The Office: How Nonsense Conquered the Workplace - Wisecrack Edition

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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Why do we love The Office? Is it the characters? The jokes? The drama? While those are all major reasons, we want to explore another: how pointless work has overrun the economy.
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Written by: Alec Opperman
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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  • This video was much more depressing than I though it would be

  • Wix is BS

  • He said “come with me as we go real deep”. Teehee

  • Friends will always be better! The office teaches children that you can be a terrible boss who only cares about pretzels and would rather play with toy cars than make a health care plan for your employees, with no consequence what-so-ever!

  • @Wisecrack do a video on Letterkenny!!!

  • I had a bullshit job for a while. I spent most of my time writing stories and brainstorming ideas for my creative endeavors. So glad I don't work there anymore.

  • I absolutely relate. I was basically the crappiest part of a salesperson. I “pre-qualified” customers for mortgages before sending them to the actual loan officers. An online questionnaire could have done my job.

  • "I have cause. It is beCAUSE I hate him."

  • Straight out of college I worked at a job for two years where the Human Resource management had a PR department that had its own Human Resource management ... but we had no catering/cafeteria, because I guess feeding your employees would take too big a chunk out of your valuable budget, which, of course, is needed to pay for the ALL IMPORTANT 2nd Human Resource team :/

  • Please do Parks and Recreation

  • Boredom is not a problem, that indicates an internal problem of lack of interests, duty, imagination, ambition, etc.

  • These shows scream privilege because these people have their health, safety, freedom, and security, while others have nowhere to belong, are barely given opportunities to survive, and face life-threatening crises with impossible healthcare coupled with declining health from overwork, on top of high-crime areas.

    • Boredom is not a problem, that indicates an internal problem of lack of interests, duty, imagination, ambition, etc.

  • I used to have a super cushy job and I would find myself having nothing to do so I would just put papers on my desk and shuffle them and call my co worker and pretend to work when the manager came around lol

  • Jared great job - have you finally found time to read Heinlein's Starship Troopers?

  • I’m an engineer who’s job is to optimize processes and my job is bs. Wish I worked for a small company.

  • Try being a “billable hour” attorney. Biggest bullshit job ever.

  • The Office has changed forever my perception of life and the perception of being insecure, thanks to the office i see life as a performing ground like an inprov course! ahaha

  • this is actually so strange, because i grew up "upper-lower class" and many families in the tiny town in Indiana I grew up in were lower to upper-middle class. My family was right on the line of not being able to "keep up with the Jones" or whatever, but still enough to try to *seem* like we were. It was a weird spot to be in for sure, but I remember CLEARLY my mom sitting down to talk with me about my grades and expressing disappointment. She went on to explain that "if you do better, you can get a job that pays a lot, but you sit around at a desk all day. I just want you to be able to get an education so you can get paid to not work very hard" and it confused the ever living shit out of child me, since aimless busywork is like torture. it's surreal to think having jobs like what you described was drilled into me as an aspiration. it's just a little funny i guess, since now i'm working my way up to chef without an education and loving every busy, difficult, tiring, creative second of it.

  • I was an instructional aide for a school district and while I wouldn't call that a BS job, we were being told that we were being trained to be better than the teachers at helping children with their reading development, and yet you were being paid much less than those teachers and we had less hours and we didn't have credentials

  • Great video.... have a downvote for putting down Friends though.

  • I believe the movie "Waiting..." touched on all this as well, and went further into the aspect of dealing with the ups and downs of workplace culture and politics and dealing with the customers. I highly suggest that movie, it's incredibly underrated.

  • i disagree with anyone who talks meaning from work meaning comes from work because people crave meaning (even nihilists find non meaning in nihilism that creates a illusion of meaning to there psychie) and work happens to be a thing we are all kind of forced into so its natural to find meaning in it

  • I am wired wrong because my career pursuit has always been moving up to the highest amount I can possibly be paid for doing the least amount of real work.

  • I once interned at a corporate headquarters. My job consisted of 5% doing random bullshit nobody else wanted to, 20% filling out spreadsheets, and 75% doing whatever the fuck I wanted because nobody cared. I was praised for the amount of work I got done in my time there.

