The new era of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship starts now

Pubblicato il 14 giu 2019
Following the incredible success of the past two years, the MotoGP™ eSport Championship is back for a third season in 2019, offering fans from across the globe the chance to become World Champion.
On 19th June 2019, the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship begins and players on the Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, can compete in a new and expanded series that gives gamers the chance to compete within one of MotoGP™’s existing teams.
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  • What is this game ???

  • Where can we watch the race in the USA? Sucks we never get any races here without getting ripped off in price.

  • Awesome

  • 😅

  • サムネ実写かと思った

  • The code I got doesn't work??anyone got this issue?

  • I will definitely play this game, in case both of my legs get amputated :-p

  • Vietnamese

  • "" vs "" MotoGP™ The Official Videogame MotoGP eSport MotoGP "something wrong, It's not right" 🤔... it is not only the mobility of the GP19 that again is leaving me the 2s of the leader, so it seems that I do not know how to fly, MILESTONE they practically received my box and I am reduced again in something, it is not only the brake, it's not just the mobility that is not helping me at all, it still has a bit of the engine brake and a lot of a semi-automatic box nothing aggressive, they cut all the changes and I here with arms tied for the third consecutive year , I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE, so it's very clear for everyone, the box is similar to my GP18, which consequently was 2 seconds slower than theirs, I see absolutely nothing that I can not do in driving the Trast58 or any other driver of the manual box, for me the differences must be in the talent in a superior motorcycle in pure speed of tip, of exit of curve or in braking. Let it be a clear advantage to perceive the refinements better, not a superiority of the things I have already mentioned... I know what I'm saying... LeoAfrozila-47 Motogp The Game

  • Its impossible, 1.32 in argentina (the first challenge) is fucking insane. And my time is 1.34, insane aswell but cmon. 1.32 is ridicolous.

  • We want ALL AI DRIVERS in private MULTIPLAYER!!!!!

  • The code doesn’t work

  • Please no

  • this is my gameplay. smoothly pushing

  • Am I the only one who feels like the physics have changed massively in the latest update??

    • @GPRRacing52 Idk in a strange way its like playing another game

    • In a good or bad way?

  • كلشي سوري لايك

  • 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭😍

  • It feels awkward... If you are such a motorcycle fan why not just go out and ride, rather than sitting at home playing a game?

    • @HashySlash For one, the barriers of entry of movie making and F1 racing are just not comparable to that of motorcycling. And in terms of football, yeah I do think true fans would go out and play the goddamn sport instead of spending hundreds if not thousands of hours becoming an Esport elite :)

  • *Dari Indonesia angkat tangan* ☝😊

    • @Nauval Erdwi iya bro emang ada, saya pun baru sadar

    • @TreZera EXE Nickname nya : moe Nomor nya 67, start dri grid 9 di Semi-final 2.

    • Namanya siapa?

    • Siap laksanakan

    • @TreZera EXE Ada dari Indo, nama nya Bang Moe. Dia gugur di Semi-Final udah di Valencia padahal. Coba cek Semi-Final 2 MotoGP Esport 2018.

  • I hope it to be smooth and stutter free


  • Wait so what do they use to ride the bikes? Controllers? Like hell would be cool to see sim setups with real bike components just how car sims are...

    • @Seafyre yeah..... at least a 2nd hand supersport bike isnt as expensive as good sports cars so in our case buying a bike is better financially just as how buying a racing ain setup is better financially for people who are into that... well lets hope track days arent as expensive

    • Shadow 144 Also is kinda impossible to simulate turning. On the handelbar for virtual racing you’re turning left to go left but IRL you‘re countersteering with pressure.

    • @muhammad shofwan ehh.. like pro simulators have more shit then pedals and a steering wheel... they have the entire fucking setup on little moving platform to generate g forces xD

    • At this moment we still don't have it because it's difficult to make sim controller for a bike. In car controller you only need steering wheel and pedals but in a bike you need a whole body of the bike which is very big and not ideal for bedroom. Maybe in future we would have this controller for this competition

  • # third

  • 🇰🇭💞

  • Finally

  • First