The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession

Pubblicato il 9 apr 2013
The Best family is so obsessed with their own strength that they spend countless hours lifting weights.
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  • The dad when he speaks.. he looks like a hotdog..

  • Where CPS.???LOL...

  • Bad math. 4 people training 240 hours a week? Each person would train 60 hours per week. 60÷7=8.57 hours. So each person trains 8.57 hours a day? Did I miss something???

  • I mean they are not the world strongest family

  • “They train up to 240 hours a week” 7 days a week, and only 24 hours in each day. Hmmmmmmmmmm🤔

  • They are the worlds strongest family plus the boy wasn't even pushing the dam ugly az car

  • I know the girl is little if she is in the strongest family she needs to do pushups all the way down

  • The next incredibles

  • The people that disliked on this video are 80 percent soccer moms

  • The only thing’s I can do is lift up 10 pound wieght And do push-up with one hand. Don’t think I’m lying I’ve done it before

  • when the week has 168 hours and they train their bodies 240 hours a week but nvm

  • Imagine seeing them at the pool or something I'd be intrigued and terriffied at the same time

  • When a 5 year old is stronger than you

  • 240 hours a week? Yeah 34hours a day sounds legit

  • The kid isn’t even muscular

  • My man Nick getting that puh

  • Nick looks like R-back from WWE

  • WOW. They are strong but not the strongest in the world

  • When kids weight lift this low age they cannot grow anymore

  • My dad has Giant Biceps.

  • 240 hours per week. Theres only 168 hours each week.

  • I think the 248 hours means the whole families hours of training added together so on average for each family member it is 62 hours a week

  • Wait, 240 hours each week?

  • the Lilliebridges would like to have a word

  • His coffe going to be steroids

  • That kid did not push that car

  • 240 hours in a week?

  • Wait he said they train up to 240 hours each week but theres 168 hours in a week soooo am I trippin?

  • They said the kids can lift 100 lbs but the weights says 5 kg wow

  • 0:55 wow this kid can lift 10kg what a god

  • The dad looks disgusting.

  • "They work out up to 240 hours each week" 24x7=168

  • Of course they're not the strongest family in the world I saw better ones. But still good

  • once he tries 150 pounds and his arm breaks, he will regret EVERYTHING

  • No one gonna y’all about the 240 hour week thing, there’s only 168 in a week

  • 100 pounds 4 year kid I can barely lift that weight

  • He looks like a human shreak

  • 1:37 tf am i seeing a man or a fucking tomato bruhhh

  • They train their bodies up to 240hrs a week 😂 There are only 168 hours in a week u liar

  • That guy looks like hes gonna explode