The Rockets are done with trades and are 'rolling with this group' - Ramona Shelburne | The Jump

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Ramona Shelburne, Clinton Yates, Dave McMenamin and Nick Friedell discuss the state of the Houston Rockets after trading Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook to put alongside James Harden. Shelburne reveals that they will not be trading the likes of Eric Gordon, Clint Capela and PJ Tucker and will be "rolling with this group."
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  • Danuel House gets underappreciated. Why wasn't he on the Rockets roster ESPN??? The guy averaged nearly 10ppg on 42%3pt and has improved his defense.

  • Rockets will still get bounced in the 2nd round.

  • Dave macmanium needs to shut his ass up and go wash Lebum draws. Only team I put ahead of Houston is Clippers period. Houston has great chance at finishing top 3 in west

  • CP3 is gone now GSW looks like they maybe down some no more excuses Houston you got 2 MVP in Westbrook & Harden a good bench it Championship or bust at lease you need to be in the finals.

  • 1:41 - 1:55 *Good Riddance, he's your **-hamstrings-** problem now OKC Thunders 😂*

  • They should add Iguodala if Memphis buys him out

  • What if the media is wrong and CP3 and Harden are cool lol.

  • Westbrook need to play small forward and score and get 15 rebs a game and harden have 11 assists a game

  • They need Igoudala

  • Of course it's one of the factor ,the truth is their inconsistency to be able winning a title championship,creates bad atmosphere around the franchise,and the fans got bored of them.the manager has to take the right decision, it has to start first by fire the coach and looking for young rosters to change their playing style,to be able to compete with others teams. You know what, when you put 2 isolated players together, it creates disaster or confusion or conflict, this trade is the dumbest move on the nba.sorry Houston rockets fan,this team would be the worst team next season,they won't make the playoffs.

  • ESPN has a deeper bench than the rockets

  • Why they got Don Cheadle talking basketball like he know some shit

  • they made it seem like Westbrook is better than Harden. He basically owns Rockets

  • it doesn't matter who Rockets add.... or get rid of.... they will NEVER win a title with Harden on the team.... I have already been saying this for past five years.... Harden's ball hogging, dribble, dribble, dribble, stagnate the ENTIRE offense style of play WILL NEVER WIN in the NBA.... not to mention that Harden ALWAYS chokes in the Playoffs, against the other top defensive teams in the league.... just like he has ALWAYS DONE FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS in playoffs.

  • Russ is a upgrade in this aspect he can't shoot like cp3 but he can dish just as good and he's faster then cp3 so fast breaks and driving to the hoop Russ will get to the line more

  • Lmao poor CP3

  • Rockets had their chance being up 3-2 to the Warriors, I think their window is closed.

  • They can win if they hire a new coach

  • Yeah right.

  • Westbrook hasn't had his fair share of injuries. He had one big injury from that Beverly thing. He's been ultra durable otherwise. In terms of injuries him and Chris Paul can't be in the same conversation. P.s not a fan of WB just stating facts

  • I wish I kouldve enjoy sports with no media these fuckwads ruining sports


  • I really hope the Rockets aren't done making moves. They need alot more to win the title.

  • How many damn guards do they need???? Their line-up is like 1 big and 4 guards. Then their bench is just more point guards.

  • that guy in the green shirt looks so out of place. lol.

  • If rockets can get pass warrior.. anything is possible..

  • These guys sleeping on the new Houston roster.. so much talent. They're def going to be dangerous

  • Goodluck with that lol

  • 😂 That Thumbnail. Why is he looking directly at the camera? Lol

  • You didn't think that team was going to win the title f.o.h

  • It still not gonna work

  • They are trouble in the making! In a good way though. The other scary team is the Clippers and I'm a Rockets fan!

  • I love how these grown men making millions are mean to each other in the locker room.

  • Chris Paul got old too early like Steve Nash

  • If Im Morey Im keeping the core together. But I feel they should trade Shumpert & Farried for Robert Convington. Have Daniel House as your starting SF & have your 4-5 man rotation off da bench be Rivers, Gordan, Green, Convington or Tyson Chandler(if neccessary)

    • @Steven Anacker If so do it, go all in for it. Trade them & put draft picks in it. They need 1 more wing. Convington is like a PJ Tucker a hybrid SF/PF who can even play the small ball 5 if needed

    • Shump and Farried would not net Covington. There'd have to be picks involved.

  • I wish harden can win a chip and shave his beard off😩

  • He’s an upgrade as far as chemistry

  • Y’all suck

  • No disrespect to Ramona Shelbourn but Rachel Nichols just has more energy 😂. I always feel like this is basketball ASMR when I hear her talk.

  • Next your they going to say Westbrook numbers went down