The Rockets' owner got fined for mentioning Russell Westbrook before trade was completed | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan break down fines to Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, with Fertitta's coming after he mentioned Russell Westbrook before the trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder was officially complete.
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  • Amin what happen to oh this combination is not going to work out? Fucking idiot, that's why you don't work for Phoenix no more.

  • No reason to fire some one a human being for just speaking the truth!!! Wtf is wrong with y'all why are y'all so scared to change and stand up!!

  • Amin WTF are you talking about? How come your not still with the Suns if you gurantee that it's not going to work. Freaking Idiot.

  • @Rachel Nichols , Proud of you!! you seem to be ill yet you are there doing what you do best.

  • Amid is a Rockets hater and always talks down to our team. Stfu dude

  • The black dude hating on the Rockets

  • Amin Elhassan is such a clown. Doesn´t know what he´s talking about

  • I thought we’re not supposed to use the word, “owner.”

  • Now Harden won’t need to overuse his step back 3 because Russ can set him up. It’ll be interesting to see how far these two will go

  • 1:04 cole world

  • ESPN been talking about it for a week...but the team actually getting him can’t say anything? Lol this is great

  • Rockets already failing

  • Bro Amin is a hater, sour ass cornball always talking down on the rockets. How’s it feel to be the least famous person at that table? Had to look up his name.

  • make sure yall dont erase this video and make sure that guy dont change opinion when the Rockets do good this season coming up.

  • fuck you dont talk about how us Rockets fans feel. ESPN always talked down on every houston team fuck yall really.

  • Rachel Nichols is fucking Jimmy butler

  • This brother is a f moron!!!

  • Don’t worry peasants 25k is 25bucks to my 🏦 roll hahaha 😂 has

  • Men adrian woj should be fine by $1million nba

  • This dude sounds so ridiculous you realize that the Rockets are predicated on Analytics and regardless of people not liking their style of play they've been only second to the warriors for that last few years in t he WC. Westbrook and harden have played together since they were 10 years old and have great chemistry on and off the court. Amin Elhassan is just using this opportunity as another cheap way to hate on the rockets.

  • ***govener

  • That nothing to him he get back he billionaire h town go rockets

  • Everyone gonna meat ride if this work out they gonna recanting and all that b.s I had a feeling they was......shut yo azz up lol

  • that's all America lose their freedom

  • They need to stop these $25,000 fine that's a violation against our freedom of speech trying to turn America into another communist country the people needs to start suing the NBA for violation of our constitutional rights

  • Man Harden and Westbrook going to shut all the HATERS up just watch 👀

  • I'm confused.. so these guys are fined.. but noone from clippers/paul George or kawhi and their camps were not?

  • Thid dude been haten on the rockets did he play ball nope🤔🤔

  • Amin El Hassan has been on ESPN blabbering for years at this point. He worked for the Suns...what else? He is reading way too much into one comment.

  • Thas nun to mark

  • Rachel with the sexy ass voice

  • Rachel needs to shut the fuck up with shitty opinions

  • Amin must’ve interviewed for a rockets job and got turned down. He’s been hating hard on the H lately.

  • I love Rachael 's voice

  • Westbrook already starting trouble for his new team and he hasnt even played yet

  • I know there is less to discuss now but damn these takes are getting trash

  • the NBA is just as tampered as the nation it exists in. 👍

  • Hehe another fine for Mark Cuban. Worst things are *Tipping or Giving Bill Gates Money.* *Billionaire gets a fine.* *Breaking the Laptop of the Owner of Microsoft.*

  • Nba fines goes to charity so i dont mind billionnaires getting fined for some bullshit rule lol

  • Shut up brian fathorst