The Nets didn’t need a meeting with KD, Kyrie was already recruiting him - Jalen Rose | Get Up

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose, Ryen Russillo and Mike Greenberg react to Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks saying Kevin Durant was attracted to the team’s “system.”

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  • Espn don't kno ball caris levert Spencer dinwiddie joe Harris Jarrett Allen all can play

  • Jalen knew 99% that Kyrie recruited KD, in other words, Kyrie didn't do a thing to recruit KD.

  • Kyrie is a lot better than the media gives him credit for.

    • On point...the guy is in the middle of his prime, is going to be motivated on a team he WANTS to play for in Kenny’s system and the players they already have in place. Now, barring injuries, MVP type season this year I’m telling you right now

  • Kyrie the type of teammate who does crossovers and fancy layups that gets all the girls in the crowd wet. Then his teammates start to hate him.. "I am not ok with this nigga taking over getting all the "ooohs" and aahhhh's" Dolph Ziggler mentality: "It should have been Me!"

  • Now this nigga Molly’s husband is a net fan instead of a Knick, now everyone is from NY and are real nets fan, just like me cz I was a heat fan then I’ve became a cavs fan cz of the team chemistry and now I’m a laker cz I’ve been a laker fan since 96 and I wore Kobe’s silver space sneaker which make me a real laker, if you love new York let’s feed some homeless better, that’s what I call loving the city shango

  • nets failure soon kyrie will get hurt when kd returns

  • Kyrie was the best player on Boston? In the four straight losses, Irving made just 25 of his 83 shots, including 5-of-27 from behind the arc. He had just 21 assists with 14 turnovers and was an abysmal -57. What planet are you on???

    • Newsflash Kyrie wasnt trying. He was getting iced out by his team who quit on him so he quit on them.

  • Now KD gets Kyrie.... hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • Jalens waves are 🔥🔥🔥

  • These guys joined together to make us think they can win without bron and curry. Goodluck to the both of them.

  • Superstars attract other superstars

  • Nets fans knew all along we had a really good shot at Kyrie and KD We’re just gonna sit back and enjoy the show this year but NEXT YEAR.... IT’S ON!!!!

  • Team of sourpuss

  • The question is can kyrie help bring Durant a ring if come back and is not the same guy.

  • Players like KD and Kyrie think teams and fans should be beholden to them. KD wants a team that will cater to his every whimper and praise him nonstop. As players salaries have risen so has this sense of "I'm bigger than the game attitude." I believe players need to be reminded that they play a game for a living and without fans they would be collecting grocery carts at Walmart. I'm tired of these athletes sh*tty dispositions and demeanor. The moment someone on the Nets staff giggles behind Kyrie or Kd's back they both will start pouting and want to go elsewhere. These players act like sissy's. The NBA no longer stands for NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, it's now NASTY BITCHES w/ ATTITUDES.

  • that is the long time problem for kyrie.. he just playing like in a park (uncle drew idiot) instead of using his brain to play for the win as a team.

  • 38 games? People are really doubting Kyrie once again.

  • ESPN hates small markets and today's nba players hate competition

  • Worst move Kd will have made his entire career.

  • GSW has an established system. What was snake cup cake talking about?

  • I don't think Jalen knows what an arranged marriage is

  • These pinheads at espn don't know shiet about the nets except for richard Jefferson

  • 38 wins? Lol Kyrie > Dlo Temple > Crabbe DJ > Davis Prince > Carrol Chandler > Dudley Injured KD > Graham Claxton >/= RHJ But the nets are 4 games worst 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • KD the biggest follower in the NBA. Went from being a Snake to kyrie's puppet

  • Kyrie just had a career year this past season but ok he was giving them young guy chance after chance and they wasn’t making plays consistent enough they made the ecf but almost lost a 7th seed bucks if that Celtics team played this year they would of got sweep in the first round

  • The Nets have a really good system and style of play. They just added kyrie and a bunch of other good vets to their already good young team. Top 3 team in the East, potentially go to finals

  • Ever since lavar and molly situation Jalen been down hill.

  • 38 games 😂😂😂😂😂 they won 42 last year they will win 48-50 games this year ESPN is getting worse every year

    • @Jonny Watts yeah well 538 was also dead wrong when attempting to predict the Nets win total last year too

    • 538 uses computer models and formulas, it's not people.

  • If I hear peep from Durant next year then he's really a very very unhappy man by nature

  • J Rose you have no credibility.

  • You would think that kyrie murdered someone in Boston

  • This Narrative of the great Nets System is hilarious. how is it so great? Was this a great system last year? What makes it one? lol

  • Kyrie and KD are basketball savants!

  • That’s cuz Kyrie a bitch

  • 50 wins for the Nets or close to 50.