  • What kind of loser gets "depressed" because they're not "fulfilled" by their "career"? Fucking, get a hobby man. Learn to play an instrument. Paint. Something. Jesus. Work to LIVE, don't live to work. Why the fuck would you complain about having a job that lets you pay the bills and afford food where you don't have to do any actual WORK? You have infinite time to do something that's actually meaningful with your life and not have to worry about life necessities and you're wasting it feeling fucking depressed because you're not delivering babies or some shit? I wish I had a bullshit job, christ.

  • I don´t think most jobs are completly bs-jobs, Most jobs have at least 10% of actual work in them, buuuuut people including me and everbody else tend to inflate those 10% and act like the company would not run without them. While trying to "look busy" the remaining 90%. By the way I don´t think there are a lot of jobs that are actual work 100% of the time, even the most demanding jobs have some amount over overhead, that could be considered "useless"

  • I currently work as a microbiology tech at a meatpacking plant/slaughterhouse . My job, specifically, is to test the meat for Salmonella. This is by far the easiest job I have ever had, and with little hyperbole I say that a robot or a trained monkey could do it with little difficulty- computers do all the heavy lifting, I just make sure the samples get there. The worst part is, on the extremely rare occasion that Salmonella is detected, the meat still gets sold with little, if any, change to price or destination. Since the plant deals exclusively in beef, and 99.9% of the time beef is cooked to a degree that would kill Salmonella, there's really no risk in selling it. My job is totally superfluous, and if I didn't come in for a day, I really don't know if they would even have someone fill in for me.

  • Anyone else spend more time and effort trying to automate mundane tasks than if you were to just do the mundane task yourself? It's more fulfilling.

  • Is it ironic that I’m watching this video at work because I don’t have anything better to do?

  • Bleeps??? Can't say "bullshit"??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So many bullshit jobs, and yet so many vital sectors under-staffed, struggling, and needing money to pay more people for real work :/

  • I watched this video at work while making a bracelet out of staples

  • my man hit pam with the she not the conventional attractive receptionist...ouch

  • Please make a video on "Scrubs".

  • an example of a BS job: making videos on youtube, explaining why we like a certain show :)

  • At my bs job I genuinely worked with a Dwight and my supervisor was Michael Scott without the charm. Part of the appeal of the show is these people exist in the world.

  • half of what we do in the military is BS, on a good day

  • love this video thank you it hits close to home

  • Anyone know the music from 19:37?

  • This video gave me depression

  • Check our Graeber’s Debt

  • My last job was in retail but my bosses job was clearly b.s. so yeah, after three of us were forced to work 8 to 10 hours without lunch, I left. Let him carry his own weight.

  • You know what's really BS? Having to censor out the word SHIT just to make sure IT-tvs doesn't ruin you financially.

  • capitalism

  • Wix means fapping in German ;)

  • The office is by far the best sitcom of all time, hands down, nothing else even comes close.

  • Stop f**king beeping! Stop censoring yourself. If you want to swear, just effing do it!!!!!!

  • There's even bullshit in the video: the Wix ad. It doesn't even have anything to do with The Office, or Wisecrack! (i am fully aware of the economic motivations behind the decision)

  • I'm glad I can always count on Jared to remind me how pointless my existence is 🙃

  • I had a job where I was contracted for 6 months, there no work to do after 2 months. Every day I had to go to work pretend to work, but I did was play solitaire on my PC. I was 23 at the time and it felt crushing, like wasting my life.

  • What are societies of control?

  • Yeah, I work in a BS job right now. I am an intern in a multinational corporation working in a field that adds nothing intelectually to me. However, since there is some family pressure for me to stay there and also the risk of being unemployed, I have decided not to quit it.

  • Thanks for putting my misery into context, hearing this in your voice is cathartic and motivational. Time had come to change

  • My job isn’t BS however, management keep introducing BS policies that distract from legit work.

  • Well, this video was B.S. as well as pointless

  • Someone needs to ask Dr Peterson his thoughts on The Office (or direct him to this video). Dr Peterson: does Dunder Mifflin use WWII era torcher tactics on their employees?

  • would love a job like that more than my current job!

  • I have a co-manager who literally knows and does nothing all day but acts busy. Our senior manager called me out because I was too efficient and I finished all my tasks ahead of time. Our office focuses too much on “perception management”.

  • I think an interesting thing to dig deeper about is the service industry. While those jobs aren't necessarily BS, they do encourage that culture of suffering that Graeber commented on! As someone who works in retail, exploring why service jobs have this intense culture (at least in America) of Suffering + Forced Accommodation to Customers = Fulfilling Work could be something intriguing to study! Great video, as usual! Thanks guys! :)

  • Part of my job is to make sure other people did there job. So stupid... Its because the team hires bad help and I'm forced to double check their work or it bites me in the ass.

