Pubblicato il 22 giu 2019
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Hey Everyone! I’m back again with another video and another SUPERCHARGED Menu Challenge! In this challenge, I headed over to my local Jollibee for some Filipino fast food deliciousness! I got everything from spaghetti to fried chicken & MORE! If you guys enjoyed the video, be sure to let me know down in the comments below! Don’t forget to let me know where you want me to go for the next supercharged menu challenge!
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  • Dude really don't comment that below comment mango

  • Will the real slim shady please stand up.

  • Jbee chicken joy should be eatin while it’s hot just like other chicken. Its best when its hot❤️

  • Imagine if the car behind him was doing the “letting the person infront of me eat challenge” lol

  • Exercise I thought you meant extra fries 🍟

  • I liked this videos just because you said that the best of a chicken is it’s breasts And what you said was absolutely right!😂

  • you can really dip anything to the graavy 😂😂

  • "What kind of critter is that?" Its in the name (faceslap) jolliBEE

  • Hostess is crap now days, awful. New greedy owner ruined it. Pity those who eat it.

  • dalok dalok ka hahaha😡🤓🤓🤓🤓🕵

  • the jollibee in the phil is stupidly under portioned and less quality. too bad.


  • I totally agree with you. The BREASTS are the best part.

  • Team thigh all the way! GO DARK MEAT!!!

  • Lol did you put battlefield soundtrack in the background 😂

  • Ranch makes everything better

  • I think you should go to rising crain for the next supercharge menu challenge

  • the way he said EWW on the fries broke my heart

  • Jollibee is bomb man. One of the best 1-2 combo with chicken and rice other than KFC's Cole slaw and chicken. Mmm.

  • よく食べるなー

  • Too much talking man

  • Whenever u mix ranch with everything I feel really disturbed

  • If I ate all that my stomach would explode and I would be pooping diarrhea

  • Mog im impressed you ate a lot....

  • Need to do whole lot of seafood boil with Blovesauce

  • 14:17 That triggers me

  • Mango

  • Noo

  • Aurbys

  • byk sgt ckpla ko ni. mkn jela cpt

  • This might not me notice and go in the Philiphines and mang inasal there an unli rice

  • Team thigh and breast

  • balot tuyo longanisa filipino food

  • Mango

  • You need to try rallys/checkers

  • America's jollibee is better than Philippines's😑😒

  • 🥭 mango

  • Steak and shake

  • OMG!😀

  • That critter bug is a bee and it's in the name jolli*bee* 😆

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • how u eating the rice without the mf sburger steak

  • Burger King

  • Mango

  • Mangp

  • thanks for sharing your video.. nice! keep creating more videos... BTW new subscriber here ... I hope you will do the same too... 👍👍

  • Mango

  • You've used gravy in most of the food you ate and I was shocked when I thought you are going to put the cupcake in the cup 😂

  • Holly cow u eat all of those ? Damn im hungry

  • ranch overload challenge please

  • Bulang bula bibig ni kuya ba😂😂

  • Can you please don't talk!!...

  • M Ma Man Mang Mango Mang Man Ma M

  • Damn that MANGO is lit af!

  • Love Jollibee!! Great video! Must try the spicy chicken!!💪👍🤘❤

  • Where is popoye eating charger vs erick jolly charger. Find th

  • Are u nick's ex

  • Mango

  • W.O.W moment! That's terrible!!!!

  • Eric you have to do a video we’re you eat all your wow moments in 24 hours