The NFL is exploring an 18-game season and Stephen A. loves it | Pardon the Interruption

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
Stephen A. Smith and Tony Kornheiser break down why the NFL’s suggestion of an 18-game season, with players only being allowed to play in 16 games max, would be a great move and would not only improve the competition within the league, but help the players by putting more money in their pockets.
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  • What the hell are these two guys talking about! It sounds like they're playing Pokemon cards.

  • Who gives a shit if it is 12 games or 18 games. Get a life people.

  • Sounds like a way to let the teams with garbage first stringers, try to even the playing field by letting there backups make up for what their starters can’t accomplish. Wow.

  • Gotta add players to the 53 man roster. Take it to 59 players.

  • i didnt care about nfl, i see SAS on thumbnail then i clicked

  • If you think QBs are demanding too much now where starters are getting 30+ per year wait until backup QBs start demanding 20M to ensure you win the other 2 games.

  • U know u already know tht beliechek bout to be poppovich on this shit 💯

  • Noo

  • He left first take?

  • This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

  • I feel like they should just change the playoff regimen. They should allow 10 teams from both the afc and nfc to be in the playoffs. Out of those 10 teams, the bottom four has to battle for the 7 and 8 seed, one week dedicated for these games while the other 6 teams from both the afc and nfc have to wait until the week after to get to play football. The two teams that do win for both sides advances to the actual playoff round, the highest seed from the victor takes the seventh seed while the lowest has the 8th seed. After that, for the next round, make it like a actual tournament for the 8 teams on each conference to battle for the Super Bowl. However, during the off-season, the 16 teams that didn’t make it into the playoffs are entered into the Super bowl, play in a similar tournament to battle for the number one pick in the draft.

  • Dallas will be 9-9 instead of 8-8 No news here

  • I don’t like the idea..... but I would like the NFL season to start 2 weeks earlier than normal.

  • So 18 games and you have to play four playoff games on top of that?! Just making more problems...smh

  • no cuz theyll add more safety rules...

  • "Alright team. If we win the last two games of the year, we clinch the division and make the playoffs but there's a catch". "what's the catch coach?". "The catch is we have to sit out all of our best players because they've already played 16 games and Blake Bottles is our backup."

  • Terrible idea will lead to more concussions more cte.

  • This means 18 game regular season right

  • If this happens, I'm not playing fantasy football anymore

  • Meh...the nfl is dead to me since they took up America hating. Dead to me and my family for life!

  • Of course he does because his buck dancing azz don’t have to take a hit . Leave it at 16 and players develop a spine get more money and increase the roster size to 60

  • The NBA and NFL getting really entertaining and Awesome!


  • I hate it

  • Rip the single season nfl record books


  • NFL players have a hard time getting through a 16 game season let alone 18 plus playoffs unless you played football you don’t realize how much it beats you up I’m no pro but played in high school and college it’s rough. Plus all the records will be broken and I’ll have to heard you younghans say this new guy is better than Barry Sanders or Jerry Rice I don’t want to have to go through that.

  • They’re obviously paid to say they like this idea but the fact is, it will only make the nfl more my injury prone, more fatigue. You can tell they scripted this.

  • this is bullshit max games for a player, you are asking a team to sit its best players at some point where it could cost them a playooff spot, along with the fact that no one can ever break set games played streak again..other things come to mind but those are good enough for now.

  • 2 people who probably never touched a football on their lives got an expert opinion.thursday night football is crap. Players need rest.. Not longer seasons

  • This would be great if it allowed for more upsets. For example Patriots could rest Brady v Bills and give them a better chance to win. But what if the smaller teams are thinking of maximising their potential and putting their best on the field for games they think they can win, and then sending out a bad team against opponents they think they have no shot against. It's gonna be a little iffy!

  • I would prefer a 17 week schedule and add one more bi-week. 17 is an odd number so either you have a winning season or a losing season.

  • Picture in Madden 20 your team is 8 and 7 it’s week 18 but u have to play your backups

  • You are good Mr Smith I’m a fan of all sports I enjoy your take,you make sense I wish you the best

  • Are they gonna charge full price to patriots fans when Brady is scheduled off?

  • Just shorten the preseason schedule to two games, leave the regular season games alone

  • How does still playing 16 games show care about player safety when they already play 16 games. All this does is make the league more money. That is all this is, something they wanted anyway. All this would do is allow players the opportunity to screw up their team’s season. Guys who aren’t first string for a reason will now potentially tank a season for a team that would have made the playoffs. The game is literally 200 pound plus dudes slamming into each other repeatedly. You guys just want it because it means more money to talk about the games and to act like you have some insight into the new strategy system. I remember why I stopped watching you clowns.

  • How dare Stephen A disrespect the BOAT Blake Bortles..

  • I think the rule should be you play 18 games 16 max per player except QBs and special teams

  • This is good for the sport,game changer,like the last few years when division team race was on the line by a game or two between rival teams...who goes ,who doesn't, playoffs would have more meaning factors,just a slew of things,outcomes ,plus bench players 2nd,3rd are more of a matter in this team effort....great move I truly hope they do this....shout out from the great state of A L A S K A...and better days to all........