  • Why do you address me as Wisecrack? I'm not Wisecrack. You are Wisecrack. It's weirdly discomfiting. It's similar to the feeling you get when someone repeats what you've just said back to you verbatim. Stop it, Adam.

  • I never understood it either.

  • I guess, as an IT helpdesk person... my job is pretty bullshit. I exist to protect people from themselves and to fix computer problems, but the world operated just fine without computers to begin with and if anything they haven't really freed us up to do other things, they seem to have freed us up to just do nothing. I just cleaned the dust off the top of a cabinet in my office. I don't generally tend to do well just pretending to be busy. I've been through a few jobs because of this, I think.

  • The fuck is this? I run my own shit and love my job, thank you very much. Don't tolerate shitty management. Things are this way because people let them be. Stop being pussies and stand up for yourself.

  • I worked a BS job where the boss would change my task for something urgent that came up... every 10 minutes like clockwork. They also had a CCTV camera for every office desk so they could watch me work and what was on my computer screen. That job... now that was a shit job.

  • I once did an internship on the water treatment company of my city. utter bullshit.

  • Fucking Puritan work ethic making American workplace suck for the past 200+ years

  • Dostoievsky + The office. Amazing. I didn't see that coming, you writtin was great as always, i would love to translate your videos to portuguese (i am from brazil) i will exercise my english and learn a lot about the things you spoke in your content.

  • I worked retail at target for four years as a combination cart guy/ janitorial worker and it not so much that the job was useless but by the end so much bureaucratic bullshit started to creep in that my bosses started just adding shit that only made the work take more time. it got so bad that I couldn't clean the restrooms with a mop bucket I had to use a spray bottle if I needed to mop. this on top of being blatantly ignored whenever I needed something taken care of. "equipment not working? oh its fine.'" sure enough its breaks down completely and all I get is a meek sorry like that changes how much I told you this was gonna happen.

  • There's a guy at my office whose title is Assistant Office Manager. His day consists of counting pens and paper stacks, making sure we have paper towels, soap and sponges in the kitchens, notifying us when the fridge will be cleaned and sometimes filling in for reception. He's literally been asked to recount pens in preparation for a meeting, a task he fulfilled a day or two before. His job is completely bullshit, but he's been with the office for 30 years, so no one wants to fire him or anything. And he's pretty nice.

    • Easiest job in the world, he must be lucky as fuck. How much is the pay?

  • It's hard to take you seriosly when you cannot say or write bullshit.

  • Super interesting video, and as an extreme Office fan and obsessive re-watcher, I appreciate so much of the insight. However, I do think it's important to note that The Office delivered an important and meaningful message about the nature of BS jobs, via Jim and Pam's comments in the final moments of the show. Jim's are especially moving: "Even if I didn’t love every minute of it, everything I have, I owe to this job. This stupid…wonderful…boring…amazing job." And Pam closes the series: "There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?" We have watched nine seasons of these people put up with absurdity, boredom, nonsense, emptiness, and everything else...and yet their final messages to us give us purpose for everything we've just viewed, as well as their own experiences. Through their BS jobs they found friendship, fun, love, belonging, and meaning. It ultimately wasn't about the work at all; the work was largely meaningless, but they people weren't. And I think that's another reason the show is so powerful: we see not only a humorous commentary on the BS of the modern workplace, but we also see hope that shines through it all.

  • I watched an episode of the office every lunch break for years.... kept me sane!

  • Mind blow. We don't live in a market economy. A financial crisis would force companies to eliminate waist, inefficient companies would die and labor is freed up for new innovative companies with meaningful work. But instead of letting the financial crisis run its course, people cry for the government to save their jobs and so the government goes more and more into debt to provide security until it is pay day.

  • You guys need to cover the kingsman movie series somehow, philosophy of preferably

  • Why are you bleeping and censoring your own video? Quit it.

  • I walk away from those job...... I make less money

  • 11:30 and here I am watching at the office at work

  • Bears. Beats. Battle star Galactica.

  • I have no idea why I like the office so much. I’ve been watching it litterally every day for over 5 years, I can say almost every line in every episode. But I still laugh at the jokes, I can still find some new way to relate to the show every single time I watch it.