The Rockets' trade for Russell Westbrook gets a 'D' grade from Amin Elhassan | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Kevin Pelton joins Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan to continue discussing his biggest underachievers for the 2019 NBA offseason, with the New York Knicks (missing out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, bringing in a number of forwards and big men who could possibly block RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox and/or Mitchell Robinson) getting a D-grade. Elhassan then gives the Houston Rockets that same grade for trading first-round picks to put Russell Westbrook alongside James Harden.
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  • How on earth can you be a basketball fan and think the knicks had a bad free agency? We have no bad contracts and tons of trade pieces... y’all laughing now but in January. Some of these big contenting teams with injuries are gong to be looking at the knicks trade pieces later in the season...

  • That black guy got fired from Phoenix. Why would any listen to him? No credibility at all haha

  • Amin you are an idiot.

  • They just got off a shitty CP3 contract and gathered an asset.. regardless of the fit of Russ on the Rockets, it deserves at least a B grade. Wtf is this shit?

  • This is a Knicks video

  • This dude Amin shouldn’t be allowed to talk about Houston, dudes been a hater for years. They could trade Westbrook for Lebron and AD and dude would still say D-

  • so the rockets give 2 picks (which won’t be lottery) and it’s a D? do your homework. they got younger faster and stronger and got rid of the nbas worst contract. they aren’t the favorites by any means but they aren’t a team anybody wants to face early. i guarantee you LAC and LAL will do all they can to avoid this team early. this team is dangerous.

  • the knicks r a joke.

  • Rockets will win a championship and you will eat your world you idiotic bastard!

  • Rachel LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES talking about this Porzingis trade. Kristaps didn’t want to be there, they had no choice. Let it rest, lady 🙄🙄🙄

  • Knicksforclicks

  • I thought this guy knew his basketball. This is Rachel show not yours.

  • I’ll never understand what it matters trading late first round picks. They will basically be second picks. You’ll never win with Westbrook and harden but you all never pick inside of 22. So what is the big deal of trading those picks

  • Yes I understand that they got a lot of small forwards but they can play the 2,3, and 4 so they are interchangeable not to small or big and very athletic but Randle is 4, Morris the 3, and RJ is 2 so it depends on how everyone is used and coached

  • Wait. Any of the future first round picks likely won't be as good as Russel Westbrook, a first ballot HOF. You pair him with James harden, you extend the title window another 4 years with two completely unstoppable players. Whatever the rockets do will add on top of that. A+

  • Do this dude know anything bout basketball I take Westbrook any day he gets a triple double every game lol

  • What a dumbass the rockets literally had to make this move

  • And I'm telling you Amin on International IT-tvs's a hater 😝

  • Amin judging shit before the season has even started. Go and sit at the kids table with Hollins bruh.

  • As a Rockets fan, I feel the Rockets deserve an 'A' grade. Pace of play improves. Rebounding improves. Defense is steady. I love the 9-man rotation as it stands now (July 17, 2019): Starters: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, Clint Capela Backups: Austin Rivers, Gerald Green, Danuel House, Tyson Chandler

  • This is what I hate if Westbrook would have been traded to the Lakers oh yeah they are getting a championship . Fucking NBA and ESPN are so sore about the fact that there boyfriend Lebron did not get shit is a matter of fact he didn’t even make it to the 5 best players of last season that all they can do is try to sell every one once again the dream of the Lakers. I will bet they are not getting a championship this year.. Let Westbrook and James do what they need to do before judging them and stop playing Nostradamus!!!

  • Amin also had the Bucks winning against Toronto and GSW winning without their best players... he often has brash and uninhibited takes to make headlines and is then proven wrong .. time and time again.


  • I would give this trade an A because they got rid of the mistake that was signing Chris Paul to a contract that would pay him max money at 37 and replaced him with a younger and more talented star. No other team would have taken Chris Paul except for the Thunder, they're the only ones who could burden his contract and had a star they were trying to trade. If they kept going with Chris Paul the Rockets would just fail again at least this is something new and now their contention window has been expanded since Russ will be 31 this season while CP3 is 34. Its not about the overall haul, its about the move you make granted the position you are in. In that sense the Rockets killed it with this one.

  • The only basket Amin and Hollins need to be involved in is the waste basket.

  • Every year the media: "It's not going to work" by all star break, "I didn't think it would work, but they've made the best of it. But in the playoffs..." After they advance in the playoffs "Yeah but they won't beat the odds on favorites." Post season, "Actually the team that gave the champs a run for their money was Houston but NOW ... it's not going to work."