  • The NFL is still a thing 🤷‍♂️ , I thought those pussbaby anti American, princesses who cup each other's balls hung it up 🤷‍♂️ , I can't believe people watch this gay ballet shit.

  • The only reason this is being considered is so the owners will get more money without allowing the players to get more money

  • The schedule is perfect the way it is, there's plenty of other dumb shit that needs fixing. I can see getting rid of a pre season game or two, but there's no need to add more games to the regular season. It's just adding more potential for major injuries and pointless games where everyone sits because the game is meaningless.

  • Preseason isn't meaningless. It's boring as hell, but you ever watch Hard Knocks? Those roster spots matter.

  • Not regular season, expand the playoffs 1 more round

    • that's a ridiculous idea... then you just have virtually every team in the playoffs. wtf?

  • They would be stupid enough to like it

  • If you are mandating that players can only play 16/18 games, you'd almost have to increase roster sizes above 53... or at least increase the number of practice squad players who can take the place of players on the field in any given week.

  • I cancelled my NFL package , I refuse to watch these punks disrespecting this country , I boycott Nike , refuse to buy there junk . Hire patriots , not these punks from the hood.

  • And this is why Rugby will overtake Pro football in less than 30 years. The NFL leadership are killing themselves like a bunch of dipshits.

  • If SAS is for it, I'm against it.

  • Any game where a star QB or RB sits will feel a bit like a preseason game but I kind of like it as it keeps individual single season records right where they are. Anyone hating on it is just the typical crybaby who complains about EVERYTHING.

  • Yeah, but it is well known these two are dipshits.

  • Interesting concept. They definitely need to do something about the preseason. It's a complete waste right now. Also, I don't see why this proposal would have any impact on career length if you're limiting players to 16 games. What I think is most interesting about this is you'd have to sort of assess your team at the beginning of the season. I mean if you knew you had a great team you'd anticipate locking up home field advantage in the playoffs by mid December and resting your starters for the last two weeks. But if not you'd want to rest them for your easiest games. Of course that isn't so easy to say since teams exceed expectations all the time.

  • The stupidest idea ever. Specially for wild card teams. Just keep the 16 games. I can see it being a issue

  • C'mon guys! You're really all hyped up about two games with the so-called "strategy" of who to play in those games? WOW, how exciting! Such an intricate enigma! The Pats have to play a back-up instead of Brady! So intriguing, so edge of your seat exciting, such a deep and challenging strategic riddle to unravel! I love sports, but I hate sports "analysts" who continually try to present sports as something more than it is. This idea only creates more "if only" moments to endlessly discuss on sports talk radio and TV. Which gets really boring really fast.

  • I think they should keep it a secret who is playing and who isn’t. Makes it even more of a strategy

  • This is stupid. Just greedy owners.

  • The NFL keeps making bad decisions that will ruin the league one day. Why would anybody want to watch two games without the star QB?

  • I like Steven A in this format.

  • gimmick

  • I agree with these guys. This change would dilute the overall product a little bit, but the added strategy required would make it a lot more fun.

  • 18 games is ridiculous and a lame idea

  • This will mess up sports betting and a lot of starting jobs will be taken


  • 16 games is enough.

  • how about a 2-3 week preseason, 18 full game season with two bye weeks per team.

  • 18 game season with 16 game max per player is like having 2 preseason games with 16 regular season games.

  • Did he quit first take ...?

  • ESPN NEW RULE: Stephen A Smith can only show up a max of 4 shows a day. SAS is grinding for this company.

  • Kap will say this is somehow racist.......

  • That's because they don't have to play.

  • Cool idea but you can’t sit people for 2 games with the limited rosters. You’ll need lineman, kickers, secondary that don’t have enough backups on the team.

  • I couldn't care less if they ever play a game ever again

  • The NFL's greed knows no bounds.

  • *I say keep it to 16 games, but add another week to make it 18 so that teams have 2 bye weeks instead of 1.*

    • Bingo. Great compromise. Not to mention around Halloween/November 1, have the entire league take a week off. Similar to say the MLB/NBA/NHL All star game.

  • Yo can someone help me? Did first take get canceled I haven’t seen a show from them in a minute lol

  • I have been saying this for 20 years. They need to get rid of 2 pre-season games and just make them regular season games. Nobody cares about 4 pre-season games!

  • We shouldn't encourage this, dudes shorten their lifespan and injure their bodies.

    • Matt Rowland but they are still going to practice and prepare as if they are going to play

    • you weren't listening... they still only play 16 games. PAY ATTENTION

  • This is just another prime example of nfl owners and roger goodell trying to make more money and could care less about player safety. 16 games is good nflpa said in 2011 cba talks that 18 game is a deal breaker and it will be the same in cba talks going forward.

  • Keep the schedule at 16 games plain and simple!!!