The Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer Breakdown & Reaction (Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer 3)

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
Today the official Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer released and today we will be doing a star wars the rise of skywalker final trailer breakdown. We will also be doing a star wars the rise of skywalker final trailer reaction as well. The rise of skywalker new trailer gave fans new looks of rey, kylo ren and even palpatine as well in the upcoming film that has many fans very excited. In this star wars the rise of skywalker trailer 3 breakdown we will be going over the various shots including palpatine, rey and even kylo ren. Also in this the rise of skywalker trailer 3 reaction i go over my thoughts of it all. Also in this star wars episode 9 trailer breakdown we go over the various worlds and locations to appear in the film. In this star wars episode 9 trailer reaction we will will go over palpatines dialogue that is very crucial to the plot.
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    • its trash..starwars is dead...u must be a real sally or never new the real star wars this is steaming pile of shit..sjw bleedings

    • Suk it

  • It's like poetry, they rime...

  • is this at last the final milking? they should have stopped after the 3rd.

  • That passana planet setting looks an awful lot like the pod racing course from Episode I

  • Theory: Ray and Kylo aren't fighting, they're destroying vader's helmet together. Maybe?

  • What are the brown armbands? Resistance identifier?

  • Mike : If you look close I think that’s a flashback of Carrie training - she has bun hairdo and rumor she is training with Luke but they stop and she tells him she’s pregnant (flashback with carries daughter doing far shots) When Kylo and rey smash vader helmet look at far right - that’s CLOUD CITY where vader was going to leave a garrison and maybe idols of him statutes or this is shared vision. That’s not kylos ship. Can I throw out there : at end of WWIII there was serious discussion Hitler had a contingency plan to escape to new Schwbenland in the Antarctic and Argentina and hidden sub bases there - interesting analogue to what could be plot here (some believe the Admiral Bryd expedition was to check on this rumor and engage Nazi remnants) .... star destroyers hidden in ice base by leader thought to be dead? In history nerd and SW geek so noticed parallel.

  • Anyone else seen C3PO with the giant blaster hole in his head and red eyes? Im cinvinced all these people want to do is ruin our chikdhood memories by killing off our heros...

  • Unlimited star destroyers!!!!

  • Top fan can't even keep the characters straight. That's how memorable they are.


  • It's Anakin that says "it's an instinct" in my opinion.

  • Error 1: That isn't the training helmet Luke used when first training on the Millenium Falcon it is slightly similar, but closer to a B-Wing pilots helmet. The training visor Luke used in EP IV was an X wing helmet with the blast shield down. Possible error 2: The planet is not Endor. It could be Kashyyk, Falucia, D'qar, Scarif, Abeloth's Planet, or even Onderon. Endor is a California Redwood Forest type deciduous type planet, not tropical planet such as shown in the trailer. Look closer to the plant life.

  • The strange scene of Kylo and Rey jointly striking down the Vader mask pedestal MUST be on Cloud City, because Lando Calrissian makes a return and they must go to Cloud City to summon him. The entire scene is bright and the interior is all white, just like in The Empire Strikes Back...Also when Luke is training with Yoda on his back in this movie, Luke tells Yoda, "I am not afraid," and Yoda replies, "You will be, you will be." It's interesting to hear Luke in the final trailer says, "Confronting fear is the destiny of the Jedi."

  • The voice in beginning is not all Poe or not even, the voice changes to Fin and then possibioity IT'S Anakin

  • Could the Jungle World Might Be Yavin 4?

  • The end of the Star Wars franchise, brought to you by SJW's and the PC police. What a shame.

    • It was SJW's and the PC police that created Star Wars in the first place. But in a different age and context. People don't realize this.

  • the binocular call back was to A New Hope not Empire

  • Good Stuff...thank you. I like your Star Wars analysis. Q: the horses. Does the kid with force powers return? I know the horses look different...but are they related to the young future Resistance fighter?

  • but will they reveal whats in chewies utility belt?

  • The throne is Mcquarrie old designs. The icestroid is a frozen star destroyer

    • I know you were right about the throne i was saying the icesteroid isn’t a star destroyer, at least in my opinion I don’t believe it is. That is a planet/asteroid that is where Finn and Poe find the Empire leaker/snitch.

    • @TWNS 10 Yes the new throne is Ralph Mcquarries concept art from the Return of the Jedi. I'm predicting the Icestroid is a Star destroyer is all.

    • Brian Carpenter No it’s not.

  • Actually that's Finn talking at the beginning, then it switches to Poe.

  • Millennium Falcon radar dish... GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE! EVERYONE knows that the Falcon is constantly evolving and getting new tech/upgrades (as Han states in ANH and several EU books describe)! So, why are so many making such a big deal about the radar dish (and why would it be assumed that it's only for radar?), on the top of the ship? This is just another "upgrade" to the Falcon folks... wouldn't it completely blow your minds to discover that it doubles as the emitter for an extremely powerful energy weapon upgrade to the Falcon?!