  • The media spends more energy on the knicks that are bad than most of the actual good teams,....Get off da knicks dick already...Geeeeesh

  • Would the media survive if they didnt talk about the knicks so dam much, ....Geeeesh!....they talk about the knicks Not getting than the teams that did get ...Wtf is dat!,,,,,Get if da knicks Dick!!!

  • Why should I care what this guy thinks? Just report man..

  • Bunch of lames who’ve never played

  • That's why Amin on TV and no longer has a job in the league

  • Amin Elhassan the same guy that said Jeff Teague was better than Derrick Rose and should start over him...

  • Yeah the Rockets lost picks, but they also lost a players who ruins the atmosphere and chemistry with his teammates. No hate on Chris Paul but he didn’t want to be in Houston and other players didn’t want him there anyway

    • Honest'y CP3 wasn't even passing as often as he could Whenever he had the ball it was like he wanted to keep it longer because he wasn't in charge. He slowed down the offense

  • Knicks made the smart move passing on KD. He won't be the same after the Achilles tear. Dolan is a smart businessman.

  • Please people be smart enough to enjoy greatness when you see it, also it's not stat padding when you do things no one has ever done , get this man a coach how many championships did MJ or Kobe win with out Phil,

  • Westbrook = Hall of Famer 1) only player to average a triple double in 3 seasons 2) only player too lead the NBA scoring & assist in multiple seasons 3) one of ten player's to amass 15,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, 5,000 assists, Men lie, women lie Numbers don't

  • The Rockets could have two Mvp's on they team and still get shit talked...OH WAIT smh

  • Windhorst and Amin have it right, while Pelton comes across as having an understanding as sophisticated as that of your average Twitter follower. Grading what the Knicks did this off season on the basis of ESPN reporters' expectations having not been satisfied is hardly worthwhile "analysis." Thank goodness Scott Perry and Steve Mills have developing their draft picks as their priority and did NOT offer the entire franchise for Anthony Davis or anyone else. And the Knicks organization FOR ONCE in their history electing NOT to give all the money in the world (i.e., their salary cap) for 32 year-old damaged goods (regardless of how great) was precisely why they did NOT deserve anything like a "D" grade for not signing KD. With Kyrie obviously having decided he was never coming here in the first place (and KD only going wherever his boy was going), the Knicks can't be graded down on having not acquired them except as a reflection of expectations created through faulty reporting. Knicks-bashing's just low hanging fruit for 14 year-old's unable to see or value anything but "headline news." Sorry to disappoint ESPN, but I'll take Scott Perry's judgment over (most, though not all) you guys' "insider" info 7 days out of the week, much the same way the Pistons teams of the early 00's let him and Joe Dumars build a team of no-name winners. "Trending"-driven sports reporting isn't journalism at all, simply an astute business model of ESPN's. Congratulations. You win.

  • ESPN must of had a talk to Amin about his takes because he really ramped it up today lol.

  • Bashing the Knicks once again .. these dumb ass analysts don’t know basketball 🤦🏽‍♂️ don’t dick ride when we start tearing shit up

  • On the bright side for Knicks fans: the only way is up now. I mean look at the 76ers, 3 years ago they were 10-72 and look at them now. If the 76ers can do it, the Knicks can do it as well!

  • You're crazy if you think Rockets were better off w/ CP3 than Westbrook.

    • @Emm Jayy Time will tell, I'm calling it now though, it will be a mess, sure plenty of ESPN highlights, but that's not necessarily indicative of good basketball. 1st round exit, and then guys like you will be confused saying stuff like, "But, b-but, he averaged a triple double!"

    • ​@Douglas Quaid Yea he was amazing in the 3 or 4 postseasons he missed due to injury. And going onto 35 by next playoffs he won't be a threat to ANY team. Clearly "decision making" isn't sufficient to win. You need RAW speed and athleticism and to be able to create mismatches, not a 2nd ball dominant flopper to play alongside James Harden. Harden is the point guard. Russ will speed the game up and better fit the D'antoni offense too and make them more lethal. Regardless who you think is better, they obviously weren't winning anything with the same exact roster.

    • The Rockets were better with CP3, he knows how to play point guard, Russ is just a raw athlete who stat pads, has terrible decision making and has no idea how to play point or run a basic pick and roll.

  • Leave the Knicks alone you bunch of presumptuous assholes ! the knicks never had a meeting with kyrie Irving or KD 👍🏻

  • Why exactly do we care what Amin thinks. Why are these people who mever play ball "experts" ? What a joke.

