The Truth About Tana & Jake’s Marriage | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 4

Pubblicato il 29 lug 2019
After a couple of false starts, Tana and Jake finally settle on a wedding date. Plus, the pair come to an agreement on the legality of their upcoming nuptials.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV IT-tvs.
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  • It seems that Tana and Paul are moving through this too fast. They've only been together a few months.

  • Bring my sis name is tana

  • You guys are f'kn perfect for each other...

  • Botox in your early 20s!?! Oh my If a person gets that at that age they'll lose elasticity and will end up with a really fucked up face.

  • Why is she famous???

  • I planned a wedding in 2 months so it is possible. I was also only dating my now husband for 4 months before he proposed, and we’ve been married for two years. So if they do genuinely love each other, it’s okay to move quickly. But it seems that this is just clout so they ought to not have gotten married 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, I guess I understand how getting press takes more time...

    • yeah was a good move back then when jake decided to move the wedding a month later which obviously July 28.. I do think both eventually falling in love,but not that deep mad in love,ya know.. ik i'm such an idiot by believing anything jake and tana especially they're still going strong with this.. but,for a matter of fact, tana usually the one spilling all the truth,like a few days after the wedding she posted a video get ready with her,and that's how we all confirmed that the marriage isn't legally binding.. for that part,i do understand somehow because it'll tie them both,wild crazy young,living in LA.. but I'm not surprised if in future,maybe they'll file for a marriage licence all the thing..jake lucky enough a girl willing to sign a prenup for both side,no matter tana is acting or really serious about this,she mentioned too many times.. tana is well-aware this entire time,knows what she's doing.. she's 21,living in a pretty big ass house in LA.. if this relationship really turn into real relationship as jake confirmed,hopefully they'll do it the right way,for once and for all.. jake and tana,together? who have ever thought that? It did,and it's one hell of a crazy roller coaster at the same time looks perfect for each other!😂

  • Jakes not feeling this at all ... 😢

  • Married people for content? Wow so deep

  • Jake is using tana and this whole wedding for clout. goodbye.

  • He said we should make it seem legit??

  • So they’re married but still with other people, not living together, and not even spending time with eachother. That’s not marriage..

  • How tf did they make it to mtv🤦🏽‍♀️

  • these two are idiots.. and I feel like an idiot watching this.

  • 9:45 her real name is Tina?

  • Tana babying jake when she has to present him with bad news makes me so sad for some reason.


  • this is so dumb, fake, and clout-y that OMG i cant anymore...

  • Anyone realise there was a bong 😂😂

  • I kinda feel like Imari is kinda jealous that Tana talkes more about the love that she has for Jake instead of him 😳🙄 oops HEARTEYeS

  • k wtf so like jana isnt real

  • Tana f uu i don"t care about you u look like banana get divorced with Jake Paul

  • the only thing you need from this video is at 6:18 I QUOTE TANA: "Don't get me wrong, I think a wedding is a very serious thing... but it's still something fun and light-hearted that we're obviously doing for fun and for content." periodt.

  • this whole series has really changed my opinion on Tana.

  • Jake played Tana like a violin. Damn.

  • Omg she just admitted that the marriage is for “fun and content”🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ stupid

  • Okay but Jordan has me in love... please tell me I’m not the only one😭😭

  • They’re freaking 21 like why the hell are they using Botox for? Like the hell

  • I don’t understand y this is getting so much hate i love her and she’s just doing wat mtv tells her

  • I’ve just come to a conclusion that if my name was Natalie I’d have more chances of being a famous youtuber’s assistant

  • I had no idea they meant Jake paul

  • Money Cant Buy class, just The fact that her pillow is so filthy from all the makeup and she doesnt care says it all.

  • Her pillow 🤮

  • Why am i getting reccomendations and Ads for this? I despise this trash

  • This is so's like they are living on different planets! No communication at all

  • They are in love to attention so they will drown and burn out at the same time

  • I’m so confused. Mtv paid her?

  • I liked them for a minute watching the vlogs, but now i think they’re both idiots. I feel bad for Tana jake never says he loves her back she literally is looking like his bitch. It’s crazy. And jake is just a prick

  • i love tana and have watched her for years but i don't understand the fake wedding AT ALL or fake anything for the matter

  • my stardew valley character's wedding made alot of sense than this shit

  • I hope they get knocked off their fake throne! Why do ppl watch these fake fckrs?? I just came here to comment.. They need to grow up and learn some honesty!

  • 6:16 omg what is happening with her face

  • Even her friend’s thought of this as a joke and felt uneasy about the wedding idea

  • It’s sad how everyone feels the need to hate and share their opinion on her, literally everyone who has a reality show gets this, Kardashian’s, Kendra and now her. I hope you guys know she most likely doesn’t care about your ‘witty’ comment your making, at the end of the day she’s the one making money and gaining a bigger following.

  • Idk whether to say happy birthday or happy marriage

  • So her Twitter says how real her marriage is but in this video she acctually says that its fake and not serious...

  • 15:09 Tana: Is this marriage actually legal on paper? I'm asking for prenup purposes. Jake: I don't think we should talk about that. *Yea Tana shut the hell up before people realize it's fake*

  • 3:29 her laugh revives me

  • imari is so fzcking funny I cant

  • mtv really out here exposing her

  • Bro this is legit just MTV shading jake Paul 😂😂😂

  • This is the result of modern feminism

  • ohhh

  • talking about sex with other guys while shes engaged

  • Alright Tana breakup with Jake,first reason he loves drama,he is manipulating you,he acts and is like a child and he doesn’t love you. Tana,you deserve better

  • Who sleeps on a pillow without a pillowcase? AND a duvet without any covers? That is so disgusting

  • God she is such a stupid bitch🤦‍♂️

  • “I don’t think I should throw a party at his house, I think that establishes me too much as his girl” okay girl what about the “marriage”??

  • 10:00 that tanning stained pillow 😬😆


  • Honestly Tanas manager is the best part of any of this