  • Kinda looks like Rey and Kylo are working together in that shot where they bust the pedestal with vaders mask....

  • It’s been confirmed that they destroyed a Vader statue

  • Another remake from JJ. This man is so lazy.

  • I got goosebumps watching the trailer

  • Fantastic job with breaking down the trailer. Can’t wait for Christmas to see this.

  • Why are we even talking about this? We already know it’s gonna blow ass

  • Sorry, but I find Kylo Ren to be a boring character for a villain. Rey is not much better for hero either.

  • Did you see the training remote follow her in the sky after she drops the helmet

  • who cares if Rey and Kylo fight again, she's kicked his ass twice, with no training..... these movies are so badly written and they suck.


  • No knows her because no one wants to she is not special at all she had three day of training that is not enough to make her anything she is no Jedi she is a joke and I am very disappointed and Finn is just as much of a joke as she is Kylo is no where close of earning the name Sith this film is a joke and I am surprised people are going to accept this crap Star Wars is dead and gone Disney has ruined it and it sad people are ok with it RIP Star Wars I wouldn’t forget you and I won’t forgive the people who killed you.

  • I have a feeling that at the end of the film the empire gona b 2 strong against the resistance and rebellion and out of nowhere hux is gona order the first order 2 turn and help them destroy the empire ships.. Kylo will die saving rey at the end and my main thing I really want is anakin he is the chosen one he is the one who gotta kill the emperor as george Lucas already said the whole franchise is about him

  • Rose fucking Tico 🧐 fuck off film 🖕

  • Ok ....Who was Snoke ?

  • And then General Hux was not mentioned or shown in either trailer, and no one noticed and no one cared because Rian Johnson made such a buffoon of him in The Last Jedi, he was not missed. Sad.

  • So who the fuck was snoke exactly ? That fucker died way to easy in episode 8, if he even did... And now palpatine is in the last episode ? Fucks going on

  • Damn

  • Really good break down. And I learned little. I'm old school SW fan 48. And sure hating to see my memory's wiped. But I do think this will be OK. And plz JJ gives us a pissed off Vader fighting for good guys.

  • Sounds like they're wiping out 3CPO. One youtube video said Leia will pass in the movie. Another said they're going to get rid of Chewy. Sounds like they're on quest to knock off all the old characters to try to make us like these newer characters that I hate. They should do the opposite.

  • The part with her jumping over that ravine. Look at her hair, that doesn't look like Rey. It's probably a stunt double ot whatever but maybe Leia flashback?

  • If Rey is related to the emperor, I quit. Since when does he have kids? I am not optimistic. Hopefully I am pleasantly surprised. Finn’s character has been wholly disappointing. Not interested. Rey and REN teaming up does not work at all for me. Their connection was “forced” for lack of a better term. Idk... I hope this works at least a little. Bringing back the emperor feels desperate to me too.

  • There’s a few scenes with laser blasts that I don’t know if the laser blasts were supposed to be there.

  • Palpatine, in his mechanic chair thing is actually moving forward towards rey. wonder whats happening there? hmmmmmmmm

  • I wish that the return of palpatine was not revealed in anything Empire Strikes Back was so memorable because everyone was talking about how Vader was Luke's father I love the prequels but they did not have a real mystery, everybody knew palpatine was sidious, everyone knew Anakin turns evil Would have been better if they didn't reveal the emperor's return because now they have to try to top that off

    • That's were we get the word spoilers from now we see how technology can be a bad thing back in the days of Empire strikes back we had no internet or Google we went saw the film and we're surprised I miss those day's

  • That’s not Poe’s voiceover in the beginning like you stated. It’s definitely Finn’s... but I still enjoyed the video!

  • the planet with the death star wreckage ain't endor it's a new planet

  • That is not Palpatine at the end, it's Dark Rey. Go back to 2nd Trailer to see the same stone environment.

    • I agree, Dark Rey had a black cloak in the previous trailer.

  • So...Palpatine basically becomes Davros.

  • Nobody is talking about the fact that the original radar dish is back on the falcon

  • The throne is from an old concept design from Return of the Jedi

  • That is Leia not Rey running. Leia was training with Luke.

  • That doesn't look like Endor. too tropical and Endor is more liken to Northern California with the Redwood Trees

  • When Rey and kylo ren destroy Darth Vader's helmet and suit. That is Camino! Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader they are trying to clone him.

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  • Um. Notorious that things in trailers don’t make it in the film.

  • I am glad I am not the only one that noticed the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels in the trailer.

  • what was the point of snoke