The Only Player Michael Jordan Couldn't Beat!?

Pubblicato il 18 lug 2017
In today's video we discuss the only player better than MJ, according to Michael himself. It was none other than the brother of the GOAT himself that is claimed to have been a better basketball player than Michael. It's crazy to think there could have possibly been two Jordan brothers in the NBA if it wasn't for Larry Jordan's short stature. Let me know what you guys think!
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  • Notification Gang was rollin mad deep today! #GANG #SQUUAAA

    • The best really never make it to the league.

    • JxmyHighroller *I Know 1000% what KD & KYRIE doing after this season! ***

    • David M147 Facts? Here's one. Although Jordan may go down as the best in my lifetime, he was never cut from the Varsity team as a sophomore. He was only put on the JV team, as most sophomores were at that time and mostly to add balance to the team due to his height.

    • JxmyHighroller Len bias was better than Jordan

    • +JxmyHighroller Hey dude, by chance I came across your Danny Ainge video (excellent research, btw), then just watched this fascinating video about Jordan's older brother, Larry. After watching this video, now I/we all know where MJ got his trademark toughness and competitiveness: brother Larry. You have a professional-quality style with a slight "street" style mixed in, and with the soft jazz background music, makes for a very entertaining watch. Kudos to you, you have a future in sports biographies, etc. Wish you well.

  • Great work Mr Narrator.

  • Larry Jordan is actually LaVar Ball in disguise as Larry Jordan thus making LaVar Ball the only person that beat Michael Jordan. The legacy lives.

  • Larry had ups...that little dude was dunking with ease. If he was 6'6 he would be touching the scoreboard

  • Yall act like Jordan is the best but i know inside of your heart you know lavar is the better one you don't admit it but i know you feel it

  • i usually comment on how jordans shot looks so beautiful...but seeing Larry (the source of it all) shooting it more beautifully in this video, im now gonna refer to MJs and KOBEs shot as larrys other version

  • Kobe never lost one in one

  • He couldn't beat Larry bird either

  • Wat he couldnt beat alotta players #KOBE BRYANT #ALLEN IVERSON 😆

  • WOW!!!...

  • How could you have two Michael Jordan's if its Larry Jordan.. 3:01

  • His brother got crazy hops!!!!

  • LeBron also have a brother, his name is LeBrow

  • Jordan is great.... but Len Bias was the truth..... watch his highlights against NC and Jordan and tell me who was better.... and not through Rose colored Jordan glasses. Saw Bias play at Maryland in the early 80s.... to this day.... he was one of, if not the greatest, college basketball players ever! Dominant

  • That would’ve been insane to watch

  • Y Larry never Errolled in the NBA?

  • Mike n his pops are twins fr

  • Seems larry shoulda been in nba if spudd n mugsy were wth

  • Master P beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game facts

    • Come on MJ was old by that time. Master P talks about it like MJ in his prime and he cared.

  • First of mj daddy dead

  • Damn everyone forgot about Ben, Benji Wilson?

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  • Larry Jordan just wasn’t good enough to play in the nba. You can’t blame size , ask Muggsy and Spud . If you good you just good.

  • So Larry is responsible for this monster?

  • I guess it's true Jordan can only beat Jordan the fucking irony

  • We grew up in the same area of town, just a neighborhood apart. Larry, would dunk, nuts in yo face, from top of the key, in Church shoes my guy. Facts.

  • Larry had sick hoops.I think if it would’ve been a different time like today where it is a point guard league, Larry would’ve been able to play and be very successful jumping like that at 5-8. If he would’ve grew to be at least 6 -0 he would’ve been in nba with his brother . Probably would’ve been a all star. Isaiah Thomas was a hall of famer and one of the best ever at 6-1. The way Larry could leap he probably would’ve exceeded Isaiah. MJ said he got some of his game from his brother .

  • Facts...

  • Dumb. Kobe copied MJ? Then i copied MJ and Kobe. Stupid!

  • Damn so the last name didnt match lebron😂

  • Man I love your videos bro you really put out some great stuff keep up the great work 😎

  • Wow my first ever hearing this

  • That’s why he was so raw

  • So what you're saying is we could've had the NBA version of the Williams sisters. Yeah i remember watching that Larry Jordan footage when i was younger & Mike used to always talk big about him.

  • Where da Larry highlight reel?

  • Thanks to both of them for having built the Mike-air-Jordan...

  • Wow I learn some shit today big Jordan fan but I ain’t know this thanks 😎🙌🏽


  • He Was Until Jordan Work and worked Hard on his Game He Definitely admitted He couldn't beat his brother 1on1 for Yrs But the first time he did he knew he Was Ready for Anyone Mentally

  • Very clever 👏🏾

  • I knew about all of this growing up in Chicago, but never thought about it like this. My whole life has changed 😂

  • Actually really appreciate this thank you


  • Lucky Jordan got the Height

  • I can tell you before watching this video that it’s Larry Jordan, his older brother. He wanted to be half as good as him and his number was 45 for Laney High, hence number 23. Larry was 5’11” but they used to have dunk contests and Larry was already established as a star at Laney when Michael came aboard.

  • You miss spelled Lavar Ball

  • Damn...wished Larry Jordan woulda ate his Wheaties regularly and got dat milk down more to grow to a legitmate *(6'6")* just like his brother Air Jordan. Imagine 2 Air Jordan's in the league in saying there woulda been a lot of interesting scenarios of discussion on who woulda got there first N.B.A *(CHAMPIONSHIP)* first in the league during that era? Betcha...trash talking between the both of them woulda got worser which woulda lead to more tech's and probably more fighting too. Think both woulda been indorsed by NIKE and both definitely recruited by The University of North Carlina to play in the *(N.C.A A)* DIVISION 1 Hope in my lifetime that I will get a chance to see 2 future *(HALL OF FAMER)* *(ALL-STAR BROTHERS)* *(GREAT LOOK 4THA LEAGUE)*

  • He was better when MJ was a sophomore in HS. But the tide did turn

  • Great clip ! Never heard of Larry Jordan till now

  • Talk about getting the short end of the stick.

  • WOW that's awesome

  • Is this video true or u guys hating 😂 on Micheal he works hard to be where he is today

  • He grow taller than his brother🤔he is the gifted one

  • Larry Legend is better than you 😂

  • Goof Jackson From Dalton Village in Charlotte NC beat him one on one. However Jordan still the goat

  • I mean he still the goat an I'm not a fan of his however I respect his game. However a cat name Goof Jackson out of Dalton Village Charlotte NC beat him one on one

  • When it comes to athleticism look jordan's and lebron's family. Larry jordan is 5 8 or 5 9 and could dunk reverse with 2 hands and with authorithy.look lebrons son who is 6 1 or 6 2 and couldn't do things like this. That is definition of the best athleticismmm

  • BS, Mike beats them all, HANDS DOWN! MJ the BEST EVER and ALWAYS!

  • Larry bird js

  • Larry Jordan the "🐐 's" "🐐".. How can i get him on 2k?