  • Seriously, who the hell cares about Amin Hassan?? ESPN quit force this ugly ass mf down our throats

  • it can go both ways in fact picks is not important for HOU, and those are not in good position as well swap, insignificant too.......but what if they need those asset for further trading.....that might have a effect, except that HOU is ok by now

  • Get well soon Rachel

  • Who the fuck is Amin Elbahdhihfado

  • Bruh it’s randles team he averaged over 21ppg it ain’t barretts the disrespect is unreal

  • Amin is one of the biggest rockets hater in media, hi opinion don’t matter. He’s a Dumb ass

  • Didn't everyone say CP3 and james would not work? Guess what same hate here, but rocket nation not putting no attention on these outside voices cuz we gonna prove all these bumbs wrong.

  • He was the main one saying cp3 and harden wouldn't work lol


  • Horrible trade for Houston, HORRIBLE

  • Whoever this dude is I can’t stand em

  • Amin also gets D for that uneven haircut. The bald spot saved him from getting a F

  • Amin is worse than Ryan Hollins

  • Amin gets a f grade wtf

  • Man this clown amir el whatever always hatin on westbrook sucker needs to shut up and watch

  • How TF is the draft B???

  • Hate when ESPN has to go their bench players... Hollins and Amin are so trash lmfaooooo

  • The media bias for the knicks is unreal. They’re TRASH, they’ve been trash for 21+ years. They were trash when Melo and staudemire were getting 1st round knockout playoffs. It’s like the media trying to push the Detroit lions down our throat.

  • Lol, JewESPN back at it with the needless slander to players, who have done nothing wrong.

  • How dose he know it ain’t gonna work know didn’t think KD was gonna fit in with the GSW cuz Curry’s use to haven the ball a lot and Klay Thompson They were the splash brothers but soon as KD came he broke all that like they had to change up there playing style a lot Like the whole playbook was switched around like anything is possible it just takes time to adapt but we will see what’s what once they play 5 games together

  • Amin shouldn’t be allowed to talk basketball after I read the caption

  • ESPN is absolutely garbage when it isn’t SAS and/or Kellerman

    • Sas and max are trash too

    • Massive black dick W

  • Remember this comment. Westbrook is going to Improve his 3 Point% by at least 4%

    • And his true shooting FG% will be 5%higher

  • Ryan Hollins blew me! I have pics! I need to expose him!!!!

  • Its a shame how the media doesn't like Harden or Westbrook. Westbrook literally called Harden and said I want to team up with you. Russ now has shooters around him. He has Harden, PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon as well. Austin Rivers, House, Gerald Green, House, and then Houston added Tyson Chandler which is a great backup for Capela. Westbrook is probably tired of losing. Watch how Houston wins 60 games and then the media starts sucking up to Houston acting like they was with them all along.

  • How the fuck is it a d? Rockets will never be a lottery team with harden so the draft picks they gave away mean nothing. Russ is a definite upgrade from cp3 old diva ass. Better player better chemistry. I could care less bout the rockets or westbroom but that was a nice move.

  • Rockets will be worse this season. Just watch.

    • I completely agree. Russ doesn't know how to play point, his athleticism masks his stupidity and selfishness as a player to the untrained eye.

  • Amin a hater! Get his biased ass off espn

  • i see why you dont have a front office job anymore .. westbrook avg a triple double last year and was one off the best defenders in the league he also was one of the best players in iso scoring situations now your putting westbrook in a situation with spacing all around him like he never had in his career and a coach who supports his playing style to a T

  • A d.. for the rockets are draggin d's nuts all over the conference.

  • Amin a bitch any real nigga can see it and hes always hated on the Rockets/Harden

  • Amin sounds stupid AF, those picks? Please, Russ is 3 1/2 years younger and isn't tissue paper fragile like Chris is, people are just bitter because they didnt think Morey would be able to move CP3's contract and he did just that and got a much younger/better player

  • How is getting rid of an injury prone, bad chemistry, in decline, bad contract type of player like cp3 for Russell Westbrook a D!? Lmao funny. Cp3 guaranteed us no championship for the next 3 years with that trash ass contract and his constantly injured body.

  • Thoughts on fit aside this was a great trade for everyone involved except CP3. This guy is an idiot.

  • Amin is a hater Westbrook and harden will work. Just the process

  • Rockets fans delusional and butt hurt. Too many L’s in the playoffs.