The Official 2HYPE YouTuber Tier List

Pubblicato il 6 dic 2019
The official 2HYPE IT-tvsr Tier list, we ranked these youtubers how we saw fit. Comment what you guys would of done. Sorry to the lit youtubers I forgot to put in here:/
Jesser -
Kris -
Zack -
Jiedel -
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  • hey kris loved all the smosh stuf mostly food battle

  • Davie504 MMG and Jezzer

  • I know this is opinion based but seeing markiplier that low breaks my heart

  • Wh the hell did you put mr beast at A you asshole get em right up to s

  • Y was ssniperwolf in f put that in s

  • They copied the sidemen

  • yooo literally every video that the SIDEMEN release, 2hype is able to copy it and make it like a cheaper version of it lol

  • Sidemen x 2hype

  • Wtf pewdiepie at A tier?

  • Does anyone else watch these guys videos when they feel left out.... nope, just me

  • I died when they said ethan and ian instead of anthony and ian

  • “Ethan and Ian” -kris

  • I was waiting for someone to put ryan

  • i would add KOT4Q i love his vids

  • My man's said Ethan and ian its Anthony and ian

  • Mopi really had David dobrik at C

  • Yes morgz is f

  • S Tier: Pewdiepie, Mr Beast, iDubz, & Filthy Frank

  • Yall should do Fortnite weapons tier list

  • How is mr beast an f

  • Casey needs to be higher

  • gotta add the goat prettyboyfredo 🐐

  • Troydan is the funniest 2k IT-tvsr ever

  • James: puts motgz in F Me: hahahahahaha copyrightman

  • So we just gone not mention Dashie at all

  • Wtff yall sleeping on imSuda ! So sadd

  • Bruh I love how jessy gasses jefree star up and then puts him at a C

  • Jessers list was the most acurate

  • Troydan has 2M subs yall are bugging

  • y’all did good no cap but the sidemen should’ve been S on all of the lists

  • Morgz is so bad he shouldn’t even be on the list.

  • 2hype and dude perfect collab

  • Amish hit hard when food battle was a thing and look I think it’s Anthony and Ian

  • Jay station is probably going to make one about juice world

  • Mopi makes all the controversial videos

  • Zach.... come on bruh

  • Ayyy, I only watch you guys and the Sidemen. Best groups in all of IT-tvs, all straight grinders. 👍

  • Why is no one showing love to matpat

  • I am gonna ignore the fact that kris is wearing a NBL jersey which is the Australian NBA

  • Mopi tier A or S or B

  • I’m buying mopi merch now because he loves Maxmoefoe, idubz, and Frank. I have way more respect for you now mopi I’m copping.

  • Where’s vanoss!!!!

  • I came over here for morgz bullying and I got it

  • The disrespect you put on Chris smoove

  • The only person I watch on this tier list is troydan

  • What’s jesser doing watching Jeffrey Star 😳🧐 that’s a little sus

  • lazarbeam is S tier

  • You say the kids dont know but it is actually anthony and ian not. Eathan and ian im 12

  • Everyone underrated the life out of Roman atwood

  • James is the only non gay one

  • Danny Duncan?

  • Should of put Danny Duncan and Nelk

  • The amount of disrespect Casey got was absurd

  • On the top I thought Jesse was going to put morgz in the s teir

  • When have you give money away not even once mr beast gives out of a life of money away you short Fetick fuck

  • I know about smosh

  • Mopi really HATES David dobrik

  • no Chris smoove?

  • In my opinion sidemen are pretty boring now

  • Thought they would put lnu and put him down but oh well