The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Pubblicato il 25 lug 2018
Part one.
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  • His wife is clearly not a gold digger

  • I'm losing brain cells.. I cant comprehend how someone who is so oblivious and ignorant can take this profession or any rather, could have stayed afloat for so long.. .

  • Woman-yeah i'm surprized Gordon ramsay-yeah i'm shocked 😂😂

  • 9:45 Most savage and brutal episode I've seen tbh

  • 13:34 You expect chef Ramsay to be nice??

  • Fresh frozen out of the can LOL.

  • Imagined you were eating in a restaurant then Gordon Ramsay walk in

  • *oops*

  • "im surprised nobody break his legs yet" And im surprised nobody threw u in the ocean with concrete boots mr mafioso with a scar on his head lookin like Charlie puth's right eyebrow

  • “ if you don’t like the food than get the fuck out of here “ Me: “ thinking about David Dobrik”

  • Ngl I would probably still eat it

  • before eating ramsey:it looks dull😜

  • Thats lots of food waste..

  • i wonder if Gordon has a freezer

  • Hahaha i love watching Gordon Ramsey ,but I hate the editing , the splah or water sound when he touch the food, hahaha really cartoon, and they did it in almost all sesons of kitchen night mare

  • "fat-free cheese dipped in fat" that dude - 2000 something

  • In the first one they all look,sound and act like they have an IQ of 3

  • i feel bad for rita coz i feel like it’s not her fault dunno why

  • It’s fat free cheese dipped in fat, that’s just my diet, fat free food dipped in fat 🤣

  • I am surprised he didn't slam the plate on their face. This isn't our typical *Gordon*

  • As a Greek myself I would have to agree with Ramsey

  • Lmao imagine how the food actually is if that's what they give to Gordon

  • 15:23 trust me, it's worth it

  • These clowns could at the very least make sure that their dishes' names are written correctly, what the fuck is "Favorito del nonna"?

  • i know these are really gross but damn,if ur hungry af,you dont even care if the world’s best chef hates it,damn im hungry

  • Not anyone: Gordon: tHaTs HiDIouS or ThATs DrEADfull

  • Did she just say he's British and doesn't know anything about pizza?? OHH TRY ME, I WILL TEACH YOU SOMETHING ABOUT PIZZA, MADAM.

  • Fresh a can..? What?

  • Omg when I watched this sockie met Gordon Ramsey

  • Bring Gordon Ramsay to the Jollibee restaurant and he will be jolly there jolly insult

  • Woman -He’s British he knows nothing about pizza Me (British )-ah yes what exactly is this pizza you American folk speak of

  • ”Oh no he shook his head f fuck” lmao

  • Being fair the waiter/ress were good

  • "It's fresh frozen out of the can"

  • A "greek" man who has to think about where in Greece he's from? Well that's a first too me. You're allowed to have a greek restaurant even if you're not greek.


  • Me : that looks pretty good Gordon Ramsay : disgusting! Me : disgusting!

  • Bless the lady at the start. I always find her so sweet

  • "Hes British he dosnt know anything about pizza" bitch shut the fuck up

  • Excuse me 1:40 😂

  • "Wow that looks like a fucked up version of a science lab" Rofl... That gets me everytime.

  • most thing those ""italian" restaurants serve is just a disrespectful mess. i am fine with self-interpreted alternatives but then dont call it authentic italian.

  • That last lady was one salty barstard

  • "Fresh frozen out of the can"

  • It's so fucking uNSanitary like at the start why was the guy making food and eating food w no gloves on wtf

  • Wtf was the outro 😂

  • Bruh the first restaurant was like the strangest place ever

  • 13:03 she literally sounds like a sassy 9 year old girl lmao

  • “He’s not liking anything” Chef:”oops”

  • Sorry but are these twins metality challenged?

  • Imagine if Gordon Ramsay is your dad, you will never get starve

  • I don't understand why restaurants would serve canned food. If I wanted to have canned food I can just buy it myself.

  • Nasty nasty nasty

  • Half the stuff they serve is canned, so I guess a perfect name for that restaurant would be.. "Canned-tina*

  • Imagine that... And that's the food we have in many places.. many times in our lives

  • I can't believe the twins' restaurant is still open

  • I was nearly expecting him in the second one to say "thats older than my cooking career"

  • 'someone tell him the chickens already dead'

  • The twins really weren't bad guys, just lazy and gluttonous

  • "fresh frozen out of a can" what?!