The next evolution of Android

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Android’s brand identity is evolving. As we continue to build Android for everyone, we want to make sure that our brand is as inclusive as possible. So, we’re introducing a new look that is more modern and more accessible. See how Android’s brand has evolved over the past decade and meet our new logo.
Hear from Android brand leads on how the new identity is designed for everyone:
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  • Watching this on android 10

  • kaiOS jio

  • Android 1.0 to 4.4: robotic font Android 5 to 6: thin Android 7 and up: thick font

  • I would get an android but android is owned by google so... *no*

  • My phone is android 4.4.2 kitkat

  • worst system ever

    • haha worst comment ever

    • You iPhone fanboys are really stupid! Have you ever tried other os but ios? Have you ever seen bada os. (Bada os was made by samsung and it was shit!)

  • Bringing the world together with a new logo WOW...

  • Well......umm..the video is smooth indeed

  • They just updated the logo and I still like apple better It’s just my opinion

  • I have iPhone :'v

  • You have to make better quality for 3rd apps like instagram ...

    • @xVexera they can't, Android is open source

    • @Sylvère Barré google should obligate the developers to support the new api

    • For pictures quality ? It's the choice of Instagram or the other apps to use or not the API (CameraX) which is provided by Android

  • Look like *Spotify* ads

  • "yeah this looks like the new android will be really good" > not named after a sweet > easter egg gone "you know what, I'm glad my phone doesn't get updated anymore"

  • Please work on software updates. ToGtHeR


  • Stop phone war with apple please

  • Even if you don't like android, you've got to admit this video was smooth af

  • Give back my 1 minute

  • Noice

  • 0:28 -airpods- *androidpods*

  • *Those dislikes came from people who's watching this on their CRAPpple I mean Apple devices.*

  • Noice

  • Im using pixel experience on my s7e so eligant

  • Still Better than iOS fuck it

  • Lol, both android users and ios users are making fun of this.

  • Ios still better than android

  • This was a waste of time

  • What about the whole droid? Eaten body????

  • All the Dislikes are Iphone users


  • Only graphic designers (and maybe consumers) will understand this

  • New font looks like Spotify’s one

  • Coming in 35 years to the newest phones!

  • point of this Video?

  • *0:29** - **0:31** I'm trying to see the small curve in the corners of the words in the video title*

  • Dude there a whole lotta IOS users complaining that andriod didnt change a thing yet iphone keeped the same style of IOS for about 13yrs :V

  • Samsung Galaxy s2 Samsung Galaxy s7 Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 (2019-present)

  • I’m an apple phone user I’m switching! To pixel 4 XL! Yay!

  • Good

  • Together Together Together Together Spaghetti

  • Fuck Android. iPhone is better.

  • IT-tvs: let’s recommend a video about Android to an iOS user. Me: WTF Google? Recommending a video about Android is not going to make me want to switch away from iOS.

    • You can have both though (I have both iphone and android)

  • And or is

  • We spy you

  • I learned more from watching Spongebob Squarepants than this.

  • Still not hating android whether skined or not.

  • 98% Told Nothing to me 1.9% Ok .1% TOGETHER

  • Watching this in iPhone

  • Next evolution of android: new green color

  • EvOlUtIoN aM I RiGhT

  • *Android* *Q* *Intestifies*

  • Dislikes are purly ios fans😂😂😂

  • Ok the production quality of this is honestly amazing ngl

  • Android: *Changes logo* Also android: "The next evolution of android"

  • I really missed that Mascot. Glad they brought it back on Android 10

  • seems like everyone here needs an evolution of their grammar, it's broken asf lmao

  • Who thinks they should change the there name🤔

  • Oh my god samsung galaxy s10 s10+ s10e very good android because it's beautiful and sparkling

  • Damn google always have a really damn good motion graphics

  • together