The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2019
The guys eat and learn about delicious Indian food from different restaurants with special guest Lilly Singh!
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  • Sagg looks like muddy dirt not gonna lie ( no disrespect)

  • **hunger intensifies**

  • Why does Zach have two burgers at 11:28

  • How did y'all not try paratha

  • Oh god Lilly Singh, kill me now

  • I'm from Nepal and we have some of the same exact foods

  • This makes me proud to have an Indian background


  • I'm going to India in a month so excited and very hungry now haha

  • could you guys do something with turkish Food pleaaasseeee?

  • Get her out off the video!

  • As an Indian, I love this video 😘

  • 12:21 Lily’s reaction is the definition of “relatable” 😂

  • My mom: “ come you have to eat dal and rice” Me: “noooooo” The try guys: “this is so tasty”

  • everybody’s eyes bigger than their stomachs😂

  • I think a cool idea would be Try Guys try henna

  • Shout out to all the Canadians, I come from the land where poutine originated Quebec! Respect to all our immigrant families and friends and anyone of mixed descent. We love any and anyone regardless of their religion or nationality, spread the love!

  • indian food is amazing. so complex. amazing experience people should try it


  • *muhje desi khaana khaanaa hai

  • I have always wanted to try different culture dishes because theirs so much out there and I may be starving

  • Goddamn...people are really trying to make Lilly Singh a thing, aren't they?

  • When they pronounced bhel as bill 😂😂

  • Eh, jackfruit's good for fiber, but no, it doesn't really have much protein. Best not to rely on it for that.

  • i want videos like this but from different countries with different special guests

  • 22:58 I respect this man so highly, amazing business model

  • I am from India and even an Indian child eats more than you have eaten in all three destinations.

  • Who's your Deddy? *Indian accent

  • Lol should we Indians break it to them that food in those restaurants don’t even taste like actual Indian food?

  • I ship lilly and Eugene

  • I wish you guys had tried some iddly at Samosa house with that sambar! Growing up my best friend that lived across the street was from Southern India. How lucky am I to have a generic white kid eating homemade chapati, thalis and dosas

  • The flaky naan is called a laccha paratha in india and its not made of all purpose flour it’s made of 100% wheat originally

  • Every mumbaikar knows there is only one perfect samosa gurukripa a1

  • 7:30 when she kissed her 🥰 athithi devo bhav

  • Try Arabian food 🙌🏻

  • The people who disliked the video are too hungry to like it

  • I want Indian food now - I haven't had any in quite a while ... 😋🤤❤

  • did that last owner just say they are serving indian food for the high-end population? ew.

  • parle-g can be fancy it seems.

  • Im so in love with her aghhh

  • ParleG with ice cream still seems like a more sane idea than having it with water

  • 90% of the comments are indians cringing The other 10% are talking about the three different price points

  • What car is that?

  • Oh woah lily is indian?Thats soo cool,im indian too!

  • Moroccan food next, maybe?

  • yeessss the collab that i have always wanted to see

  • Y'all should try Brazilian food. Not the steak house but food in general.

  • Parole G is sold inCanada

  • in india we seldom eat meat.

  • Seriously, when they served the parle G biscuit, i thought the whites are seriously getting fucked in the name of fancy and fusion.😂

  • Any malayalees here...?

  • Ah, a video trying to appeal to Buzzfeed-watching California Vegans.

  • Being Indian watching the try guys guys talking about Indian food feels kinda wired. But it's ok

  • They don't have to put "Punjabi" with everything!!

  • Samosaaaaa

  • why am i watching food videos while starving, w h y ?

  • Heeeeyyyy super woman!

  • I hate zach’s haircut

  • Tell me more about this vodka shot He He

  • You guys should do Venezuelan food!