The Office: How Nonsense Conquered the Workplace - Wisecrack Edition

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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Why do we love The Office? Is it the characters? The jokes? The drama? While those are all major reasons, we want to explore another: how pointless work has overrun the economy.
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Written by: Alec Opperman
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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  • Some would say it was actually a British show. We call this one The Office US...

  • Lol, I'm in the middle of reading Bullshit Jobs.

  • I used to sort of enjoy watching "The Office" until I had an actual bullshit job at a tech startup ruled by an abusive, micromanaging narcissist. After that, "The Office" just wasn't funny anymore, because it was too real. It was like watching a cutesy, sanitized version of my horrible job.

  • Hopefully the nbc service dies a quick but painful death.

  • isnt the point to get paid?

  • I feel I get paid less to do so much extra work. I’m a custodian/supervisor. Not only do I clean up everything, but need to do so much paperwork and make schedules, etc. shitty pay man.

  • Thank you for that opening shade thrown at Friends. Show has not aged well.

  • For me my BS job is my Day job at a pharmacy. To put it simply: NEVER WORK AT A PHARMACY!!!! My career job is in Entertainment. Which is very fulfilling because you see people smile all the time at your work. I'm in the works of finally leaving my BS job to nothing but fulfilling career work. One of the reasons why I stopped watching the office is because it was kind of too relatable and depressing.

  • promo code is LIES

  • Apparently my job is a shit job not a bullshit job but I still deal with a lot of bullshit.

  • Why is a channel that covers so many shows, books, and movies that contain the word shit afraid to actually use the word shit without bleeping it? Seems like a bunch of shit to me. Are you afraid of what Grandma might think? Just saying.

  • Me : Pikachu face while waiting for my day to go by while watching this video

  • I work in fast food and there’s lots of ass kissers and people just like Dwight who love the bureaucracy. It doesn’t help either that team leaders will sometimes say even their role is a bs role. And this is minimum wage for crying out loud!! People take their job too seriously sometimes.

  • Capitalism is entirely based on images now, division of labor is so much that every job means nothing that you can literally do nothing and the violent machine that is capital still keeps running since everyone needs wages to live, its so pointless lmao

  • As someone who nearly committed suicide a few times on a minimum wage job it really upsets me that so many people get paid so much for no good reason

  • My boss makes a dollar and I make a dime, that’s why I’m shittin on company time

  • Slightly triggered about Soviet Union inventing jobs. Examples ? Almost everyone were useful. except some of party beareucrats

  • I'm a custodian, AKA janitor. I get paid minimum wage for backbreaking work. Everything hurts, all the time, especially my arms and feet. I wish I could sit around and do nothing all day and get paid for it.

  • Is being a IT-tvsr a BS job?

  • Cut the fat, implement ubi so people are free.

  • 1k a month would free people from this.

  • What's eating at me is that I'm only 21 but everything I theorized about life/adulthood is true. And at my young age I already feel overworked, tired, and lost in the jobs I've had. And of course I'm underpaid. If I was properly compensated I probably would feel better.

  • i think the reason for bs jobs is that due to technology, we have become efficient to the point that we do not need everyone working, but we have an economy that tanks when too many people are unemployed. thus the harm of having people unemployed outweighs the harm of them being employed in a bs job. not to mention, because of many factors, the companies that have the most bs jobs, are also the largest and most established, which leads to them being profitable anyway even with all the bs jobs within it.

  • The Paradox: without these jobs, there would be no Wisecrack (viewers)

  • I am working a bs job right now. Yesterday we watched a movie at my office. Yes godzilla but first they had to plan it then most of the day yesterday they had to buy snacks and set up. BS job now today they are all away from their desk dividing up leftovers.

  • You don't have to know math to be an accountant

  • Flashbacks of WKRP.

  • Just what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • A pointless learning about philosophy when you couldn't care less about it and most of all, don't how the heck it is important. Like me, right now. Seriously,though, is there other people what is useful about a philosophy class? Because, seriously...We're never gonna use that knowledge...right?

  • My life is simple I go where the office goes NBC bring it on ❤

  • Its funny because even in important jobs the bullshit still finds a way to come through in some ways. Ive worked in advocacy and most recently case management. Work that directly impacts the lives of people and was extremely important but even in this role I always despised the senior staff members for forcing us to use our time to do bullshit that doesnt matter, like writing out a six month strategic goals in ridiculous detail and having meetings about said goals. Forcing this on our staff that had to take time away from say, educating people about their rights and services available to them, to do this crap. I was always pissed off that Id have to waste time on this when I had an inbox filled with correspondence from people, in many times, in desperate need of assistance. My Dept was as effecient as it could be, my staff was content and enjoyed working for me, we did solid good work and didn't need to create additional bullshit goals to change something that was already working pretty damn well. When I told my supervisor this she admitted that this whole thing was simply a way to busy signal to the head honcho. Then do so with the actual work we are doing damn it! So frustrating.

  • That sounds like an easy job and not something that people would hate to do like the video thumbnail "Why You Hate Your Job" suggest. That bullshit task was part of my job, but my job also included having to create employees work schedule every month, sending out letters, writing sales reports, creating posters, documenting sales records, new sales entries, making bulk copies, documenting student records, cleaning the toilets, cleaning the entire office, I can go on and on because I was essentially on everything related to administration. This video was a disingenuous attempt to circle back the issue of a bad job market flooded with bad jobs and blame the workers instead. I hated my jobs and it's because I was always overworked and undervalued. I'm thirty and I've never stumbled on a job like the ones described either in the video or in The Office, among the main casts.

  • So you think most people hate their job in today's economy because they are skiving off work, daydreaming at their desk, playing games at work?

  • I'm watching this at the office lol

  • First I worked around 5-6 hrs for 15$/hr (Student), Then I automatized my job and only work now around 2-3 hrs/day for 25$ / hr. Sometimes I stay for 8 hrs at my office and learn new skills for the job and get paid so I can basically kill my job and the job of my co-workers. I don't get any more invited to lunch.

  • I don't need a job. I need money.

  • The titel of a book, containing the word shit has to be censored? Am i really the only one who can't get used to bullshit like this? - Sorry, I meant "used to something, that resebles fecal matter".

  • People get paid for nothing and live every man's dream, while I'm over here, learning skills, working my ass off and not even being acknowledged

  • Not to go too far into "anarcho-anti-capitalism-marxism", but the point of most jobs nowadays is to keep most of the population busy so that they dont have enough free time to realize how useless the people above them are to their daily life. I have a feeling society is one gigantic commercial for how USEFUL our leaders are. And barring that, "let's, at least, keep them busy."

  • This isn't a problem with blue collar work..unskilled labour can mundane and dull at times but it always has a clear purpose to the job😋