The next evolution of Android

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Android’s brand identity is evolving. As we continue to build Android for everyone, we want to make sure that our brand is as inclusive as possible. So, we’re introducing a new look that is more modern and more accessible. See how Android’s brand has evolved over the past decade and meet our new logo.
Hear from Android brand leads on how the new identity is designed for everyone:
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  • 😮

  • Hello Android I'm in love with your software but I have only one thing to say and I'll leave. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE YOUR PLAY STORE MORE SECURE NOT FULL OF MALWARES that will make it 10 times better then any other softwares out there :')

  • iOS

  • This is almost as bad as when Apple makes the same phone for two years in a row but ups the price a few hundred bucks

  • No say nothing

  • Why that font lookin like Spotify

  • Ohh exactly 1 min

  • wow you changed the logo *clap* *clap*

  • As many phones now have different display (notch, curved screen, 21:9).. Google need to give standard optional display 18:9 .. so if some app or games doesn't support a screen display.. user can revert to standard 18: 9 display.. Instead of getting cropped image.

  • Yall so salty they changed the logo just a tiny bit, but apple's been doing this with their iPhones sooo... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • -‘The New Evolution Of Android’- On of the 2 video’s that google used to disappoint me: This One And Rewind 2018

  • The background music is the one that used in Out There With Jack Randall ads on Natgeo and I'm curious what's the name lmao

  • Awesome rebranding video. Seems like 90% of the people here are just regular consumers and do not get the video.

  • Не понял, но круто ;)

  • What the fuck was that all about? I can now fill in Android's head with green paint?

  • does anyone know what studio animated this? because its fantastic

  • Google: "evet biz yenilikçiyiz. birlikte geliştik. android'i buralara beraber getirdik. htc Dream ile başladık fakat bu yolda htc'yi de batırttık. Satın aldık onları ama yine çıkartamadık biyerlere. neyse konumuz o değil. android'in yeni sürümünde kimsenin sikine takmadığı tatlı isimlerinden kurtulmak istedik çünkü q'la başlayan bir tatlı bulamadık. madem tatlı yok insanlar yenilik ister. neyse. kimsenin görmediği, sikine de takmadığı android logosunun azıcık rengini değiştirdik. köşelerinin fontunu yuvarladık. maskotunun gözlerini tavşan gibi yanlara açtık. çok şeyi değiştirdik. fontlar logolar isimler falan hep değişti." Kullanıcılar: "Ram açlığını naptınız? 5.0'da dalvikten art'ye geçtiğinizde bu sorunu gidereceğinizi söylediniz üzerine 5 yeni sürüm geldi artık bitecek mi bu sorun?" Google: "Sis.aryz. çalışmayı durdurdu" Kullanıcılar: "Muhteşem kamera yazılımınızı neden sisteme gömülü olarak diğer firmalara da vermiyorsunuz? Neden marketten indirip kullanamıyoruz ya da?" Google: "Kamera çalışmayı durduru" Kullanıcılar: "Niye ios cihazlar daha az ram, daha düşük kapasiteli batarya ile daha akıcı ve aynı pil ömrünü sunuyor? Aynı batarya ömrü için koca koca bataryalar ve gülle gibi telefonlara niye mecburuz? Google: "Note 7 explode.gif" Kullanıcılar: "Niye hiçbir özellik katmadığınız şeyleri yeni android sürümü diye sunuyorsunuz? Çoğu kullanıcı 2 android sürümü görünce mutlu oluyor yetiyor. Niye ios gibi 5 seni sürümü alamıyor insanlar? android 2 zamanında bir çok değişiklik yaptığınızda uzun süre sürüm ismi aynı kaldı çoğu cihazda o en yeni android 2 sürümüne erişti. Şimdi Android 5'ten beri hiçbir devrimsel değişlik gelmediği halde niye 5 sürüm ileri atladık" Google: -turn back to bootloader opening screen-

  • I call this bullshit waste of bandwith ...

  • at least the song was kinda cool

  • I've watched it for a week and I love the music.

  • Android&Desserts

  • I have it now :D

  • nice 啊

  • ok DUDE

  • Instructions unclear shoved my dick inside my phone

  • So you changed the logo. Cool. Now make an equivalent to iMessage, it's only been years and there's nothing close to it on Android.

    • IMO, Allo was the closest and could've become their iMessage if they included SMS support and installed it by default in place of Messages.

  • Soulless

  • Bruh, I just got the Android 9 update.

    • I got the Android 10 recently

  • Guys, guys... Compared to Activision Blizzard, this is Google's *EARLY APRIL FOOLS JOKE* 🎉🎊🥳

  • komen aja biar rame

  • Wow,this so cool that Im glad to have a iphone than this Bullshit.

    • The fact you need to validate your decision says a lot.


  • Stop monitoring me separate and we can grow privately together!

  • LineageOS is way better No Google shit

    • That's right, without google, no google shit.

    • Without Google there would be no LineageOS ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

  • The new logo is green this time, insane!


  • you will never get above apple!!

    • @Maurice Seifert use your brain or look it up

  • Google: *"THIS ANDROID 10"* Me: I have Android 4.4

  • nice graphics and effect... Just that

  • I Like the Old one

  • Every OS now using soft round on corner except Windows

  • I still use 4.4.2 android.Time to change

  • blue text messages?

  • What if they actually only made this video to show the new logo?

  • Still better upgrade than smash bros ultimate

  • no no no guys,i know Android evolution....but make it CHEAPER

  • Still linux based closed code. Still hiding something.

  • Huawei: :'(

  • Well that’s good news

  • Apple fans anyone?

  • this likes a spotify ad

  • iOS rules lol

  • Dude This video has literally no ads

  • "The next evolution of Android Logo"

  • Come n join me if you wanna laugh,. Let's learn n laugh together about how to change logo and fonts 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • hshshsh I put it in maximum brightness and it gave me an epilepsy attack :v

  • The next evolution of android - more backdoors for the US government.

  • Apple user here

  • Yea looks like android well be even better than it was... oh wait their doin nothing more than a logo change, so expected...

  • As a graphic designer, its a simple and interesting rebranding. A good improve for sure :) But has android user since 2012, this video doesnt give me nothing, will be the next android more accurate and reorganize all the folders? Its a kind of difficult to get our photos or clean the phone by USB manually. Thanks :)