The Rockets and Nuggets top Jalen’s 2019-20 Western Conference playoff teams | Get Up

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose gives his predictions for the top teams in the Western Conference for the regular season with the Houston Rockets finishing as the top seed.
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  • Every year Spurs getting shat on, every year ''they're not making the playoffs''. Pelicans over Spurs? GTFO

  • My personal list: 1. Houston Rockets 2. Los Angeles Clippers 3. Denver Nuggets 4. Los Angeles Lakers 5. Portland Trail Blazers 6. Utah Jazz 7. Golden State Warriors 8. San Antonio Spurs

  • Rockets at 1???? Stay off the weeeeed

  • 538 don’t know nothin

  • Really? Rockets at number 1 seed? That’s not going to happen 🙅‍♂️!

  • My own list 1.Clippers 2.Lakers 3.Denver 4.Rockets 5.Jazz 6.Warriors 7.Portland (Switchable with 6) 8.Spurs or Pelicans Edit: i wanted to put portland higher but too many good teams

  • Its sad how these ESPN people are disrespecting the Warriors, i'm a die hard warrior fan and this is just unreal. Just watch them i'm telling you watch them.

  • I feel like jalen is really acurate

  • Blazers over pelicans

  • All that hate on the Rockets and NOW THIS?! Stop Sleeping on Goatbrook & The Beard people!

  • This man is the most informed , well versed and wise panalist on ESPN . Period . Come the end of regular season 19 - 20 his table will be exactly damn right .

  • Y the clippers so low in the first standing


  • It's sad you how much ya'll sleeping on the Warriors

  • So can the warriors defeat the nuggets in 7 games with a healthy klay?

  • Mavs LMAO

  • The former New Orleans Pelicans Trio (Rondo, Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis) has the perfect TEAM CHEMISTRY for days that Lebron James is not playing due to Load Management. 😀😀😀 Rondo has better TEAM CHEMISTRY with the Laker Twin Towers than Lebron James, having played a full NBA season together previously. Rondo played with Boogie Cousins twice: New Orleans Pelicans Sacramento Kings

  • DAMN fools for predicting the New Orleans Pelicans will make the NBA Playoffs ahead of San Antonio and Portland. 😀😀😀 Sacramento Kings were fighting for the 8th Seed with 2 weeks left to play.

  • Too high for the Golden State Warriors, Portland Trailblazers are better. 😀😀

  • warriors number 7. this is more than a joke. they are eaisly a top 7-8 team without klay and with him more than likely th best team in the west. the wariors hate is unreal. how are the spurs better than the warriors?!!!. THE WARRIORS. at least the first ones were showing thwm more respect.

  • Clippers in 6th spot? Lol

  • Houston wins 65 games but lose to one of the LA teams in the second round

    • Xxxx Soto I’m a rockets fan and I agree but we’ll see

  • My prediction top 8 in western conference : Clippers, Jazz, Lakers, Nuggets, Rockets, Trail Blazers, Spurs and Mavericks

    • Muhammad Nur Ikhwan You have the mavs at 8. Interesting.

  • 1. Clippers 2. Nuggets 3. Lakers 4. Jazz 5. Rockets 6. Warriors 7. Blazers 8. Kings

  • Dont matter if rockets finish 1st. Come playoff time they will choke as always

  • This dude is a dick sucking delusional ringless, finaless, mvpless bum

  • I don’t think that the nuggets would be the 2nd seed I think they would be like 7th or 8th

    • They don’t got to much star power they even got a 3 percent chance of winning a ring

    • Good gamer 777 nope definitely top three

  • Rose is dumb

  • People are sleeping on the Kings

  • Didn’t this man get 81 pts dropped on him?

  • That was stupid Clippers at 6 🤪🤪

  • Dallas better than the Spurs Sacramento and Pelicans 💯📠

  • Bruh this is trash

  • Why don't you use PowerPoint?

  • Naw man you got got the rockets at the #1 seed?? Your not allowed to talk basketball after that dumb shit.

  • I gotta say Clippers Rockets Jazz Lakers Blazers Nuggets Warriors Spurs

  • 538's model is garbage.

  • Jalen 🍀🔥💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 big hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hell No

  • My boy J is not crazy. Houston will destroy teams in the REGULAR season, but in playoffs they will have an ego explosion 💥. They’ll get bounced in the second round.

