The TikTok Mom Is A Superhero Now

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
I made a song about this sorry
That's right folks Varli has become the hero that no one wanted, and also no one deserved.
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  • Ok ok due to popular demand I made a song out of the whole "help let me go" thing here you go



    • You need to show that moment she pink panther her way in a group and did this😬

    • Whyyyyy is this song so addictive 😂😂😂😂 like whyyyyy does it work so well

    • Oof

  • 😂

  • my best guess is that the ugly, annoying, Indian girl what varly, is just using the whole goodvibes bullshit, to spread her filth in the world, and be protected from people like danny and drew, who clearly see the dumbass shit and say it how it is, but in reality shes simply benefiting off of the feeble minded in society, but whatever i saw let the dumbasses follow their fellow dumbasses, weed out the weak my friend. we have no use for those sheep

  • All in all, did I like this movie? Yes Was this movie perfect? Yes How many thumbs up would I give it? Yes

  • Are we not gonna talk about Varli screaming *yeehaw* when she found the husband?

  • All an all did I like this movie, yes was this movie perfect, yes how many thumbs up will I give it, yes

  • I kinda feel bad for her because she’s tryna spread a positive message, but she makes everything so- *hhhh*

  • My boyfriend is the long haired villain he said it was the weirdest job he ever worked on. Lol she had her kids following her around with a fan all day fanning her

  • Bahhhhhhhaaaa


  • I legitimately thought Varli was his own mom for like 2 minutes

  • Cowgirl?

  • hey GRE G


  • hello to anybody that watches this in 2020… i probably will

  • ok whatever tik tok mom, no one needs your clout

  • Don't search what that up just trust me. Shady 0

  • Varli: love more hate less * she beats up 12 year olds instead of talking about why bullying is wrong*

  • I just became truly GREG

  • Y E E H A W

  • Woo I love her she truly is the savior

  • the dislikes are varlie's fans

  • Whats all this shit even about! Damn I'm High

  • Now you are just being mean

  • did you just put ‘ded’ tony stark joke in here

  • * GREG REPORTER INCOME * * Yo Danny soo Varli created some "Villain" TikToks and crazy TikToks it's scary as FU- * Here is a link -

  • Varli is the bitch from school who used to pretend they where a cat at recess

  • Whatever that girl was wearing at 7:14, ya I wore that same outfit to school today. Not kidding. It's from Lands End.

  • kacha lol 😂

  • Lol if Tony stark was there he would beat the shit out of them

  • Varli: Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter. Also Varli: *beats the shit out of 12 year olds-*

  • 4:35 is really disturbing lol it sounds so demonic DON'T FEAR VARLI IS HERE

  • like wtf varli what's wrong with you

  • Someone make a song out of the help let me go. Oh yes he did. Btw Gre g

  • And this- Is when the best song ever was conceived

  • Little girl be lookin like billie eilish

  • Heeeelp Let me go Heeeelp Let me go Heeeelp Let me go

  • I’m ashamed. I met he r

  • so she's... Brown Widow

  • Me: its so boring when all the good youtubers post like 2 times a year Danny:*posts much enough for us* Me: *HAPPY GIRL NOISE*

  • He was just a dolphin Swimming in the sea With his dolphin friends Happy as can be Until one day he went Adventure on to land And he got bitten by A radioactive man Now he's dolphin man Half dolphin, half man Hear him screech at night Cuz he just wants a friend He'll be quite a fright If you run in to him In the dark abandoned house Where he lives Ohh You know he may come off strong But he's not what he seems If he ever catches you You can bet that you'll scream Like Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight You'll scream Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me She was just a lady Not a care in the world 'Till she saw some grown men Kidnapping a girl She said Help, let me go So she sprung into action Then she looked right at a neckless And became Scarlett Johansson Then she kicked all their asses Varli, savior of the masses Don't know where that neckless came from Love more, hate less, that's the message Dolphin man saw her on TV And gave her a call They formed the best crime-fighting team In the world Ohh Then they saved the president From an alien race It was all over the news He was screaming in space Like Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight He said Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight He said Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me

  • #Supercringe

  • 7:55 *And thus the birth of the greatest song of all time*

  • Please no

  • lol im in kentucky

  • his videos ends my depression.

  • if you actually search whos the fastest growing youtube army, Greg is the top 3 results =)

  • Well, Varli let Danny do whatever

  • She got the husband so quicky, bc she hooked up with the husband

  • Danny’s wall: gre G

  • 2:44 I genuinely thought Danny was gonna say *”you broke my fucking nose!”*

  • Okay, am i the only one that thinks Danny look a little like the guy from Reaction Time? Im sorry, but they kind of look more alike than Drew and Danny does...👀👀

  • R u a lawn chair

  • How come nobody on tour comes to Louisiana?

  • I love u man

  • 2:27 Some people would call her a soccer mom I’d call her a Soccer Punch

  • I fucking love him. I JUST LIKE LOVE HIM, that bitch is annoying k bye

  • the tour rly said “fuck the pnw”😖

  • Omg I just looked up who's the fastest growing army on IT-tvs and Greg came up

  • Alright gang let’s punch this guy 1 2 1 2 1 2 1