  • Luv Kyrie but stop the excuses,he should've elevated Boston not wrecked shit loool so many of these guys get some what of a pass but sum of yall never let bron breath!!😂😂😂

  • Who does the projections for 538? That system is trash

    • It's not a person, it's a computer. It gets it wrong sometimes but it gets it right way more often than not.

  • Kyrie led the celtics to the 2nd seed his 1st year beside jalen those two don't know shit about basketball.

  • The snake Durant snaked his way to the nets lmao

  • Double headed snake 🐍🐍🐍

  • The Nets lose DLo and add Kyrie and DeAndre Jordan to a young lineup that is gonna get better every year with guys like Caris LeVert. AND they got worse by 4 games??? Doesn't add up. 538 is on drugs

    • Marshallpo: I have to agree with you 538 keeps putting out some bizarre stuff. Perhaps they have a bias, but definitely bizarre!

    • I think the Nets will be an eight seed

    • Durant's not gonna play next season , Kyrie is like 20% better than Russell , his health is always erratic , so about the same record as last year seems about reasonable , circa 42 wins is my guess

  • Once again the complete dismissal and media overlooking the Raptors have begun. They don't even get a mention 😋

  • Kd need guidance

  • The level of ignorance and complete disrespect by the national media on the Nets as a team and organization isn't shocking to me but it doesn't make it any less maddening especially considering where the franchise was (practically the abyss) and where they are now in just 3 short years is nothing short of a miracle and should be applauded with the work from top to bottom to do so (no tanking or lottery picks).

  • Bro, I got so excited over all the trades, that I just realized the Sixers are going to the Finals this season. Fuckers took Horford from us. I'm mad af.

    • Sixers are overrated. They have no bench, simmons won't even attempt to shoot, Embiid is injury prone, and horford is getting older. Tobias is decent but not a superstar

  • 38 wins wtf? With kyrie, THEY'RE FRIEND DEANDRE JORDAN that everyone seems to forget or not talk about, Joe Harris, levert, dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, taurean prince. That's more than 42 wins

    • @AscendedDorian facts

    • These analysts are slow only non casuals know they're winning more than 44 games

  • 38 wins wuld be a failue, shulda jus kept Russell

  • They’re STILL HATIN’ on the Nets!!!!!!

  • 38 games, BULLSHIT!!!!!! Middling, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

  • 🗣 Kyrie is overrated

  • Dam so now kyries a bitch like durant

  • KD is a great NBA player but he really needs to figure himself out. You left OKC and your little brother Russ and dissed him for GSW. Because you wanted to win. You won, you didnt feel fulfilled. You probably wont ever be fulfilled because if you had stayed in OKC where you were drafted that would have given it to you. You didnt believe in yourself enough. So you leave GS to go to Brooklyn? I truly hope this guy finds peace.

  • Just like doc rivers was recruiting Kawhi Mr. 99%

  • I would not agree the Nets have no expections. After making the playoffs, taking steps back is not a consistent way to manage a franchise

  • warrior fan, @KDTS fuck you KDT🐍 😄 with his ungrateful ass warriors give him opportunity two win two rings and two Finals MVP that he couldn't do in OKC and this is the way he think us betrayed us cause he was in his bitchy feelings and wanted to play with his friend overrated kyrie irving who couldn't get the job done and was a cancer in boston i hope it go wrong and he going realize he made a mistake. KDTS once a snake and all will always be a 🐍😂 when everything don't go well in brooklyn and he realize he made a mistake his snake ass going to be Slithering his ass outta Brooklyn like the snake he is 😂

  • Ryan Russillo > Ryan Hollins

  • The ultimate goals of a nba basketball player should be to get (not in any particular order) - max contract - rings - a team that feels like family Kevin had the dream and is still mal content...... He's going to be difficult for a long time.

  • KD was stupid to sacrifice his career for the Warriors. Now he will be less than 80% of what he used to be. The Warriors owe him more than he owes them. Warriors were a one and done team until he arrived. The Warriors beat a broken down Cavs team and then lose to them the following year. As always Curry is a no show in the Finals. KD took over the role of being the leader of the team and had to carry that bum Curry and the Team to two Championships. Now KD's future will be in jeopardy.

    • If you think KD gonna be at 20% when he's back, not 75% or 50%, then I won't even bother with you.

    • Man shut your bum ass up kd own personal doc cleaered him look up the video of steve kerr stop spreading lies bitch

  • Kyrie was recruiting KD...this is snake city

  • So everyone's killing the Knicks for not offering him the max even though it was obvious to everyone he wasnt going there. Everyone except the talking heads on ESPN.

  • You guys are acting like Kyrie is nothing, But watch out for the black no 11 , He is going to put on a show.

    • raja REALLY DOG! Kyrie is a top 15 player in the league and a top 3 PG. The media has stuck him with LeBrons shadow forever. In 2016 theres a strong argument for Kyrie for finals MVP. I think LeBron deserved it more but Kyrie showed the fuck up. He gets disrespected on the regular and it’s a shame.

