The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
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  • "It's time to dye!" Zack Cornfield 2019

  • 12:05 I'm Eugene in a group project

  • The dude explaining it sounds deppressed


  • Loads of guys having a mid life crisis making tie dying bread and food in a backyard. What a mood

  • I can come here and watch will it inspired videos whenever gmm doesn't post will it videos

  • Keith's cushions looked cool - like wateemelons, and Eugene's corset were amazing!

  • The oven mitts are good, not sure why they call that a fail. Same with the couch

  • when they say "huh" i always remember the sound of a villager in minecraft 😂

  • @The Try Guys You should do a collaboration with SimplyNailLogical

  • Can confirm that this is my favorite try guys video to ever have been filmed.👌

  • Eugene has a Hydroflask, like that was before the whole VSCO girl thing.


  • Zach: "it's time to diy!" Me: *thinking he said'time to die!'* Me: *_"im ready"_*

  • "that's true"

  • This reminds me of will it watermarble?

  • Good mythical morning and the try guys should do a will it video together

  • ok but i need a white/dyed jacket like the one zach made

  • Keith goes on a yelling rant about them needing to match and then says Oh I'ma make one purple and one yellow 😂😂😂😂

  • I haven’t seen anyone comment how much the counselor guy sounded like he hated his life

  • I know it's very unethical but I kind of want to check in on Neds kid in 10 years and see if his favorite color is red 😂😂😂

  • "do these permanently stain your jeans???" um yeah... it's called tie-DYE for a reason

  • My mom did that to me with the color purple and now I actually hate it, there were 4 of us so she organized us by color and so my walls and toothbrush and clothes were all purple and I hated it

    • So anyway yeah tell us in 10 years if ur kid hates red

  • backyard makeover plzzz?????

  • They were so in-sync 5:30

  • I’d love the bucket hat

  • Keith’s lap is the most comfortable thing._

  • sorry i missed you guys in vancouver last night. come back soon!!

  • lol'ing that this used to be called will it tie dye. GMM's lawyers must have been on them stat to change...?

  • Ned sounded british

  • Rhett and Link: -_-

  • I thought this video was rly entertaining The babygro looked so cool, 10/10 would dress a baba in it

  • i love this video

  • "We'll check back in in 10 years"

  • Hi and I'm Thai

  • „When you make a mistake do it twice more“

  • Miss the old try guys

  • Try Guys Tie Dye Game Time!

  • Stealing Gmm’s brand 😤

  • this is the video you never knew you needed.

  • i actually really like the bucket hat

  • even when they do something without being drunk they still look drunk.

  • The couch looked bomb

  • No one: Zach: it's time to dye!

  • I’d take the couch...

  • Zach: iTs TiMe tO DyE

  • The red splat onsie kinda just looked like the baby was shot sorry not sorry

  • I've rewatched this sooooo many times lol

  • they really- tie dyed food-

  • Sam seems dead like so out of it lol

  • When did they become so extreme and fake? Theye where funnier when they werent screaming and trying to say everything at the same time the entire video... Unsubscribed

    • Your unsubscribing because they acted weird in one video that was posted a month ago?!

  • "when u make a mistake, do it twice so now it's a choice" -keith 2019

    • didnt eugene say that to Keith on his wedding because someone lost their pants do they were going to have to people where different pants so i didnt look like a mistake?

  • Eugene, is that a hydroflasksksksksksksks?

  • That chicken died for nothing.

  • Eugene is singing the Try Guys intro that Jacksfilms made in the beginning 😭😂

  • Just waiting for y’all to get sued by mythical

  • Oh I love red. Red's my color. Dunno why tho.

  • The corset looks so cool!

  • Man what a waste of food