The Rockets and Nuggets top Jalen’s 2019-20 Western Conference playoff teams | Get Up

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose gives his predictions for the top teams in the Western Conference for the regular season with the Houston Rockets finishing as the top seed.
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  • Shows to prove, AGAIN, that Jalen Rose is dumb 🤷🏾‍♂️. So how’s them Blazers doing? Putting Denver in front of Lakers or Clippers? Hmmm.

  • Who is here after spurs, blazers, and warriors are struggling

  • *Laughs in lakers fan contempt*

  • After 15 games, this is how I rank the West. 1. Clippers 2. Mavericks 3. Lakers 4. Houston 5. Nuggets 6. Jazz 7. Suns 8. Wolves

  • My seedings for regular season (based after the first 10 games or so): 1. LA Lakers 2. Denver Nuggets 3. LA Clippers 4. Portland Trail Blazers 5. Houston Rockets 6. Utah Jazz 7. San Antonio Spurs 8. Dallas Mavericks Miss the playoffs (injuries, inexperience throughout the season, just not good enough): Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, OKC Thunder, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings.

  • My nuggets are not playing around

  • you don't know what ya talking about men....

  • So much for that Warriors 4th seed....

  • At 1:06 the spurs haven’t missed the playoffs since 1911 😂

  • This is by far the worst list I have ever seen

    • Then please post yours so we can critique it.

  • Go suns

  • Jalen deadass said the Jazz going deeper in the playoffs and they match up with the Clippers in the first round, okay Jalen

  • Clippers picked sixth?? I bet they are all scrambling now saying they pick Clippers to win it all.

  • Who cane up with that first list tf. So warriors better than clippers this year? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blazers not in the playoffs

  • The Rockerts are gona crush everyone in the regular seasson but won't make the Western C. Finals


  • Jalen rose is still salty at the Lakers #81

  • Spurs have not missed the play offs since 1911, lol Greene

  • He be on point ijs

  • Bro Jalen say What? LeBron in his 17th Year can't make it down the Stretch? Bro, except for any Major injuries, LeBron's Presence on the Hardwood, with all those Bigs, is enough to Get into the Win Column. Bro, I keep Saying that the Lakers have Pulled One over, on the Rest of the NBA, by Acquiring 4 top Bigs, who can Defend and shoot the Mid Post Jump Shot, shoot the 3 Ball, as Well as the put on a Dunking Clinic. And this is without Lebron even Getting his Game Started. The Battle in the West will be Lakers Vs Denver for the Western Conference Title. Any of the 2 Teams can finish in the Top 1-2 spot . Either Houston and G State in at the 3-4 spot. Either Portland, Clippers or Utah in at the 5-6-7 spot and San Antonio or Minnesota, or Memphis, in with the final 8 spot.

  • Laksrs in 5 bitches.

  • You disrespected The Spurs and Blazers !!! Pelicans won't be in the playoffs.

  • Check out Jalen Rose all videos is a slice slander against LBJ shame this man J Rose is beyond jealous his wife must called him LeBron in bed or something even if the is conversation about active Goat he will mention MJ in the conversation like a jealous B’tch this sh@*t is deep

  • Jalen smoking k2 if he got the trailblazer ahead of the Lakers.

  • There's a problem....You picked the Clippers and Jazz to go far in the playoffs, but they are 3 and 6????????

  • ESPN is all about the story lines, if it was up to them we should name lakers champions right now and don't play the season at all

  • 50+31=82 people. That's that Disney Education right there

  • Lakers 5 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Biggest shock is if GSW makes the playoffs. Who's playing defense on that team?

  • You guys all know Jalen doesn't know anything, right? He also said the Raptors were going to Kawhi.

  • rockets not going to the playoffs with harden and westbrook

  • They got the Knicks of touchscreens

  • Rockets won't be 1st seed harden avg 36 ppg last season but rockets were 4th seed and Westbrook won't make it any better after his bummer last season - shot at a career low FG% AND FT%, avg the least number of ppg since his mvp season, and was definitely inconsistent in the playoffs trying to boost his stats

  • Worst ever predictions...

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ESPN stay of the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

  • In the east 1. Bucks 2. Philly 3. Toronto 4. Boston 5. Nets 6. Detroit 7. Miami 8. Pacers

  • 1.Rockets 2.Denver 3. Lakers 4. Clippers 5. Warriors 6. Blazers 7. Utah 8. Spurs

  • I would take out Mavericks and Pelicans and put Blazers and Spurs