The Problem With The Ace Family & Other Family Vloggers

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2018
Hey Guys, in today's video I discuss The Ace Family robbery and the over arching problem I have with them and other family vloggers in general.
This video is not hate, it is a critique so please watch the whole thing before reacting or commenting so you can see where Im coming from
That being said, I'd love to know your thoughts so please leave them down below in the comments and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe and turn on my post notifications bell if you haven't already so you never miss an upload.
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  • I do give you that about the stalkers. It’s crazy because you putting your kids in a position that they have no control of who is seeing them.

  • I agree with everything you said lmao.

  • Not every vlog channel is like the "Ace Family" that you propose them to be. A lot of them do it for a genuine reason and they do it as a family. Don't hate on Vlog channels in general or on specific vlog channels, they see these videos.

    • Reed Cunningham I hope they do. Some can be so genuine and exploit their own kids without even knowing. Even good channels can share so much info about their kids because they have a “family connection” with their viewers.

  • Yeah they. Moved .. to be more secure in like 3 days. You are super uneducated and an asshat in this video

  • He also said "as long as they didn't take you the most precious thing" so if you're gonna be talking about them then give all the facts

  • My sister watches the ace family and she’s 15 and I think to myself “ what the fuck are you watching, fake ass people”

    • TW My sister watches Cole and Sav. The Alabama Family who gets pregnant for views and uses injuries as clickbait. They made titles like “The doctor gave unexpected news about Everleigh” “Is the baby OK?”

  • The ace family is so obnoxious...”not everything is about money” 😂😂

  • Man the comment on people that create IG accounts for their dogs just killed me "I love my mommy so much as of they didnt write the caption" dead 😂😂😂

  • I can understand youtubers showing their kids on their channel ocalsionally but using your kids for views is disgusting; especially when they're literally infants and can't even consent let alone understand what being infront of such a big audience means. It's been proven time and time again by Hollywood that child fame does more damage than not.

  • There life is on IT-tvs. They make money from IT-tvs. They could just admit that "hey, we got robbed and that's sad but we can gain from this minor set back." It's okay to make money from the thing that makes you money. Just don't lie about it to look humble.

  • The world loves wannabesa! 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • I hate austin and his bitch

  • Question: aren't you gaining more views by placing their child on your thumbnail? It's not like she's being exposed more so it's a spotlight on the parents and their decision. Not to say your video doesn't have valid points, I think it brings an important aspect of family vloggers but, you talk about her image exposure can lead to consequences later on in her life. Her image is in the forefront of your video next to the words 'exposed'. Couldn't you have left her image out and still keep the content of your video?

  • I know I'm over a year late to the conversation but I also want to point out that there's absolutely no work limitations on the children of IT-tvsrs and instagram influencers. Nobody knows how many hours the kids have to sit with their parents filming and posing.

  • That's what happens when you publicly post your family on social media

  • Daddy o 5 also belongs to a group on FB dedicated to child abuse. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  • Also, being a mother of a 2 yo and 4 yo, I know those pictures are not just taken naturally, they have to put pressure on the toddler to pose that way. Kids do cute things all the time, but they move on to the next thing in like a second, I’m not jealous, I just don’t know how those people get these cute pictures!

  • Elle's Instagram is public. Therefore that's just the number of actual followers. In reality there are probably far more people viewing her photos whenever they want without having to follow. Creepy!

  • I was on the fence when the robbery was originally posted but as time has gone by and more scandals and shadiness has come out I think they're very capable of faking it.

  • Your channel needs to get blown up

  • I have never heard grown ass people use like so much in my entire life. Holy fuck I lost brain cells. Yes, that robbery video was definitely fake.


    • susan montemayor When are YOU going to get a life and stop watching a random fam on the internet live theirs?

    • Luke is an idiot

  • I think these family vloggers are really walking a fine line of child exploitation I also think you also have to consider when some of these kids grow up and inevitablely look back at the fact that they were used as a money-making tool for mom and dad and it's available for the whole world to see. It's like the next generation of stage parents and their potentially emotionally damaged children.

  • Wait you from south Africa? It's cool seeing youtubers from my country ✨

  • Catherine can’t seriously be more dumb. Every time that woman opens her mouth is like watching the mean girls all over again, to every time one of the two back up girls of Regina opened their mouths. Bruh.

  • This is the vibe and the mood all at the same time

  • I cant stand the Ace fam ....theyre too annoying and fake

  • 'This fucking intro' ..LMFAO OMG why was that so funny to me .

  • I mean, I have taken videos of my sister at the dentist and vice versa but that’s just to joke around about later. We keep those on our phone, not share them online. Or if we do, it’s on Snapchat to joke around and only people close to us see it anyways.