  • Kevin Durant worth the contract but will he be playing with Achilles injury?

  • When Kyrie gets hurt, KD will have buyers remorse. It will be his worst career move ever. Just watch.

  • LeVert, Harris, Allen & Dinwiddie a legit a top 5 young core in the game but only worth 38 wins + Kyrie? LMFAO

  • 38 wins? Let me know what drugs those people are on..

    • Lol, they won 42 last season with a worse roster?

  • 38 seems low not just considering that youre replacing DLo with Kyrie, but more so that LeVert was out most of the season. Before his injury, and after, in the playoffs; LeVert was the best player on that team.

    • @Shakeel Brown Levert is a better defender but injury prone going back to college. We might be able to extend his contract for the cheap.

    • Levert <D'Angelo. Let's argue,I'm on break

  • I said this last year...LeBron signing with the Lakers is the greatest moment in *Clippers* history. Helped land us Kawhi & PG13! You can keep your uninvited pest from Ohio. We'll enjoy our SoCal kids. 😎

  • Let me repeat this again to all the delusional Lakers fans, Kawhi chose to be a Clipper. The best free agent available chose to be a Clipper. That's only the beginning. More stars will flock to us.

    • I was actually betting he'd go to the Clippers, but everybody got on my shit bc it was "dumb." Literally the best core of the two and the one with most potential since last season, and it was painfully evident. I'm so happy he joined them tbh.

    • And Anthony Davis wanted to be a Laker. What's your point?

  • KD & Kyrie to the Nets and Kawhi & PG13 to the Clippers is only the beginning for both franchises. More stars will go to them than the heritage franchises like the Knicks & Lakers.

  • The best thing about the Nets is that they’re not a ‘win now’ team, they’re a ‘win soon’ team. They have a plan in play. It’s all about the slow grind and it seems to be working.

    • Jools Evelyn they won’t even win soon lol

  • Paul George didn't give a meeting to the Lakers. He wanted to stay in Oklahoma or demanded a trade to the Clippers than play FOR the uninvited pest from Akron, Ohio! 🤣

  • You think Jalen would gracefully bow out talking Nets since he was adamant KD wasn't joining "New York's B team"

  • Dinwiddie have already proven that he can close games in the fourth quarter. Levert has the potential to do so. Don't sleep on Taurean Prince, and Joe Harris is far better catch and shoot player than anyone who Kyrie played with last year.😎🤔👁⛹⛹⛹I'm a Nets fan and they do have a deep bench. Brooklyn have 9 new players. They have upgraded the talent at every position.👍👍👍⛹⛹⛹

  • It's easy for Jalen in hind site 2020 lol..

  • After Jalen KILLED Kawhi's free agency I don't believe shit he say! It'll be a while before I listen to anything he says

    • Kawhi literally said he didn’t want no leaks Nd these mfs went on a week of “I’m Hearing it’s Lakers or Toronto” wtf y’all thought was finna happen... he took his ass to the Clippers🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @Sean Clarke facts both of them clowns

    • explain pls

    • And Chris Broussard

  • Jalen Rose Stfu you say the same shit everyday

  • Durant mind was made up when Draymond said what he said 💯

    • @Elizar Dy I think he wanted to leave since the moment he got there due to how much hate he got and the media scrutinized him. He's a SNAKE so he deserves it, but he was only in GS to win rings cause he couldn't get them in OKC. Once he got them he had no interest in staying.

    • Josh Champion He’ll find happiness with Kyries cock

    • Not To Brooklyn tho,

    • MMA BoY ... best comment and facts! Also, The reason KD didn’t take the GSW option is that the BRKLYN Nets have available cap space that might eventually go away.

    • Dreadie C you really think he’s happy? He thought winning the ship will make him happy, but it didnt for some unknown reason... The fans in the bay love him and never said anything bad about him...

  • It is True! Kyrie recruited Durant in All Star Game in the hall way when he said "They have 2 max spots"!

    • The nets didn't have twp max slots. That's why they had to get rid of Dlo to get KD. I don't like that the nets got rid of Dlo for Kyrie. I just have not a great feeling with that.

    • @Gregor Kozelj You got a link saying that ? Because I'm sure of it that Brooklyn wasn't their first desired destination

    • Yes but he was planning to sign and was in contact with them way before free agency, this was just an officially signed contract!

    • @Gregor Kozelj He signed with Roc nation literally a week before free agency. They had plans of going elsewhere, but when things didn't go as planned the Nets fell in their laps.

    • But he is signed with Roc Nation obviously he knew more than an ordinary person! So is KD!

  • I hope kevin does to kyrie what kyrie did to the celtics when he came back. Kevins gonna be talking about making phone calls to steph to let him know how hard it is to lead knuckleheads

  • Ryen Russillo lame