THE OHM WRAITH RISES, EPISODE 100! | DBD #100 All Wraith Rounds / Celebration

Pubblicato il 29 mag 2018
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  • Hey guys, as mentioned in the video, thank you so much for the support on this series! This means that DBD videos will resume, including a new video of the new DBD killer and survivor this week! Also, the Ohm Wraith shirt is available for a limited time, about a month, and with each shirt you can get a PC Steam code for the Ohm Wraith skin. I've been working on this with DBH for a couple of months now so I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know! :)

    • Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer good game

    • I'm not too knowledgeable on DBD, so how did Ohm know that one guy hiding in a closet was in the basement?

    • I am trying to buy one of the first 1000 and I am on it but the size isn’t working and I’m ganna miss the ohm skin :(

    • more dead by daylight

  • Good luck 1,000 I aint tryin cuz I don't play dbd i watch ohm cuz daaaaam


  • I’m surprise that Wrath’s boss spine weapon thingy thing is not broken yet.

  • 27:48 WWOOOO, BOOTY SHOT!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 26:03 “suprise mfk” some fries mfk supplies mfk some pies mfk disguise mfk all rise mfk

  • Why does he ring that bell?

  • What a proxy camping piece of shit. .. you are not a good killer if you have to proxy camp.

    • @JackoGames I never played him but I still think he is shit and other streamers are way better.

    • C Adams one word ( salt )

  • Your vids help me with a long work day. Best DBD content

  • new killer is here! play dbd now :)

  • You need to make a shirt saying “Got his ass”😂😂since you always saying it😂😂

  • Survivors: activates 4 generators Ohm: hasn’t killed a single one Survivors: activates the fifth generator Ohm: KILLS EVERY SURVIVOR AND CLUTCHES THE WIN !!! 😂😂🙀

  • OhmWraithEr. ( ; _ ; )

  • "Gimme that barbecue." Immediately walks into a flaming barrel. :-D

  • Still love the long moments where you hear nothing but the wraith's bare feet hitting the tiles lol

  • the Ohm Wraith skin should've come with a Ohm survivor skin as well

  • ...8 months later, I finally went and found the email with the code that Design by Humans musta sent me when I ordered the shirt way back in May of last year XD finally redeemed it and got that off my chest phew the shirt is amazing btw one of my favorites to wear

  • 📦📬

  • Dilr

  • Though I’m disappointed that I’m months late to this. I’m happy for ohm and the series having staying power

  • Who’s watching in 2018

  • Hey Ohm, do you plan on making the shirts and codes available again any time soon?

  • Like*

  • 81 haters liek if u agree

  • Was so happy to be a part of this stream! 💕

  • Ohm: *knocks down a survivor* Me: *inserts Nasty Knorc's laugh*

  • Congrats on the 100th episode Ohm!

  • Happy 100 Ohm Ω!!! So happy for this game and your love for it!

  • plzzzzz do more

  • the best dbd youtuber

  • That's awesome ohm

  • Your intros never get old

  • Is that really his wraith skin? I’m new here and played a round with a wraith and I thought that was his skin but I didn’t see him well enough, I honestly doubt I played with him but now I’m curious... would be cool. We also gotDESTROYED during the round so the killer was good.

  • I watched this only after my shirt came in so I could feel special.

    • If you guys can't find any use for your codes though, i'd be glad to take them off your hands because me and my friends play on the pc.

    • Hey, guys the code was only for pc. sorry

    • Shadow Spoon sorry, I don't know if it's for ps4 since ohm plays on PC but if I find out, I'll let you know because I play on ps4 as well and want to know

    • Coffee volcano what do I do with the code if I buy the shirt but play on PS4 how do I get the ohm wraith skin

  • As promised, Ohm Wraith skin code here: PRTVF-IXVMB-BZ3W5 First come first serve of course. Enjoy, whoever gets this 😊

  • Girl at the beginning, “Hi, I’m leaf from window town!” Guy at second round “...” Get it? Pallet town? Red doesn’t speak?

  • Great job dude! Been watching you for a while now and you are the one who got me into dead by daylight as I was into Friday the 13th at the time. Keep making great videos.

  • Anybody who ordered a Shirt and isn't on PC able to spare a code? I ordered one but my sister accidentally cancelled it after it ended so now I can't get the shirt or the code along with it. :{

  • 7:07 that sound effect😂

  • h20 rock