  • So funny when you get upset. Me too😆

  • 4:55 freaking mood

  • At some point would it be against child labour laws because the kids are "working" past the maximum amount of time that is allowed for them to work?

  • I totally get what you're saying. My sister hasn't posted a single picture of my niece (1 yr) or nephew (4 yrs) since they've been born and we all abide by that rule cause those are her kids and we respect her choice. It definitely surprised me at first when my nephew was born but seeing what happens on youtube with these family vloggers it really made me stop and think about how much information we should be sharing about the children in our lives. Also the fact that when they get older they might not appreciate have their baby pictures all over the internet.

  • this is my new favorite youtube channel

  • So at that time he was shooting a documentary the "episode" or documentary was about their lack of privacy and they just happened to get robbed as proof during that time and it just happened to be perfect for the documentary. Sounds like a reality show producer.

  • I like the ace family

    • Joce Leija i feel sorry for you

  • just counter?

  • I have no problem with family channels that occasionally vlog days out with their children and life but the ones that are becoming popular are literally shoving their kids in front of cameras every day. There is no privacy and their whole life story is posted for the world to see.

  • Please help us reach 1000 subscribers!!

  • What do you think about family vloggers like kkandbabyj? They’re the only family vloggers I watch and i feel like they do a good job of balancing IT-tvs and family time but now that I’m hearing more of the other side of the argument where the kids might not want these videos in the internet in the future I’m torn hahaha like i enjoy their videos and stuff but i dont know just wondering what everyone thinks of them

  • They complain about how they don't have any privacy, yet they put their ENTIRE lives on youtube! Even their daughter's birthday?!!! What in the actual f***!

  • Bro in a couple years the ace family-ong elle had her first period I know that sounds gross but lets be real they would do something like that

  • Kill off family vloggers but allow every other degenerate and opinionated moron on IT-tvs to get paid. And you do realize kids still use the internet and see and hear X-rated level things? Just stupid.

  • You don't have to "make a thubnail" if you wanted to have your audience experience what happened, upload it, just chose a random thumbnail IT-tvs gives your from the video, and DONT monitize it, but even then, I have anxiety and my WORST fear is someone breaking in through my window, I literally stay up at night freaking out about that, because it's traumatic, so my last thought would be to pick up a camera and record, maybe take pics after I've calmed down, but not seconds after

  • I don’t watch them I can’t stand that they blame the fans when they clearly have put the front of the house and drone videos in their vlogs of the new house but their last house was only rented and wasn’t theirs and then Austin brought Cathrine little sister that lollipop :( and the Christmas video she got 1 big bag of stuff were Elle got a lot of stuff. Plus Cathrine said she never had any sisters then Valentina came on the scene they treat her so different and should show her same respect as Elle and not the way they do and the way Austin looked at her in that prank on Ryan’s channel is just not what a guy should do plus loads of cheating on Austin behalf as well loads of people have come forward about it Cathrine needs to get rid of him she will have more respect of people if she did

  • *ace family intro plays* “this fucking intro” I swear I died

  • please make one on the labrant family cause they are worse....they always exploit their children especially doctors appointments when their children are dead sick in the hospital

  • all you do is make videos about other people, seriously get over it. they don't make videos about you cause your not worth it. sick of your voice, your annoying and seriously the saddest human ever.

  • lol your sad that you not as popular as the kids, get over it.

  • they film cute moments, its a bloody family channel, of course they will film their kids.

  • theres 24 hours in a day, they only film for about 2 hours. there a lot of time they spend together with family, without a camera.

  • Don't know why I clicked this...don't know these people but they seem fake and vain😕

  • 'fucking intro' same same hehehe

  • "those people don't even know what gucci is!" wow. classism much?

  • You have more ACE family videos than the ACE family

  • The Ace Family needs a change of heart. This is coming from a P5 fan.


  • With the whole robbery what really confused me is if the robbers where trying to get in why is the glass on the outside like it was staged and they smashed it themselves from the inside

    • And they were traipsing around the whole house taking the child with them. "Let's see what they took of yours." Talk about traumatic for the child! 100% staged for views IMO.

  • Why do some folks want to film all your life. Thats not good for your health or safety. I didn't know who they were until drama channels mentioned. I dunno why they would post it online to everyone. Also don't post your house online. Most IT-tvsrs don't. I don't how they exploit their kids. I don't mind people posting some things with their children. Some celebs do but to constantly do the way they aren't is worrying creeps out there's especially they don't have alot of security. I wouldn't post photos with my underage cousin ever or without there permission. Granted my parents aren't super into special media but any photos I postits mostly privated.

  • Its a family channel, what do u expect.... them not to ever show their kids? rlly...