  • Yessss sirrrr let's go HOUSTONEE 🤘🔥

  • Ohhh yuhhh Houston on top babbyy💪🔥

  • This guy trash

  • 1Clippers 2Lakers 3Rockets 4Blazers 5Jazz 6Warriors 7Nuggets 8Spurs

  • Spurs and blazers will make the playoffs

  • Who the hell's making these projections weres Portland

  • Rockets is my hated yet pick to be getting a conference finals or championship finals team

    • @Houston Rockets I'm pro Thunder: if it ain't Thunder I hate them, not only the rockets. It's a fan thing

    • Bale Sahagun why you hate us?

  • Seriously how the hell is the lakers and Clippers and warriors is behind the nuggets and Houston jaylen rose is an idiot

  • 1.Lakers 2.Nuggets 3.Clippers 4.Warriors 5.Blazers 6.Rockets 7.Jazz 8.Spurs

  • I am 99 percent sure that Jalen is 81% wrong.

  • I got the Dallas Mavericks as the 8th seed

  • Clippers #6 ?who tf made these protections

  • Clippers at 6?!?! Rockets at 1?!?! Blazers not even in the mix?!?! This shit is rigged beyond belief lol cuz I wanna know how the hell the Pelicans gonna do better than the Blazers. I don't see how any team in the west can win more than 55 games this year...too much competition now

  • Bruh wat bout the mavs

  • Im new to the nba which should i support?

  • Not even a Clips fan, but how aren't they projected to be in the top 4 there? Lmao. That's stupid as hell.

  • LeBron is nobody in the West 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Man yall really sleeping on the kings! They swept spurs 4-0 last season, 4 games with the warriors including kd total combine 5 pt win difference, lost bagley over 20 games last season. They gonna surprise everyone next year.

  • I think a lot of people are forgetting about Dallas

  • 1. Lakers 2. Nuggets 3. Rockets 4. Clippers 5. Warriors 6. Trailblazers 7. Jazz 8. Spurs

  • dnt count us out!!

  • 1.clipper 2.rockets 3.nuggets 4.blazers 5.spurs 6.warriors 7.lakers 8.pelicans

  • Reminder Kobe scored 81 on Jalen rose

  • Interesting insight

  • How tf do you not put la at number 1 I guess people forgot who Lebron is

  • Wow. I thought the first list was bad. Jalens list was a joke

  • 1. Clippers 2. Nuggets 3. Lakers 4. Rockets 5. Jazz 6. Blazers 7. Warriors 8. Spurs

    • Why do people think the Blazers will have a better record than the Warriors? Why would anybody take a backcourt of Dame & CJ over Steph & Russell is beyond me.

  • Im a warriors fan but blazers missing the playoffs SMH....

  • I just wondering how people already forgot the warriors

  • 1 Clippers 2 Jazz 3 Lakers 4 Nuggets 5 Rockets 6 Tblazers 7 Warriors 8 Spurs

  • The good thing about this is that jalen rose is always wrong lol well 90% if the time lol

  • My playoff standings in the west: 1. Denver 2. Clippers 3. Lakers 4. Portland 5. Utah 6. Kings 7. Mavs 8. Golden state

  • 1. Clippers 2. Nuggets 3. Lakers 4. Jazz 5. Rockets 6. Blazers 7. Warriors 8. Spurs

    • Really rockets and the blazers over the warriors? Did you watch the playoffs this year??actually they are better in the regular season (blazers,rockets)

    • i hope Nola get that 8th spot

  • Clippers?????

  • 1. Clippers 2. Nuggets 3. Lakers 4. Warriors 5. Rockets 6. Blazers 7. Jazz 8. Mavericks

  • As long as warriors are on there we cool

  • The.... The Clippers....?

  • Here are my west playoff standings 1.Rockets 2.Lakers 3.Nuggets 4.Clippers 5.Jazz 6.Blazers 7.Warriors 8.Spurs

    • @Nathan Longardner I think that his defense will be missed expires expinentually. I think the warriors will still win 50 games but with how good the west is, just winning 50 isnt going to get you a top 3 seed like in the east.

    • I agree with this, except GS won't finish that low. Swap them and Utah and I agree 100%. Warriors still have 3 all stars without Klay.

  • Portlaaaaannd waaaattt

  • 99.9% hes full of shit 😂 cant trust this guy