Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
we look at minecrafts new block and coo lsuff epicly
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  • 9:47 cod launcher

  • Pewdiepie , can I ask how many day he can do it at Minecraft in 2:51 minutes? p/s: he has very good about buildings in Minecraft.


  • Hey, does anyone know wats the name of the song at 16:00? Thank u in advance!

  • Let's pretend we didnt see pewds incognito tab open

  • Anybody else see he went ingrento

  • Hey pewdiepie i will challenge you can you speak tagalog for 24 hours😎

  • When Pewds doesn’t get Gravity Falls reference **sad Waddles noises**

  • im three weeks behind on videos

  • I am addicted to tuber simulator

  • 11:58 voicecrack XD

  • 6:13 Gravity Falls in Minecraft?! What!? Uh. Why PewDiePie don't say it? Also people who watched minecraft series on this cannel can understand my comment!

  • Rip gravity falls

  • Everyone talking about Neebs and gravity Fall but not one is going to talk about the incognito Tab he had open?

  • cursed thumbnail

  • I’m sad :( Cause I can’t buy the pewds action figure

  • The I finally have them all was gravity falls

  • Anybody from Neebs Gaming it's at 8:24 😉

  • I get a pewdiepie store ad in a pewdiepie video PEWDCEPTION

  • The 3 books represent the 3 books from gravity falls

  • OwO

  • 6:12- 6:35 gravity falls

  • Anyone else triggered that he didn’t recognize the gravity falls reference

  • Bro please try ulta realistic grafics please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊

  • You killed the council that warned you of BETRAYAL AND WHY YOU DONT KNOW GRAVITY FALLS and someone should make a undertale mod

  • 6:20 is referring to gravity falls


  • F

  • 1:58

  • @pewdiepie your editer needs to up his game very disappointed in the thumbnail ik you can do better

  • 12:51

  • My nieces play this game and I tried it and was bored after 2 seconds of playing hit. Don’t get the hype one bit.

  • F

  • lmao i had a pewdiepie add before this video

  • In the thumbnail I thought I saw a worm from his mouth

  • last time pewdiepie lost just one subscriber:768475846754665436546574635643564735674654 years ago last time pewdiepie lost more than one subscriber: never how many times pewdiepie lost one subscriber:1 time

  • Why are y'all talking about Gravity Falls ? You're all stealing other people's comments.

  • Go to 6.12 and boi it's gravity falls. Watch gravity falls now if u haven't already it's really good.

  • Alla som ser detta swisha mig 0730939388

  • 10:25 year 10 does not mean ten years of robotics it means what grade/what year they are in at secondary school. Boomer.

  • Survival Creation is the house in the movie UP

  • Everyone: 'HE DIDN'T GET THE GRAVITY FALLS REFERENCE!' Me: 1:30 Jojo's reference...

  • It was gravity falls

  • 15:19 Incognito tab 🤔 Hm?

  • I came to this comment section to explain the gravity falls reference expecting like one or to people to also do so and I haven’t seen a comment that isn’t about gravity falls

  • Its Marzias birthday did anyone remember ?😅 ( When this video is uploaded. Fun fact, my birthday is the same as Marzia's )

  • I get the gravity falls reference

  • It is gravity falls

  • last megalovania note block bit brang back some memories

  • My name is Pee Pee

  • 6:13 thats gravity falls gruncle stains

  • Pewdiepies mic kinda looks like a vibrator

  • OwO

  • OwO

  • Why is there so many mumbo's creations?

  • Lel

  • The book one is gravity falls

  • *why is everyone freaking out that he didn't get a gravity falls reference-*

  • Pewdiepie ad before a pewdiepie video👍🏻

  • 1:40 Giorno skin?