed an opinion btw, I am English! Where are my Brits who agree?)

  • Zach - It's time to dye! me - I'm gonna comment that cause it didn't sound right at all

  • "It's like a *tye dye bukkake* over here"

  • "While Eugene changes his expensive pants because he didn't know dyes would dye..." I diED laughing. That's a mood 😂

  • Zach-“First up,we have some bla-basic white t-shirt”

  • That corset is fucking glorious actually

  • its currently 2:30 am and i just died laughing at zach saying “its time to dye!” thats all, goodnight

  • Keith- 🖕🏻😲🖕🏻

  • Red rhymes with Ned, as we all know. But Wes rhymes with less, which means a less pigmented color. So if Ned makes him like red, but less rhymes with Wes, maybe his favorite color will be pink.

  • I live for Keith’s crack head energy

  • Rhett and Link are quaking in their boots after watching this video

  • I was expecting Eugene to introduce himself as “dye” instead of shy guy

  • "It's time to DIE"- Zach Cornfield

  • They should do a Will It? collab with GMM, or some sort of cooking thing with Mythical Chef Josh!

  • At 14:04 Ned just trasformed into a villager like FULL ON

  • Eugene looks like a princess

  • Zach: It’s time to dye! Me: wait-

  • Wow that corset came out beautiful.

  • I wanna buy merch but im also a college student who lives off of 50$ a month😭

  • Bless them but this video was not it😂

  • Keith: woooooo *🖕🏻👱‍♂️🖕🏻*

  • The Couch would’ve worked if it was white

  • I love the corset it is beautiful!

  • Keith being chaotic good through this was the energy no one asked for but it was needed.